How To Let Your Boyfriend Know You Are Ready For Marriage

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You have been together with your boyfriend for years. No wonder you want to bring your relationship into something bigger. Yet, your boyfriend's brain seems dull and can't get what you have been thinking about both of you.

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Here Are How To Let Your Boyfriend Know You Are Ready For Marriage

Everyone wants a marriage once in a life time especially when they already find someone that can share their happiness and pain also love them with all of their heart. Marriage is about ready or not to take your relationship into another level and change your life. If you feel you are ready for that, you better let your boyfriend know. Here are how to let your boyfriend know you are ready for marriage.

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1. Bring Up Marriage

How did your boyfriend know you are ready for marriage if you were never talking about it? Bring up some marriage's stuff into your topic when hanging around him. This is a good way if you don't want to talk directly about it.

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2. Start Making A Future Plan

start making a future plan

You need to write your life plan and what are you going to do in the future such as what you do for life, bucket-list for traveling, or what kind of house you want to buy. Invite him to join you and let him know that these plans would involve him on it.

3. Talk About Your Dream Wedding

When you were just a kid, you saw somebody's wedding and you made a sudden decision to have that kind of wedding in the future. You better let him share about it to him and show how excited you are if you really do that dream wedding of yours, especially with him.

4. Show Him Some Cute Babies Pictures

It is a common decision to whether you are going to have baby or not after married. But somehow, that is how family meant to be; especially new family with a newborn. Show him some pictures of baby that you've found on Instagram for a way to let him know that you are ready to have one after marriage.

5. Introduce Him To The Family

If you want to make him as a part of your life which is the person you have to spent time with until your hair turns white, you better introduce your boyfriend to your family. What is the best thing than spending time with your family and your lover at the same time? This way you could tell him that you want your own family with him.

6. Tell Him You Would Happy About The Next Step Of This Relationship

It is not that you are not happy at the moment, but you would be happier if this relationship can turn into something more important for your life. This is one of how to let your boyfriend know you are ready for marriage that you should try.

7. Talk About Celebrities That Just Married

You should talking to him about how beautiful life is after married, for example those celebrities that just married the other day. Show him you are ready to feel that way too.

8. Your Best Friend's Wedding Is Next Year

your best friend's wedding is next year

It is sad yet a wonderful feeling that your bestfriend going to marry the man he love. Share your feeling to your boyfriend so you-are-so-ready-for-marriage thought of yours could be preached to him. And you better to know words to say to your best friend on her wedding day.

9. Make Him Your Wedding Date Every Time

Maybe words isn't enough to describe your readiness for marriage. Bring him to a real one everytime you got an invitation of wedding.

10. Visit Wedding Booth

When you are out with him, there is a wedding stall that offer some packages for beautiful weddings. Drag him to that booth and let him join you looking for some good deal packages.

11. Start Looking For Honeymoon Destination

Honeymoon is like a dream for everyone to break of after hectic stuff for did the wedding party. Looking for some honeymoon destination now isn't a bad idea, especially if you want to show your boyfriend that you are ready for marriage.

12. Just Let Him Know Your Thought

Or you can just simply tell him that you are ready to take a next step of your relationship. Neither he is ready too or not, he wouldn't get angry or feeling unease after you share your feeling about this matter.

Your Boyfriend Are Ready For Marriage Too: This Is His Sign!

You already did how to let your boyfriend know you are ready for marriage. Here are some signs that he knows and gets your intention or even he is ready for marry with you too.

1. Show Enthusiasm When Talking About Marriage

When you are bringing up marriage to discuss about, your boyfriend patiently hear your story and show enthusiasm. This is pretty much because he loves to hear your voice and happy with it, or he is also ready for marriage!

2. Invite You To Hang Out Together With His Family

invite you to hang out together with his family

This is a good way to build an impression towards your family-in-law to be. When he introduces you to his family, he wants you to be part of his family too. Probably he is ready to make his own family with you.

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He is secretly doing his own research about the dream wedding you told him the other day. Or he simply wants you to tell him again about it. Read: Wedding Planning Guide.

4. Discuss Further About Marriage

If your boyfriend know you are ready for marriage--and he is also ready--he would discuss this issue further with you. Maybe he has been thinking a lot too about getting married with you but he didn't know yet neither you are ready or not.

5. Decide More About The Wedding

Your boyfriend ask you more about when and where you want the wedding event be. This is definitely a good sign that he is ready to marry you!

Things To Think About If You Are Ready For Marriage

Before you decide to show your boyfriend that you are ready for marriage, you better think about what happen next with your life because it would change so much. Here are some things you need to think if you are ready for marriage.

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1.What You Want From Marriage

Before you approach him about the future and do how to let your boyfriend know you are ready for marriage, you need to think deeper what you want from this marriage. By know the answer of this matter, you could more prepare yourself for what is coming on after marriage and.

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2. Ready in Physically, Mentally, And Financially

Marriage is not only about live happily together because it has many things to be managed of. Are you really ready? Not only both physically and mentally, but also financially.

3. Your Life Would Change

your life would change

Everyone said that marriage can change people. Yes, it does. There would be two of you--or even more when you decide to have kids--and it is different from your single life. Are you already ready for that?

4. Think About the Hardship Too

Remember that marriage is not easy as you think. There might a huge stone you face and you need think are ready to that kind of things. Well, of course there would lot of happiness too.

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