Wondering Why Scorpio Man Plays Hard To Get With You? Read This!

Last updated on April 4, 2024 by Michelle Devani

According to some research, Scorpio man likes to be mysterious. It’s their natural characteristic to be so distant and not all people can read their character so easily. They are hard to express and show their feelings even to their partner. But once you get into their life, they will open up to you. When they feel you are their comfort zone, they will tell you anything even the tiniest detail of what happen in their life.

Scorpio men are unpredictable and hard to be read. Once he likes you , he will search every information about you and really chase you until he gets you to be their partner. Scorpio man can attract women by just talking. They have charms whenever they talk and even better if they have extensive knowledge. You will never be able to get away from them.

This is why Scorpio men sometimes can be really manipulative and very good at flirting. Even though they are good at flirting that doesn’t mean they are easy to get, meanwhile they like to play the ‘push and pull’ game. They can be so mysterious and hard to get when they know you like them. Now, we will discuss why Scorpio man plays hard to get, here are some reasons behind it:


1. Likes To Be Mysterious

likes to be mysterious

As we know it is their natural characteristic, they like to be mysterious. They will not be so easy to open up to some people. It takes time to understand their personality. Yet, you don’t have to worry because once a Scorpio man feels comfortable around you or have feelings for you, he will open up to you for every single thing of his life.

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2. Value Honesty Dearly

Scorpio man really appreciate honesty so much. That is why once you got caught lying to him then you can say you are out from his life. They don’t like to be lied to well, who does? But, Scorpio man really takes this matter seriously. They will give you the one hundred percent trust if you can do the same as well. Once you lie to him, you are out from the candidate to be part of his life. That is why Scorpio man tends to be very careful when he is trying to find someone to be part of his life. 

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3. Love To Conquer

Based on the research, Scorpio man likes to conquer. This means when he likes you, he will chase you and do everything it takes to get you. However, Scorpio men don’t like easy women. They enjoy chasing you that’s why you have to play hard to get a bit towards them. It happens otherwise, because of that character, he can play hard to get too, in purpose to see your effort. 

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4. High Expectations

According to some research, Scorpio men can be persistent when they want to achieve their goals. Including when they like someone, they will chase them and will never give up until they get what they want. If you find him plays hard to get from you then it means he tends to has high expectations on people.

Because of their  expectations, when they know you are nothing near from what they want, they will constantly showing play hard to get attitude. Especially when you show signs that you like him and chase him more than he chases you. It’s something that Scorpio man doesn’t expect from you, he likes when you have a calm attitude. Why? Because they think it’s their job to chase you not the otherwise. 

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5. Anxiety


Based on their previous relationship, they will step up their expectations when they are about to start a new one. This is the time when the game of ‘What ifs and overthinking’ will start in their mind. Scorpio man known as a thoughtful person.

It’s not a secret that they sometimes can be an overthinking person to some matter even the smallest matter or problem that happened to their life. Being thoughtful can be advantage but also can be prejudice when you do it exaggeratedly. Scorpio man that has habit overthinking to something can affect to their action. It will triggers them to doubt things and hesitate to decide something.

6. Afraid Of Getting Hurt

Scorpio men knows how to treat people the way they treat them. When you being kind and generous they will treat you the same even more. They are always remember what everyone does or say to them. That’s why when you say or do something that can hurt them, they will never forget it and if they want they can hurt you back.

This kind personality can leads them to be aware to someone new to their life. This is the reason why Scorpio man plays hard to get, because he will observes your traits deeply before he gives you his trust.

Based on those information, we see the reason why Scorpio man plays hard to get. There are some their natural traits that can causes them to be hard to get. Their unpleasant past can affects their behavior when they want to start a new chapter for their life. A good advice that you can use is when a Scorpio man plays hard to get,  you don’t have to chase him. Because the more you chase the more your relationship with him will grow apart. Just be calm and be his comfort zone, eventually he will notice you.

Scorpio man doesn’t like to be push to open up so don’t push him to open up when he doesn’t want to. Scorpio men like to chase their women, best to do is be calm and a bit mysterious towards them. Let them chase you not the otherwise.

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