How To Get Over Your First Love When You See Him Everyday?

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Our first love may be the very person on Earth that introduces us to the idea of love itself. Feel that kind of way gives you compassion and joy in life since you never know you can learn such a thing. That being said, first love somehow won't last forever or even you couldn't even reach them. For most people, it only becomes their sweetest memories and dreams they've never had then you search for a Ways to Forget Your First Love.

One problem might occur on the way you've been trying to let go your crushes over this first love. The hardest thing is when it happens that your first love is someone close to you and you definitely got to meet them all the time.


Here Are How To Get Over Your First Love When You See Him Everyday

Love grows as the time you've been passing with that person. It is almost impossible to undo your feeling when you always meet the one you've been in love with. Following those cases, try to forget your first love is extremely hard though.

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However, when you already decided it's the best option, then the impossible thing can turn into a possible way. To lay down your confusion within this matter, here are how to get over your first love when you see him everyday.

1. Distract Your Mind

distract your mind

The first thing you should do if you wonder about how to get over your first love when you see him everyday is you should eliminate the thoughts of your first love altogether. Although, this way can easily backfire because whenever you try to force not to think about it you will just think it more.

Therefore, instead of trying not to think about this first love of yours, you can distract your mind by doing something more sustainable. You can listen to your favorite song or watch a movie. Anything is fine, just do what you love.

2. Remind Yourself Of The Realistic Thing

When you decide to get over your first love might lead you to a catastrophic thinking. You are probably going to think that you would never love anyone again or something like that. However, don't give up to that thought.

Actually, you are right to think you would never feel the same way again because you'll find someone better than you can love and be happier! Try to be more realistic and remind yourself that things may be difficult now yet it is going to be okay even if it takes time.

3. Focus On Your Present

How to get over your first love when you see him everyday? There are many things in the present you need to focus such as your friends, interests, and also passions. You can take up a new hobby or maybe join a club. Do anything that makes you stand still in the present.

4. Don't Pay Attention To What He Does

You find it hard to forget your first love that is why you learn how to get over your first love when you see him everyday. One thing you should consider the most is yourself so don't swallow things that can hurt you for example by seeing him with his girlfriend. Don't pay attention to what he does because it only worsens the situation.

5. Ask Your Friend To Cooperate

If you meet your first love everyday that means your friends also know about him, right? You can ask them for help and cooperate with you. Tell all of your friend that knows about your first love to not to give you any information about him.

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6. Grow Your Brand New Mindset About Him

One thing you should remember how to get over your first love when you see him everyday is first love isn't that special. Most people don't end up with their first love though. You need to change your mindset about this. Moreover, you can focus on thinking about your parents, friends, or others. Everyone probably experienced the loss of a first love yet, in the end, they involve in healthy relationships later on. 

7. Hang Out With Your Squad More

hang out with your squad more

Spending time with your best friend is also really helpful. By doing this, you can forget about what happened and also it is a fresh start to give your heart another chance.

8. Anticipate Possible Scenario

This is also important on how to get over your first love when you see him everyday. Run through potential social interactions with your first love is definitely bad for you. To avoid this, you can practice your responses ahead of time so your anxiety won't come up when you bump into him somewhere.

Or also you can just simply avoid an interaction at all.

9. Start With A Little Different Action

Following the point that is mentioned above, you may want to start the change by a little different action. For example, you can take a different route when you usually bump into him, switch the group you are in with him so don’t get to work with him, sit out of sight in class, and so on.

If you wait for him to move away from you would take too long. Therefore, you have to distance yourself from him first.

10. Keep Light And Airy

However, there comes a time when you extremely have to talk to him within some stuff you are in. You have no choice but to talk to him. That way, you can keep things “light and airy” which means get a chit-chat and to the point, so you won't prolong the conversation. You also prevent a negativity or awkwardness of the situation by doing that.

Signs You Should Forget About Your First Love

1. Hold Back Yourself to Grow

Why would you let others a chance to break down your life? It is time to get over your first love if it's only hold back yourself especially for self growth and explorations.

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2. Lose Yourself

Don't ever lose yourself from falling in love. Moreover, this first love matter is too childish to be thinking over and also make you even forget your identity.

3. Stuck In The Past

Your first love somehow makes you stuck in the past. All you can remember is the sweetest thing and didn't realize it slowly consume your positivity to feel blessed.

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4. Underestimate Love

You really get to move on soon if your first love turn you into an apathy which means you think every love and relationship would ended the same. No, babe, you're just scared to try again.

More Tips To Forget Your First Love

more tips to forget your first love

1. Don't Make Him Your Standard

Avoid sets a standard for a relationship especially when it comes to your first love. It prevent you to see someone that's actually good enough for you.

2. Give Yourself A Break

When your first love went wrong, try not to in a rush to find someone new. Give yourself a break and use these times to mend your heart. This can give you a clue about What to Say to Boyfriend Who Is Depressed.

3. Let This Be A Lesson And Source Of Strength

What doesn't kill you make you stronger? Learn from this and make it as a source of your strength.

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