Signs a Scorpio Wants a Relationship With You (27 Ways Scorpio Reveal Their Inner Secrets)

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Secretive, mysterious, and intensely private. That’s Scorpio for you. Scorpios hold their cards close to their chest and guard them with a deadly sting, hidden in their tails. 

So how can you possibly know if a Scorpio wants a relationship with you? 

Well, it won’t be easy, that’s for sure. 

Scorpios are the observers. They are the ones lurking in the shadows, people-watching, making mental notes of your body language and your interactions. If you happen to notice one of them they’ll quickly scuttle back into the darkness where they feel more comfortable. 

Now, if you are a down-to-earth kind of person you will find this incredibly frustrating. Why can’t they just be upfront with you? If you are an earth sign, such as a plain-speaking Taurus, it’s highly likely you won’t put up with these mind games.

But you have to understand that Scorpio is guarded for a reason. For a start, this is a water sign. Water signs are particularly sensitive emotionally, but none more so than this star sign. 


Getting To Know A Scorpio

Scorpio is also a fixed sign, which means this sensitivity to emotion is amplified a thousand-fold. Passion and intensity go hand-in-hand with Scorpio.

They love deeply and form extremely intimate bonds with their partners. If this bond is broken they can’t forget easily and move on, the way Gemini does. Scorpio ruminates and pours salt on the wounds of their own heartache.

There’s an additional worry for Scorpio and that is that many of them struggle with their own spirituality and the sense of who they are in the world. This sign, more than any other in the Zodiac, asks the question ‘Who am I?’ ‘What am I here for?’ ‘What is my purpose?’

Scorpios are looking for a partner that can help them answer these universal questions. 

Scorpio man places a lot of importance on finding the right person to love and share the rest of their life with. And make no mistake, we are talking total commitment here. 

Now, do you see why they are so secretive and guarded? There’s a lot at stake for Scorpio. 

Scorpio is searching for the meaning of their existence, so they know that in order to love someone they have to love themselves.

To love yourself you also have to protect yourself at all costs. Hence the sting in their tail. 

Essentially, this sign is looking for a soulmate in the truest sense of the word. As Scorpios move through their spiritual path they realize that death will not separate true love, it will simply evolve into something greater. 

That being said, Scorpio is a highly erotic being. They like to use sex, not just as a physical expression of love, but in different ways to test a partner. They’ll push the boundaries of what is acceptable in the bedroom and engage in kinky practices. 

For a Scorpio guy, sex and love are about surrender and vulnerability. Only once they have seen you naked and exposed can they fully trust you. 

Scorpios are magnetic, charming, and once committed, make devoted partners. It’s no wonder people are attracted to them. 

However, they are also extremely guarded and reserved. So if you want to know the signs a Scorpio man wants a relationship with you you’ll have to become a bit of a detective. 

Luckily, there are signs, you just need to know what to look out for. 

27 Signs a Scorpio Man is Interested in You

1. You’ll catch them staring at you

In the wild, a scorpion will watch its prey intently before striking with that deadly stinger. In social settings, the same is true. Scorpios like to watch and observe. You are the ‘prey’ so they will focus on your movements and what you are doing. 

2. They pay attention when you are talking

You know how some guys’ attention seems to wander when you are talking to them? Perhaps their eyes glaze over and you know for a fact they haven’t heard a word you’ve said? Not Scorpio man. He will gaze intensely into your eyes and focus fully on every word you utter. 

3. He wants to know all about you

This Zodiac sign is certainly guarded when it comes to revealing details about themselves. However, one of the signs a Scorpio man wants a relationship with you is if he asks lots of questions about you. He will get off the normal social small talk quickly and move on to more personal subjects.

4. He checks out your social media

This sign likes to stay in the background until he or she is ready to make their move. They’ll often use passive-aggressive techniques such as checking out your social media presence. This way they can stay under the radar until they are happy to reveal their intentions. Look for ‘likes’ or comments on your posts. 

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5. He will compete for your attention

For Scorpio man, everything is a competition. It is win or lose. There is no such thing as second place. Scorpio guys are also insanely jealous. They can’t bear to see another guy muscle in on what they believe is their conquest. So watch out if he suddenly becomes louder than usual, tries to make you laugh, or wants to draw you away from the crowd. 

6. They get jealous around you 

Talking of jealousy, one of Scorpio’s negative characteristics is the green-eyed monster. Of all the Zodiac signs, Scorpio is prone to suspicion, and obsession and can get possessive. Ordinarily, I would caution you against dating a person with jealousy issues, but in this case, it is a key personality trait of a Scorpio man in love.

7. He starts to flirt with you

Once a Scorpio man has decided that he is interested in you he will begin the flirting stage. However, this won’t be overt and out in the open. He'll be secretive and subtle. You might not realize you are the subject of a Scorpio’s attention. Sex is hugely important to this star sign so they start flirting in a very open, seductive, and sexual way. 

8. He changes the way he flirts with you

he changes the way he flirts with you

Now, this is interesting, because a Scorpio man will beginflirting in an extremely sexual way, but once he realizes you are interested he changes tactics. A Scorpio man in love will start to behave in a more charming and romantic way. He will woo and court you old-fashioned style. 

9. You’ll see them start to relax around you

Scorpions are known for the venomous sting in their tails, but people forget that their bodies are covered with a hard, impenetrable shell. You’ll know when a Scorpio likes you because they will begin to let their guard down. They will be more relaxed and less cagey around you.

