Crucial Things to Consider Before Getting Married to a Christian

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Religion plays a big part in someone's behavior, personality, and way of living. They view this life according to their religion, including in marriage. If you are a religious person, you will think are they the right person God sends you to marry? Of course we never know the answer. Instead, we have many things to consider before getting married to a Christian.

Christian devotes their life to God. They need God's guidance in every steps of their life, especially the crucial ones like marriage. The first thing you must bear is that marriage is a covenant, not a contract. You can't run away every time you want. You will be swearing in front of God, in the name of God.

Here are things to consider before getting married to a Christian.

1. Political View

It may not a big issue, but someone's political view related with how they interpret his belief on Christian and Scripture. More than having the same political view, you should match you interpretation on God and the religion. If you find that this fundamental view is unable to meet at a certain point, you might want to reconsider your marriage. You don't want it to make any implication to your marriage later. Also read Rules in Christian Wedding Traditions

2. Money Issue

According to the Scripture, "the love of money is the root of all evil", which means money can either save you or destroy you instead. How each of you deal with money is important since it shows how big money takes part n your life. Have a truth talk about this before marriage. Nobody wants to be penniless, but neglecting everything to make money by all means is not the right thing to do. Money shows the general view of our faith. It can be the source of friction in many marriages.

3. Talk About Having Children

Whether you are a Christian or not, you should have talk regarding children before the marriage. Make you are walking toward the same direction since it strongly related to birth control. And you must notice that not everyone want to have child after they get married. The might have different priorities in life that makes children fall behind it. Also read How to Get Over Your First Love When You See Him Everyday?

4. Ethnicity and Race

Not being a racist, but ethnicity has a lot to do with someone's custom and personality. Apostle Paul said that "in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek", which proved that Christian view all races as the same. It's more about social stereotype. We can't deny but certain people tend to get married among races since they find it hard to adapt to new customs and way of life.

Then again, racial differences should not affect you decision to get married that much. Somebody's personality is more important. It's only a warning that problems in marriage may appear due to the ethnicity difference.

5. Emotional Experience or Trauma

Before marriage, make sure you open up your emotional condition to your significant others. Don't take it as a mere thing to be taken care of later. If you have certain trauma due to unpleasant events from your childhood, scars you've got from your previous relationship, or any unstable condition, you don't want to surprise them after tying the knot. The fact that you are willing to open up is much to their appreciation. Also read Signs that Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Soon

6. Birth Order

Modern people often miss this one important factor. While birth order seems to define how old you are, turns out it have a lot to do with your personality. Most people develop certain behavior depending on what number they were born. First born usually takes charge, and it follows when they are in a relationship. So if your partner is bossy all the time, take a look at their birth order.

7. Negative Personality

Negative personality appears as the time goes by. But you mus consider that each person reacts differently over the same matters. So that because your friends and family are okay with your negative behavior, your partner won't be indifferent. You're wrong. You must know what's bad from you. Talk it out to them before you get married so that when it arises sometimes, it won't cause them that much of a surprise. Also read How to Let Your Boyfriend Know You Are Ready for Marriage

8. Church and Theology

Say that both of you are Christian. But it doesn't mean you belief on the exactly same thing nor attending the same church. If you have any different view regarding this, consider this before getting married. It's a big relief if they happen to embrace the same belief as yours, but if it's not you better come to an agreement. This fundamental difference may cause a huge problems in your marriage someday which hard to resolve.

9. Relationship with Parents

Relationship with parents shows the way they were brought up all the time. It shapes their behavior in some ways. For example if they are someone who never live separately from their parents, they will find marriage life as a hard experience that they may regret it at some point. By understanding about this, you will be able to make some adjustment and avoiding potential conflicts that may causing a rift into your marriage. Also read Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend You Want to Get Married

10. Family Structure

Someone's family background affects their view on marriage. If their parents were divorced, they may appear as a little bit reserved and hard to believe in love. But someone who was brought up in a harmonious family has a more positive view in life.

11. Behavior Match

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