How To Know If a Guy Is Interested Or Just Being Friendly Through Text (33 Ways)

Last updated on June 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Have you just started texting with a guy you’re interested in?

Do you want to know if he’s interested too? 

Perhaps you can’t figure out whether he wants to date you, or if he’s just being friendly?

If so, read on. This guide will help you figure it out. It features a list of the key differences in his behavior depending on his intentions with you. It’ll also tell you the sort of texts you should send to turn up his interest. 

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33 Ways To Tell If A Guy Is Interested Or Just Being Friendly

Have you finally found someone you think is your prince charming? Or you finally got your crush’s number? 

So, you both are now texting, but you're not sure if he likes you or he's just being friendly. This happens a lot in texts, where you can't know the person’s real tone, but still flowing with the conversation anyway.

You're not sure if his emojis are real or a formality to make things look right between you both. I agree, some guys have a way of being so friendly with you that you're not sure if they want more than friendship or not. And you don't want to ask them directly.

Many girls are in this same situation, but the scenario comes in different ways. It's okay to get confused about what a guy wants from you through text. But, if he keeps texting without a direct request and you don't want to ask him what he wants directly for fear of being rude, read these 33 ways to tell when a man likes you or just being friendly.

1. He would respond to all your messages

Not all guys are used to texting, especially when it doesn’t have anything to benefit them in the long run. Even if they respond to messages, it could be one-word answers just to be friendly. They would barely have time to understand your messages.

But, if a man likes you, he would respond to all your messages. Sometimes, he could send multiple texts just to make you enjoy the conversation. That’s how to know if a guy is interested or just being friendly through text. 

2. He’ll use flirty emojis at the right time

A guy who just wants to be friendly with you won’t use flirty emojis. He’ll try to avoid sending mixed signals to you, so he’d rather have casual conversations than start what he's not ready for. 

He would only use flirty emojis always when it’s just a fling for him. But, if he’s really interested in you, he’ll respect you enough to know when to use them with you. That's how to know when a guy is interested in you.

3. You’d always receive a text from him first

you'd always receive a text from him first

When a guy is just friendly with you, you may most likely be the one to start conversations first. Sometimes, his silence could be so long you'd feel deserted. That means you could stay for months without texting each other.

But, the reverse happens when he likes you over text. He initiates conversation and would not care if you text him first or not. That's because he'll always want to spend time with you. That's a big sign he's interested.

4. He’ll ask questions about you

One of the signs a guy likes you over text is when he has follow-up questions to ask about you. He would find pleasure in spending time to know more about your personality.

It's not the same when he's only being friendly. His texting habits with you would be on a very platonic level and he may not ask deep questions about you. That's a bad sign if you're thinking of dating him.

5. Whenever you’re not uncomfortable with something, he’ll stop doing it

A clear sign to know a guy interested in you, is his respect for your feelings. Even if you're angry about small stuff or a random thing you shouldn't be upset about, he'll still respect that.

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If you're just friends and he intends to keep it that way, he may give you so much space knowing that he can't handle your preferences. That's how to know if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly through text.

6. He’ll give you personal space whenever you need it

A guy texting you only when you allow him to, is something special. Not every guy does this with an open heart. A friendly guy may, but won't be as caring as a guy who's interested in you. 

So, if you're talking to a guy who is more than willing to give you your personal space whenever you need it and is happy to start a conversation whenever you're happy, it's a strong sign he's interested in you.

7. He’ll ask questions about your career

Any guy interested in you would ask questions about your career. Don't get this wrong, a friendly guy could still care to know about your career, but won't ask as many questions as a guy interested in you.

As funny as this may sound, the only time friendly guys want to know more about your career is when it has to do with their personal or career lives as well. This is an obvious sign to know a guy likes you over text.

8. You’ll hear him ask to meet your family members

A guy who is just friendly with you would not go as far as asking about your family members in detail unless you decide to tell him about them during your conversation. 

On the contrary, a guy who’s interested in you would love to know about your family members and even more, meet them in person. He could ask questions about them as long as you're willing to share. That's one of the ways to know a guy likes you over text.

9. He’ll keep you updated about his life

One way to know that a guy is not playing games or just being friendly with you is when he keeps you in the loop of things going on in his life. Of course, he won't tell you the deep secrets about him yet, but he'll let you in.

You'll hear details about his career, family, and personal life. He'll tell you interesting things about his life, both good and bad, and that's how to know when a guy likes you over text.

10. You’ll get many compliments from him

you'll get many compliments from him

When you start getting compliments about the way you type, your vocabulary, your sense of humor over text, your choice of words at the right time, and other unseen compliments, that's a clear sign he likes you.

A guy who's just being friendly may not even notice nice things about you. When he does, he may not feel it's necessary to compliment you for them. If he does, it could be purely platonic and not lead you on.