10. They hint that they are available

Scorpios are cautious at the start, so to save face, they will hint and suggest, rather than show their emotions straight away. Whereas other star signs such as Taurus are known for their upfront honesty, Scorpio prefers to keep their feelings under wraps. Their feelings are secrets until they are sure they know your intention. 

11. He will show his moody side

When Scorpios relax enough to let you see under their hard protective shell, this means seeing the good and the bad. They are prone to extreme mood swings and the slightest thing can trigger them off. One moment they will be happy and the next they’ll be seething with unbridled rage. And you won’t know what has caused the change. 

12. He wants you to see his macho side

Scorpio men want to look tough and strong. A Scorpio man will go to great lengths to hide all his vulnerability, except when he’s really into you.

13. But he realizes you need to see his sensitive side too

When a Scorpio man knows he has your full attention he will reveal his softer side. He will change his body language, touch you tenderly and show his emotions in a sensitive way. 

14. He shares his interests with you

Scorpio guys’ interests are quite quirky and alternative and they will use their interests to see how well you connect with one another. 

15. He wants to spend quality time with you

When a Scorpio man is not interested in starting a relationship his interactions will become purely sexual. You’ll get bootie calls then hear nothing for days or weeks. When their intention is a relationship, only then will the focus on sex end. 

16. They invite you into their home

they invite you into their home

Scorpios are solitary creatures. You don’t usually see scorpions in a group or working together in the wild. They prefer to work alone and are quite choosy about who they let into their private world. This is their inner sanctum, their protective shell that keeps out intruders. Allowing you inside is one of the biggest hints that they are ready for a relationship. 

17. He tells you about his hopes and dreams

It is rare for a Scorpio guy to open up in the early stage of a relationship. So it is a clear indication that a Scorpio man is serious when he reveals his hopes and dreams for the future. Especially if they include you. 

18. He talks to you about his problems

When a Scorpio has problems they will keep them hidden. Only the closest family members and friends are ever allowed to know about past traumatic experiences. For a Scorpio man, a problem shared is one of the ways he opens up his heart. 

19. He wants you to tell him your secrets

What is good for a Scorpio man is good for his partner. Nothing binds this Zodiac sign more than sharing intimate secrets. This sign is the king of the deep and meaningful chat. He wants to know all your secrets.

20. He sticks up for you

When a Scorpio is in love, he will be extremely loyal. He will give his best to make sure his partner is completely happy and content. A Scorpio man will stand up for the one he loves.

21. They will suggest casual meetups

You’ll often hear Scorpio man suggest going for a ‘quick bite for lunch’ or ‘fancy a coffee?’ or ‘shall we have a breakfast meeting?’ Nothing too serious and if you asked them they are certainly not dates in the proper sense of the world. But they are opportunities for Scorpio man to be with you without being rejected if you say no. 

22. But then cancel dates at the last minute

Frustrating as it is, Scorpio man likes to test potential partners to see if they are worthy and up to his exacting standards. He needs a cast-iron guarantee don’t forget before he will even consider dating someone. 

Relationships are for eternity, so he would rather test you now before he is fully committed than have his heart broken down the line. He wants you to prove to him that you’ll stick around, despite his annoying behavior. 

23. He becomes your biggest supporter

Don’t make enemies with a Scorpio. They can hold onto a grudge for a lifetime. They’ll seethe with thoughts of revenge, long after the original slight has occurred. The upside to this is that you won’t get a more loyal supporter. When a Scorpio man starts to speak up for you, take this as a sign you have moved from the friend zone to the love interest zone. 

24. He shows affection for you in public

he shows affection for you in public

Scorpios don’t usually like to draw attention to their business. So when they are public about their affection it shows that they are happy for the world to see that you are a couple. 

25. He acts like you are already a couple

When a Scorpio man is completely relaxed he loses his normal intensity and acts as if you are already in a relationship. He knows the rules of commitment and expects his partner to demonstrate the same loyalty and honesty that he does. 

26. He pushes you away

This is another one of the ways Scorpio man will test you at the beginning. It is like a challenge he is setting for you. How much can you take? Are you worthy of his love? He needs to know now, not later when it is a much bigger issue. 

27. He checks up on you

Constantly checking up on your whereabouts, texting you all the time, and wanting to look at your phone or computer can drive some people away. You have to remember this is a Scorpio guy pushing the boundaries. 


How do Scorpios act when they like someone?

Scorpios are naturally secretive and suspicious of people, so they are subtle in the way they act when they like someone. You might catch them watching you from afar, or trying to get your attention. They may act in a jealous way around you or even be sexually suggestive. 

How do you tell if a Scorpio is using you?

For Scorpios, love equals passion and intensity. If a Scorpio is using you their interactions with you will become emotionless. Sex may become demeaning as they force their partners into a more submissive role. They won’t want you to meet family or friends or be active in their social circle.

What sign does Scorpio fall in love with?

Scorpios are compatible with fellow water signs – Cancer and Pisces. Cancer is a nurturing soul and understands Scorpio’s need for commitment. Pisces feels the intense nature of Scorpio’s emotion and lifts Scorpio from their sorrowful depths. The earth signs of Capricorn and Virgo are also good matches. 

How do Scorpios act around their crush?

Scorpios are secretive and suspicious, so they will tend to stay in the background, watching. They will be subtle and hint that they like someone. They’ll observe and position themselves near their crush

What do Scorpios find attractive?

Scorpios want the truth and loyalty, but they are also intrigued by the mysterious and sensual. They want to discover some unknown, extraordinary quantity, then keep it to themselves.

In Conclusion

Scorpios are mysterious and private so it is difficult to know whether they want a relationship with you. However, the signs are there and this article will help you to understand them a little better. 

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