23 True Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend With Benefits

Last updated on April 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you tired of being stuck in a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship?

Perhaps you’re beginning to feel strong feelings for this guy? Maybe you’re wishing it would develop into something more?   

If that is the case, this is a guide you’ll truly appreciate. It features 16 surefire signs that he’s also interested in something more serious than friend with benefits. 

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With that said, here are 23 more signs that he likes as you more than a friend with benefits.


Signs He Wants To Be More Than Friends With Benefits

Are you in a relationship with someone that only involves sex (or so you thought)? Are you looking for the signs he likes you more than a friend with benefits? 

If you have a sexual arrangement going on and you suspect he has feelings for you, it’s important for you to discover what the truth is. 

If you feel the same way about him, you may want to say something so that the two of you can start a real relationship. If you do not feel the same about him, you may want to end your arrangement, so he is not misled by your lack of feelings for him. 

In this article, we’ll look at the top signs that he wants to be more than friends with benefits with you and what to do once you have determined what his feelings for you really are. You’ll want to be prepared if he asks you to be his girlfriend or something like that. 

1. He Asks You To Hang Out Without Having Sex

he asks you to hang out without having sex

Have you caught your friend asking you to just hang out a lot? Does he enjoy spending time with you when you are not having sex? 

You may find those guy friends who want to hang out with you will often be straight about it and ask you out. Frequently, if they want to have a relationship that goes deeper than friendship, they’ll just say so. 

Your guy friend may enjoy just spending time with you and ask you over to hang out and watch movies all day with him or watch a marathon series on Netflix or something like that. Do you enjoy just hanging out with him, or would you rather be with someone else? You may want to tell him exactly how you feel about your relationship, so you’re honest.

You don’t want to mislead the poor guy who is looking forward to pursuing things further with you; it may be a good idea, regardless of the sign he shows you, to just be honest with how you feel about him. You don’t want to intentionally hurt someone you care about. If you know your relationship is lopsided, be honest with him. 

2. He Spends The Night At Your Place

Usually, when two people have the arrangement to be friends with benefits, they do not spend the night together because that can lead to unwanted feelings. If he has made it a habit of spending the night at your place, he may want something more with you. If you think this relationship is one-sided, you should tell him, though.

3. He Tends To Cuddle With You A Lot

Cuddling is usually not involved in a friendship unless the couple is extremely close. Is he enjoying the time he spends with you when the two of you just cuddle and do nothing else? He’s probably enjoying what the two of you have and wants to keep it like that unless you are interested in having more than just a friendship with him. 

4. He Gives You A Pet Name

Pet names are generally signs of affection. If he’s given you a pet name, he wants to make a close connection with you - one that would only work if the two of you decided to pursue something other than friends with benefits. Does he tease you a lot or give you a hard time about cute little things? That’s like a boy teasing a girl on the playground!

5. He Doesn’t See Anyone Else

If there are no other women in the picture, there’s a good chance he is intentionally just seeing you because he likes you. He feels a sense of comfort when he’s around you and doesn’t need anyone else involved in your relationship because he’s happy with just you. This is indeed a special bond you share with each other.

6. He Asks You To Spend The Night

he asks you to spend the night

Does he ask you to go ahead and spend the night after hanging out or having sexual intercourse? He may enjoy the connection you share and want to spend as much time with you as possible! If you feel the same, you should let him know, so you could see what’s next for the two of you!

7. He Is Very Thoughtful With You

Is he a good listener? Does he know about your work or family problems and show concern when you talk? These are signs of someone who cares but also who wants to be with you! 

8. He Tries To Spend More Time With You

How much time do you spend with each other? Is he at the top of your buddy list? It’s great to have the best pal, but you also know he’s interested in more than friendship if he loves just doing anything with you because it’s you - a person he truly loves and cares about. 

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9. He Introduces You To His Friends And Family

This is a strong indicator that he’s thinking of you in the future tense. He wants his family and friends to approve of you because he thinks the world of you. I think he believes you are more than a friend with benefits and wants to have a genuine serious relationship with you! You should enjoy this and go for it if you feel like that, as well!

10. He Includes You In His Future Plans

Has he mentioned an upcoming ski trip with his buds, and you are automatically invited? Do you think that he has a secret crush on you and enjoys spending quality time with you? Does he include you in upcoming holiday plans, too? He does enjoy having you as part of his life if that’s the case. He may see you as “the one” for him forever!

11. He Contacts You More Often

Does your phone blow up when the two of you aren’t with each other? Does it make you think that he likes you a lot? Does he send you text messages all the time? How does he act when you are not spending time together? Is it obvious he misses you a lot? 

He may be curious about what you are doing when you’re not spending time together with each other.

12. He Clears Out A Drawer For You

You know you are more than a booty call if he clears out a drawer for you. He wants you to feel comfortable when you come over and spend time with him. He is happy to make room for your stuff because he knows you will be back over soon. You may be intimidated by this, but don’t be. He’s crushing hard on you! Enjoy it if you feel the same!

13. He Asks You Out On Real Dates

If he dresses up and takes you out somewhere fancy, you know that something is going on with this guy. He wants to be more than just friends because he knows the connection you share is a strong one. He wants to treat you to a nice night out on the town with him because he loves spending time with you with or without sex.

14. He Pays You Compliments

he pays you compliments

If you already have an arrangement going on, he doesn’t really need to pay you a lot of compliments, does he? Is he offering you compliments at times when it’s just not needed? These are all signs that he has a thing for you and wants more than friendship with you. He likes you as a person!

