Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day in the Office - Spread the Love!

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Valentine’s Day comes only once a year and the whole world is celebrating it with hearts and chocolates. Some people celebrate it to the full while others ignore it. Although the day is meant to be celebrated with your loved one, Valentine is the day of love you should spread it to everyone around you. Especially when you are single, you can celebrate the day with your coworker.

Have a little fun at work by finding was to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the office. You can show your affection with one another, which may not happen everyday. When Valentine’s Day fall on weekdays, here are some ways you can do to celebrate it in the office.

  1. Exchange Cake and Cookies

For busy workers, baking cake and cookies only exhaust them more. You can drop by and buy them instead. Tell every coworkers to bring their cake and cookies. Make each anonymous and give it secretly to your crush in the office or your most favorite coworkers. Also read Why You Should Never Date Someone You Work with

The one with the most gift wins, but they’re the one should be punish instead. How could they have so many fans within the office?

  1. Decorating the Desk Competition

Valentine is identical with flowers, hearts, and chocolate. Bring it closer than ever to you by holding a competition by decorating the office desk. Be as creative as possible so that your desk look prettier than others. Ask your boss to be the judge who decide the final winner.

  1. Happy Hour in the Office

If your office has pantry or open spaces for the workers, you can use it as a one day happy hour venue. People who are dating will spend the night out with their loved one, so singles can join the hype. Have an actual bartender or someone who’s good at mixing drink. Also read Signs A Coworker Has A Crush On You

But if it’s impossible to be held in the office, you can go to local karaoke or bar to celebrate it.

  1. Homemade Breakfast for the Whole Team

Lunch and dinner with office mates are something you do the whole time. But what about breakfast? Make Valentine’s Day more special for you and your coworker by having breakfast together. Anyone who is willing may cook for breakfast and bring it in. Anyone who can’t or don’t want to cook can pick up sandwich on their way.

Set the table with side dishes, milk, coffee, tea, and juices. Sit in circle and have a rare morning talk with each other.

  1. Raise Funds for Good

Here are another ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the office. Raise funds to be donated for good and have all of your coworkers to celebrate. For people who don’t really into Valentine, they surely be moved with this issue. Don’t forget to take proof shot that you really have donated it already. Also read Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day Alone

  1. Volunteering Together

Valentine’s Day is the day of love that celebrate almost worldwide (there are countries that ignores Valentine’s too). It shouldn’t be made exclusively for dating couples only. You can spread the love by volunteering together with the whole team. If it’s possible, you can ask your boss to join as well.

Choose a community that suitable for your team, be it nursing home, animal shelter, or the orphanage. Other than Valentine’s Day, you can make it as routine for once or twice a month.

  1. Dress Up or Dress Down

On particular days of celebration, your office must be setting certain dress code for the coworkers. It’s a good idea to be adopted in Valentine’s Day. If your office is casual one, have everyone dress up in red, pink, and bow on that day. Once again, it’s a competition worthy. The winner can have prize prepared by fellow coworker themselves. Also read Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World

  1. Play Cupid

This one is quite interesting. Write down all your officemates name and roll them in. Put all papers in fishbowl, have everyone draw a name randomly. Keep it secret that nobody knows. On Valentine’s Day, everyone should anonymously leave the gift on the desk of person they have drawn earlier. Guessing game on who gives who is fun as well.

  1. Office Games Competition

Everything competitive is always fun, especially with prizes and punishments at stake. Hold various office games on Valentine’s Day, have everyone participated, and let all feel the fun. You can either throwing darts, throwing papers on dustbin, or chocolate picking competition. Make sure that everyone is happy on Valentine’s Day. Also read How to Propose Him on Valentine's Day

  1. Intimate Sharing Sessions

Honestly, not everyone is close with their workmates. Some only have business relationship that they never meet outside work. On the celebration of Valentine’s Day, you can hold a sharing session between your team to exchange love stories. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day after all! Share funny stories, touching moments, how you met your spouse, and horrible date you wish you’ve never had.

  1. Host a Healthy Event

For the alternative to doing the voluntary work, you can hold a health event for people instead. Invite a local doctors to educate community about health, followed with cardio activities that everyone in all age range can join. If doing it for the community is too large scaled, you can do it within the office instead.

Who says Valentine can’t be fun if you don’t have a lover? There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the office which turns out to be so much more fun than you can ever imagine. Spread the love around on V-Day and be happy!

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