11. He could cancel going out with his friends to hang out with you

Guys text a girl when they're into her. They would not mind skipping a hangout with their friends to spend time with that girl. Or, a guy could hang out with his friends and spend most of the time texting you if he likes you.

But, if he's just being friendly, you won't experience such niceness from him. He could even excuse you to hang out with his friends for a while. Sometimes, he could get back to the conversations. Other times, he may not.

12. Any guy who is interested would take the time to know you

If you find yourself having a long conversation or multiple of them with a guy, that could be his way of getting to know you more. So, he would not mind taking his time to ask a particular question until you're comfortable enough to answer it.

Q guy who just wants to be friendly would not have that patience. He could even lose interest in trying to ask unanswered questions, which may make him stop having good conversations with him.

13. He could ask for a phone call

Text messages are a good way of communication, but they become even better when you've spoken to the person on a voice call. You can hear and interpret their tones properly.

A good sign that a guy likes you, and not just being friendly, is when he asks for a phone call. Guys text, but when most of them are comfortable enough to ask for a phone call, it means they're interested in you.

14. His conversations would be beneficial to you both

If a guy texts you and your conversations are normal, boring, or not pushing you enough to text him at any time, then he's just being friendly with you. But, if he talks about things you can benefit from, that's a good relationship.

For instance, if he talks about something that could improve you as a person, or be advantageous to you in the future, that's a great sign a guy likes you and would love to keep texting you.

15. He could tease you a lot

When guys text, it takes a while for them to be able to express themselves to a girl. So, if a guy is free enough to tease you over text messages, he may like you. 

That's the point where you could both start developing inside jokes that only you both can understand. If he's just being friendly, he wouldn't go this far. If he does, he may only do it once. That's how to tell if a guy is only being friendly.

16. You both could relate to each other’s sense of humor

Not every guy would understand your sense of humor unless you've been friends for a while. The same thing applies to a guy who's just being friendly with you. It may take some time for him to understand your jokes.

But, when he's interested in you, he'll program his mind in a good way to understand when you're being sarcastic. At a point after you both understand each other, you both get to create inside jokes that only you two know.

17. He won’t delay responding to you

When a guy is just being friendly, responding to your messages on time won't be a big deal to him. That's because you're not one of the people on his top priority list. So, he can do as he pleases.

A guy who's interested in you would always respond to you even when he doesn't have any free time. If he can't respond because he's busy, he'll have an explanation for it when he does. This is one way to tell if a guy likes you. 

18. You could hear a bit about his past without even asking

you could hear a bit about his past without even asking

Not all guys are comfortable talking about random things in their past to any girl they meet. Sometimes, you may only get to know it from other people. This could apply mostly to a guy who's just being friendly.

The opposite case scenario could be with a guy who's interested in you. He would prefer you hear about his past from him and where he feels uncomfortable sharing, he'll let you know. That's how to tell when it's more than friendship.

19. He’ll ask for a date or meet-up

No guy who wants to date you would dwell on text messages alone. He would try his best to ask for phone calls, video calls, or organize a date where you both can get to see each other more. 

A guy who's interested in you would want to see you physically just to see your body language. He would want to know how you behave with people in public and how well composed you are. This is how to tell if a guy is in love with you.

20. You could answer more questions about life spent with him in the future

When a guy sees you as good girlfriend material or even wife material, he feels open enough to talk to you and ask you questions related to you spending the rest of your life with him. 

He'll want to find out how you'd feel if you both end up together in the future. A guy who's just being friendly won't go this far. He'll only ask for answers that are necessary to him at the moment.

21. He could ask for your photos

When a guy texts you without asking for deep details of how your day went or photos of you, whether old or new, he may just be friendly with you. He could ask if he wants to give you a birthday shoutout.

It's not the same as a guy who's clearly interested in you. This guy would ask for your photos, whether they're past or present. He'll want to see you in every way possible to know little details about you.

22. You’ll observe him sending you memes and funny posts

A conversation gets boring when it's only text messages or inside jokes with a funny smiley face. If you both have each other on social media, he could send or tag you on posts with funny things to spice up your conversations together.

Sometimes, he could tag you on couple-related posts and that could be an indirect way of saying he likes you enough to be in a relationship. That's a good sign to know a guy likes you. 

23. He’ll get used to hearing from you frequently

he'll get used to hearing from you frequently

Not only intimate things make people yearn for more attention. Talking to them on a daily basis does that, too. He won't only get used to hearing from you, you would also get used to hearing from him.

It could be so bad that he would think something has happened to you if he doesn't hear from you for a particular period. That's when he would be tempted to give a call or drop multiple texts.

24. You’ll both get used to texting every single day

Daily texting is an uncommon thing if a guy is being friendly with you. It will be stressful for him to always reply to your messages. At a point, he could stop responding, so he reduced the flow of the chat.