15. He Buys You An Unexpected Gift

Maybe it’s your birthday or Christmas, or maybe he’s just giving you a special gift because he was thinking of you - whatever it is, this is a sign he enjoys your company and cares about you. He may be trying to show you this by making you understand that you are a top priority to him!

16. He Has Spread A Rumor About You Two

Have your friends heard about your relationship even though you and your buddy agreed to keep things just between the two of you? Did he change his Facebook status to “it’s complicated” or “in a relationship?” That may confuse you if you haven’t talked it over ahead of time, but this may be his way of showing what he thinks of you.

17. He Thinks Of You And Treats You As More Than A Friend

How does he introduce you to other people? Does he say you are his “girl” or “girlfriend?” Do you get the feeling that his thoughts of your relationship are more complicated than you previously thought? 

18. His Body Language Tells You He Wants Something More

Often you can watch the body language of a person to see if they think you are the one or not. Do his feet point toward your body? Do you catch him staring at you or glancing in your direction and smiling? These are all indicators that he wants more with you.

19. He Is A Good Friend To You

Does he empathize with you when you are going through tough times? Is he an excellent listener? Those are all great signs he wants you around and cares deeply about you.

20. He Tells You His Deepest Secrets

Has he shared things with you that no one else knows? Do you feel like his closest buddy? He may be opening up his soul with you because he wants to be more than just friends. What do you think about how he’s acting?

21. He Talks About The Big Stuff With You

Does he treat you like the only one for him? Does he share his hopes, dreams, aspirations, goals, and wishes with you? He obviously feels close to you and wants you to stick around as much as possible because he enjoys your company!

22. He Is Very Active With You On Social Media

I bet he likes, comments, and shares almost every one of your social media posts. He probably devotes a great deal of time to look over your pictures, even the old ones, and liking them or commenting on them. He clearly is falling for you, giving you all of that attention.

23. He Tells You He Has Deeper Feelings For You

The final sign he may want to have more than a friendship with you is that he just comes right out and tells you. Maybe he is testing the waters with you by what he says. Has he joked about what a great couple you’d be, together? Does he call you “wife” or some other cute pet name that indicates he’s got a thing for you?

What You Should Do If You Want Him Back

what you should do if you want him back

If you suspect your friend with benefits wants something more with you and you feel the same, you should be honest about what you suspect. Explain that you think he likes or loves you, and you think you feel the same way. If you are interested in pursuing an actual love relationship with your friend, you may want to play hard to get with him. This will help you tell how he feels.

If you play hard to get with your guy friend, and he doesn’t chase you back, he may not have been interested in you as more than a friend. He may actually just think you are not interested in him, so you must do things just right. Often, playing hard to get does not work with short-term relationships because often, one person is not interested in making things permanent.

If he does feel the same way about you, he will probably pursue you just as any regular guy would. He was in a relationship with you where there were no strings attached. While you may not have said anything has changed, men are not stupid. He’ll know if you are testing him the right way, showing him you want a real relationship with him, too. He’ll keep pursuing you!

What You Should Do If You Do Not Want Him Back

If you find that someone wants to be more than friends with benefits, you may want to decide how you feel about him, so you can give him a fighting chance. If you don’t think there’s a future, just end the way things are going so that you aren’t leading him on with how you treat him. He may see a continuance of your relationship to mean you feel the same about him. 

Are you not wanting to start a new relationship with him? If you’d like to keep things the way they are, you may want to just be honest and open about your feelings. Tell him you suspect he wants to be more than friends with benefits, but you want to keep things the same way they currently are going. Explain that you like how things are and don’t want to change that. 

You may want to go into the reasons why you think being in a relationship with each other is not the best idea. You could let him know that you suspect it may ruin your friendship. Let him know how you feel about your love life, in general, to best explain that he hasn’t done anything wrong to make you feel one way or another. Instead, you just don’t want to date right now.


How do you tell if a guy wants more than friends with benefits?

He will probably not want to be with anyone else if he only has eyes for you. He’ll most likely want to spend more time together if he’s into you. The bottom line is he will go overboard for you if he wants to be more than friends with you.

Can a guy develop feelings for a friend with benefits?

Yes, a guy can definitely fall in love with his hookup buddy. You may find that this guy enjoys spending time alone with you, cuddling, and watching movies. This is a sign that his feelings for you go farther than expected; he may be head over heels in love.

How do you test him to see if he cares?

When you need a friend, if you are in a situation where your car has broken down, or you are overwhelmed by something you saw or did, contact this guy to see how he reacts. Is he there for you, or does he seem too busy to help you?

Do Friends With Benefits involve kissing?

Yes, it most certainly can involve kissing. Kissing is usually involved in foreplay, which is what happens before sexual intercourse. Really the only time kissing is usually not involved in sex is when someone is hired to perform - often, prostitutes will not kiss their clients.

Are friends with benefits exclusive?

Friends with benefits are not always exclusive. If you want the relationship status you have with your friend with benefits to change and suspect he feels the same way, you should be upfront and honest about your feelings; that is the best way to get the right results in love.

To Sum Things Up…

What is your take on having friends with benefits? Do you suspect that your friend with benefits likes you as more than just a friend or hookup? What do you plan to do about it?

Please leave a comment below, and share this blog post with other people!

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