5 Signs That Your Last Relationship Issues Are Affecting Your New Relationship You Need to Read

Last updated on June 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

There is a lot of reason why people break up on their relationship like you can read on common reasons why a relationship fall apart you need to know. Some people may get cheated, lied, bored, or even forced to break. Internal and external factors affect the relationship to end up with a break.

You may get a good partner, someone who very cares about you, have a nice look, a nice attitude but sometimes external factors such as parent's permission, faith, origin, and other differences forced you.

On the other hand when everything is the same on you and your partner but they turn into someone who lies, cheat, or just sucks will bother you. For some reason even the factors that make you break up in your last relationship still affect your new relationship.

The main factor of that is usually trauma. You may feel traumatized after cheating, that is a good sign if you still able to build a new relationship but trust is different issues. How if your new partner is not as honest as you think?

How if they are cheating on you like your last partner? Having a trauma is normal after experiencing something bad on your life but all you need to know is you have to rise up again. To recognize is your last/past relationship issues are affecting your new relationship, ask this question:

  • Do you feel insecure about being cheated?

If you were cheated by your ex you may get so angry especially if you are someone who upholds honesty and high self-worth. It can traumatize and haunted you for a long time until you can beat it.

You may worry about your current partner's loyalty and doubting them. If you feel that feeling, it means you are insecure being cheated again. The solution to this problem is nothing but knowing your partner as deep as possible.

Ask if they had an affair before or not? Are they have a tendency to do that again? Are they regrets it and does not want to repeat it again or not? Also, declare at the beginning of your new relationship that you hate every affair so you are better to break up rather than cheated.

  • Is everything feels suck?

If you now feel sucks about everything especially a relationship it may a sign that your last issues with your ex are affecting your new relationship. This is the basic sign because of a traumatic event.

You may not as enjoyable as if you were not being cheated before. The solution to this issue is to try to think positively. Not everyone is an asshole that will hurt you every time, there are a lot of nice people that will give you a smile, kindness, and happiness.

Do not underestimate easily and try to let other people show their kindness to you. If you need to give some revenge to your ex, you can read how to tell your ex you’ve met someone else and happy now.

  • Do you often fight with your current partner?

Of course, does not mean that every couple that has a lot of fight means they carry something bad from the past but that is one of the possibilities. If you feel you had a lot of fights with your current partner, especially if it is the same problem like before it may indicate that you are affected by your last problem with your ex.

To solve this problem, the first thing you have to do is ask yourself what kind of problem you face in the past. Identify the root problem and think about the solution. In the next step, you can apologize to your partner that you were affected by the past.

A good partner will understand and forgive you. If you still can not have a good relationship with your current partner, this is 6 Steps to Propose Break Up Without Hurting Their Feelings.

  • Are you hard to believe someone else?

Betrayal is a serious thing that can change you into a literally different person. It can make you be someone who not trust others easily. Trust is expensive and it built for a long time so it is understandable if you can not move on easily.

To fix this problem is to try giving more chances to your current partner because you realize it or not he or she is not doing wrong. It just the ex that did something bad to you, does not mean everyone else is as bad as your ex. Learn how to smile again and trust other people again.

  • Cannot you forget what happened in the past?

That makes you can not forget the past, that is why it called trauma. It may haunt you until the rest of your life if you are do not know how to handle it. The key to forgetting your past is to not forget it but to let it go.

You must know that you can not change the past no matter what so why you try as hard to forget it? Give you some tolerance, forget yourself for making the wrong decision to stay with someone like your ex.

Rise again as fast as you can and learn to let everything in the past gone. For example, if you can not accept that you were breaking up, you can read 6 Reasons Why Break Up is Actually Good for You.

If you find out that you are related to all the questions, we can say that your last/past relationship issues are affecting your new relationship. Find the solution for every problem at the end of the paragraph and follow the steps. The problem will always come as long as you are still alive but the decision to avoid it or to solve it is all on your hand.

Having a new relationship after break up is not that easy, that is why you have to make sure that you are showing 5 Signs You are Already Ready to Start a New Relationship After a Heartbreak.

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