5 Reasons Why Scorpio is Simply The Best to Be With

by Michelle Devani

Scorpio is known for having unique and peculiar personalities. Scorpio is also famous for having mysterious aura, and some people often considered Scorpio as a cold person. Those personality traits people usually known from Scorpio makes people believe that Scorpio is difficult to approach.

However, there are many positive personality traits that Scorpio has and make become the reasons why Scorpio is simply the best

1. Scorpio is honest and does not afraid to tell the truth

Scorpio are not made to tell lies, no matter how harsh the truth, they will look into your eyes and say the truth to you. Some people may cannot relate with what Scorpio does and it is become one of Reasons Why Scorpions are Hard to Understand.

However, Scorpio has a belief that a relationship, whether between friends or lover, should be built on trust.If your friend or lover is Scorpio, do not worry! Scorpio is not going to lie when you ask for their opinion and they will also give honest opinion. When you asked whether your outfit is nice or not, they will not say yes just to protect your feeling, but they will be honest and even will help you to choose your outfit!

For Scorpio, trust is really important for Scorpio and with trust issue that Scorpio has, it will be difficult to earn Scorpio trust. Therefore, once a Scorpion trusts you, she/he will trust you fully. However, once a Scorpio cannot trust you any longer, they will leave you and without any hesitation, they will cut ties with you.

2. Scorpio is clever

Scorpio is clever and can work under pressure. Scorpio has an ability to be able to think clearly even though Scorpio is under pressure. Scorpio does not yield easily. When a Scorpion failed, she/he can find a new start and start again with clear mind. It makes a Scorpio good at avoiding tricky situation and if a Scorpio is already in it, she/he able to find a way to get out from that kind of situation. Therefore, being clever is one of the Reasons Why You Need A Scorpion in Your Life.

3. Passionate and ambitious

One cannot simply spell passionate without a Scorpio in it. It is widely known that a Scorpion is quite ambitious and passionate when there is something that Scorpio wants to gain. Scorpio is easily excited by new things and when a Scorpion is curious, she/he will give full attention and show all the passion. And it is also applied in Scorpio's romance life. Scorpio is a passionate lover and you will be influenced by Scorpio's passion and get motivated in return.

Besides that, to achieve the goals, Scorpio will not hesitate to work really hard and dream big. When there are many obstacles that come between a Scorpion and the goals, Scorpio will do anything that is needed to reach the goals. The ambitious and passionate side of Scorpio to achieve the goals are not a bad thing. Those sides are reasons why Scorpio is the best. 

4. Scorpio is brave and fearless

Scorpio is not easily intimidated by someone and will not run away from a problem. Scorpio does not know what is quitting and giving up. Failure is not something that a Scorpion should be afraid of. She/he knows and realizes that failure is another way to a new start and a failure does not mean that a Scorpion cannot achieve the goals. A Scorpion does not see failure as an enemy, but as a friend who will help she/he to be stronger and better.

When in a relationship, Scorpio does not see problem as something that will destroy the relationship. A Scorpion sees the problem as something that will make the relationship stronger than before. She/he will not back down and run away when she/he realize that the storm is coming. A Scorpion will stay and solve it together, because A Scorpion knows running away will not solve anything.

5. Scorpio is protective

Scorpio does not give trust easily and mask her/his feeling a lot. However, when a Scorpion falls in love, she/he tend to show Signs that A Scorpio Wants a Relationship. And once you are in a relationship with Scorpio, Scorpio does not want to lose someone that she/he loves and when someone try to come between their relationship, a Scorpion will not accept it easily and be defensive.

This personality traits is not because a Scorpion is insecure, but it is simply because a Scorpion does not want to lose her/his lover. Once a Scorpion feels that she/he is compatible, feel safe, and comfortable in their relationship, a Scorpion will give their all, be open, trust her/his partner fully, and be protective. A Scorpio will also will help her/his partner and will not let her/his partner feel helpless. And in return, all Scorpio wants is for the partner to do the same.

Michelle Devani
My name is Michelle Devani, and I've been helping people with their relationships since 2003. In 2017 I decided it was about time I started a blog on the topic, and since then more than 2 million people worldwide have read my relationship advice. Drop me a comment below to let me know what you think.