A guy who's interested in you would have a quiet day when he doesn't hear from you. He would feel lonely, not because he doesn't have other things to do, but he has gotten used to texting you daily. That's how you can tell if a guy likes you.

25. He’ll try to find out if you’re in a relationship

As much as a guy who's friendly with you may want to hear stories about your past and present relationships, it doesn't really matter if you tell him or not. That's because he may be paying attention to something more important in his life.

When a guy likes you, he'll pitch in every clue he can use to find out if you're single or not. When none of those work, he could ask you directly. That's how you know when a guy is interested in you.

26. You’ll observe that he remembers little details about you

Nobody remembers little details about people unless they care so much about them. The same thing applies here. A guy who has platonic feelings for you would rarely remember things about you.

But a guy who's interested in you would put in so much effort in remembering details about you. Sometimes, he could remind you of an event you may have forgotten or a habit you don't pay so much attention to.

27. He’ll always offer to help where he can

You'll need to ask a guy you're just friends with for help. That's because he may not offer to help you willingly, no matter how little their help may be. But, the opposite happens with a guy who likes you.

He would offer his help a million times until you decide to accept it. Even when you make it clear to him that you can handle it in your way, he may still insist in a coded way. 

28. He may look for new things to try with you via text

If texting becomes boring with a guy who's only being friendly with you, that could be the end of your conversation. He won't even make any effort to continue because you've both run out of topics to talk about.

A guy who likes you would try to create other interesting things to keep the chat going. He could suggest playing games on chat or even watching the same movie at the same time. That's how to know if he likes you or not.

29. When things seem off, he’ll apologize

When things go awkward in your conversation, an ordinary friendly guy would ask a few questions or conclude something pissed you off into a bad mood. That's not the same as a guy who likes you.

A guy who's interested in you would apologize when your conversation with him goes awkward. He’d feel he did something bad to piss you off. So, he'll want to play safe just to avoid losing you. You would feel it in his tone, too.

30. He’ll ask for your suggestions in a personal decision

Most people would prefer to make their decisions, especially when it has to deal directly with their personal lives. If they seek people’s opinions, it would be people they trust enough to give the right suggestions.

So, a friendly guy may not trust you enough to ask for your suggestions, but a guy who's interested in you will. That's because he wants to build more trust between you both. This is how you can tell when it's not just friendship.

31. Before you know it, you’ll get used to each other

For a guy who just wants to have a platonic relationship with you, you both may not flow as much. If you do, it could take a while for you to get used to each other’s likes and dislikes. You could be on and off in your chats.

But, a guy who likes you would speed up the process. Even when you're not interested, he'll take his time, work on your likeness for him until you get used to having him around.

32. He’ll make you feel confident about yourself

he'll make you feel confident about yourself

Have you ever spoken to a guy and he made you feel insecure? Don't do that to yourself anymore. He doesn't like you and if there's anything important, it's for him. That means he's selfish. 

If he wants to have anything serious to do with you in terms of a relationship, he'll say things to make you feel good about yourself. It doesn't matter if those things about you are obviously wrong, he'll make you feel confident.

33. You’ll feel it in your guts

Whether a guy wants you as a friend with benefits, platonic friend, lover, or acquaintance, you'll know it. Unless you don't pay attention to your intuition and you're blinded by every guy that comes your way.

You'll know when a guy is there to be friends with you and when he wants to date you. So, if you listen to your inner voice, you can tell when a guy likes you enough to date you.


How do you know if a guy starts liking you through text?

A guy who starts liking you through text would reply to your messages almost immediately you send them. He will send detailed replies, flirt a bit with you, and always try to say something funny to get your attention. He'll text you almost daily to check up on you.

How do you know if a guy is not interested in you through text?

He won't feel so connected in the conversation. Even if he does, he may not text you as often as a guy who likes you. His conversations may be bland with no sense of humor, except he loves to make people laugh. He may give one-word replies or seem uninterested in most things you have to say.

How do you know if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly?

When you notice that he's quite nervous or a bit uneasy when he's around you, that's one way to know he's interested in you. A friendly guy would do whatever he pleases not minding how you feel about his actions.

How often should a guy text if he likes you?

There's no fixed rule to this. It depends on the personality of the guy who likes you. He may text you many times daily to check up on you. Or, he could be scared to text you a lot after some time to avoid pissing you off or getting in your bad books.

How do you know if a guy is playing you?

When a guy is playing you, he'll send mixed signals to confuse you. He could say he's not ready for a relationship but likes you enough to date you. He may also say he's not over his past relationship but sees you as special. That way, he'll keep in touch and make you committed, but he won't.

In Conclusion

If you're confused about whether a guy likes you or not, it's important to refer to the 33 ways I've mentioned to tell where exactly you are in your relationship. I hope this article added something positive to your thoughts. Please remember to drop a comment and share it with others.

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