How Do You Know When You're Ready to Lose Your Virginity?

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When you’re older enough to know love, you can help but thinking about sex. It follows right after you fall in love with someone. But as a virgin, you must be clueless about sex. For modern people, virginity is not considered that serious anymore. But when it comes to losing your virginity a.k.a having sex for the first time, there is a lot to consider.

But exactly how do you know when you’re ready to lose your virginity?

It’s important to find out whether you are ready for your first sex yet since you the last thing you want is for it to go wrong. So here’s how you can be sure.

  1. Understand About the Meaning of Virginity

For every girl, virginity means different thing. Some doesn’t mind to lose it to their boyfriend, some sacredly keep it until marriage. On which side are you? Define your place and how far you think your virginity worth before you ever get laid on bed by a guy. Also read Things to Consider Before Sleeping with a Virgin Girl

  1. Know How You Want to Feel After That

Regardless of how you think about your virginity, losing it is a big deal for everyone. As you never try it before, you probably never know how would you feel afterwards. Imagine about yourself after having sex and how you feel at the moment. Are you happy? Excited? Satisfied? Or are you even disappointed and regret it? Think about this very carefully before you do anything.

  1. Know All the Risk

What’s the biggest risk of sex? Pregnancy, for sure. First timer often unaware about this, especially if you’re young. Remember that pregnancy could happen even after only once sex. Or worse than that, the STD. Health should be your first concern since everyone can get infected with it. Also read Reasons Why You Should Date a Virgin

  1. You are Ready for the Worst

So you have done this little research about having sex for the first time and you think it will be safe with condoms. But, no. Condoms only have about 85% accuracy, so there’s still 15% chance for you to get pregnant. Pregnancy can screw you future if you’re still young. Don’t ever think of losing virginity if you’re not ready to get pregnant at the same time.

  1. You are at Legal Age

If you’re already above 21, means you’re on your full liberty to decide whatever you want to do. You can choose whether to lose your virginity or not. But if you’re not a legal adult yet, you better not do it. You’re still under your parents’ responsibility and it’s not like they will welcome you happily if you break a pregnancy news to them. Also read What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Doesn't Want to Sleep with You

  1. You Don’t Do It Under Alcohol

Make sure you’re sober when you lose your virginity. You know how alcohol can change people. Many people end up making mistake when they’re drunk and you don’t want to be one of them. And if you have sex while drunk, bet you won’t bother using condom or doing it right. It could end up as one of your regret.

  1. Trusting Each Other Enough

The most important thing upon having sex is trusting your partner, especially when you are about to lose your virginity. Don’t ever think of something bad about the or worrying about how will you do after the sex. If you still doubting them, you better not have sex at the moment. It might turn into a big disaster if you do so. Also read Reasons Why You Should be Saving Your Virginity for the Love of Your Life

  1. No Expectation for It

You never know what would you feel after you lose your virginity. That’s why it’s important for you to ask yourself as a sign if you are ready to do it or not. The first sex could be romantic, sexy, fun, but don’t put aside the possibility that it could also be disappointing. Sometimes you’d feel awkward and painful. Do it without any expectation to prevent you from even bigger disappointment.

  1. You Know You Really Want It

The best answer to how do you know when you’re ready to lose your virginity is on yourself. Do you really want it? You want to lose your virginity because of you, not because your partner want it, or because all of your friends have it already. Don’t be triggered with something that you don’t know the truth. They could be lying to make them look cool in front of you—or so they thought. Also read Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Virginity

  1. There’s Always a U-Turn

Losing your virginity is not an absolute choice. Remember that there’s only a way to turn back, no matter how far you have gone. You can always say no when you have naked, or if you suddenly feel like you’re not ready. It’s your body so you are in a full liberty of deciding what happen to it.

  1. You Talk About It Beforehand with Him

Losing your virginity or having your first sex shouldn’t be taken lightly even if you’re not someone who consider virginity as something sacred. Either you or your partner who want to have sex, you must discuss about this matter beforehand. As you’re not experienced yet, you don’t know that first sex would be painful—even when you know it, you still don’t know how painful it could be. Discuss about the possibility and make promise that you can change your mind anytime.

It’s important to be sure of yourself before doing the first ever sex intercourse. You need to honestly answer all the how do you know when you’re ready to lose your virginity. You can always change your mind every time.

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