Honest Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Virginity

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In the fast paced, modern, and globalized world that we live in it’s easy to give in to the forces. Because modernization, people are getting more comfortable with their sensuality and sexuality which can lead you to not be a virgin. Is it really worth it?

When you are a virgin that means you haven’t had sexual intercourse with anyone. People do this for various reason but most people don’t. It’s time for you to choose the side where people stay a virgin. Confused? Here is the real reasons why you should keep your virginity;


1. You Might Get A Lot Of Disease

Being sexually active might actually get you into a lot of disease. This is because sexually transmitted disease are really dangerous.

2. Saving Your Gift For Someone Special

saving your gift for someone special

This is such a big decision so you need to save your gift for someone special.

3. Ruling Out Unholy Cravings

You are not lured into unholy cravings like wanting to harm someone because you have an unquenchable sexual cravings.

4. Respect Yourself More

You start to respect yourself because you aren’t getting into something just because you are desperate. You start to learn to create boundaries.

5. Finding Other Healthy Ways To Release Stress

Because you limit yourself from this choice,you start to find other healthy ways to release stress which can benefit you more in the long term.

6. If You Are Reading This, You Aren’t Mentally Ready

If you are still reading this, you know you aren’t mentally ready so you shouldn’t do it.

7. Consider Your Age

If you are too young, you shouldn’t do it. If you are too old already, you shouldn’t do it.

8. Won’t End Up With The Wrong Person

You won’t end up with someone you are in with just because you are blinded by your lust.

9. Won’t Embarass Yourself

Making choices in this aspect will make you feel embarassed and people will even make you feel that too.

10. Won’t Create A Connection With Someone Who You Don’t Even Like

won't create a connection with someone who you don't even like

Lust doesn’t last long, which means you might end up with someone you don’t even feel connected with so you start showing the Signs of Conditional Love.

11. People Won’t Feel Like They Are Being Used By You

People know you are not using them which won’t make you a heart-breaker.

12. Making A More Meaningful Relationship

When you have the Signs You Are Falling in Love with Someone , you are genuine and not just because of lust.

13. Keeping Yourself Safe

Opening this door will possibly let all the dangers in, making your life an absolute train wreck.

14. Getting More Knowledge About What Happens

If you keep your virginity, you have more time to get knowledge about everything surrounding this topic which can be an advantage for you.

15. Having More Time To Plan What Happens

Because of all the knowledge, you have more time to plan your choices on what could happen. 

16. You Can Reach Your Emotional Maturity Better

You can better have a good sense of self love and self knowledge which is great.

17. Making Better Choices In Life

Because of all the knowlesge and emotional maturity, you will start making better choices in life.

18. Not Being Limited Of The Choice To Grow In Your Life

The side effects of not being a virgin might restrict and intervene your future plan.

19. Exploring Other Options

When you have no restriction, you have more freedom in exploring other options.

How You Could Keep Yourself Safe

how you could keep yourself safe

Still unsure if you should follow the trend anyway? Read this real tips on why you should keep being a virgin first;

1. Not Following The Trend

The trend will die out so if you do this, you might regret it later.

2. Practice Self Control Better

Self control is essential and doing this will help you which adds to the (why love me)

3. Practice Mindfulness Better

Self control leads to a mindful, peaceful mind.

4. It’s Not The Right Place

If you don’t feel like it is a right place, then don’t do it.

5. You’re Still Scared

Being scared might make things wrong so you shouldn’t give away your virginity if you aren’t unsure.

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6. You Haven’t Loved Yourself

Lack of self love will lead you to destructive choices like using your self for the wrong thing.

7. It Keeps You Focused

Not having as many distractions will make you focused.

8. Love vs Lust 

Be smart to know the differentiation. 

Signs That You Are Making The Right Choice

signs that you are making the right choice

this might be a hard and weird choice to weigh on. Nevertheless, you will start seeing these things pop into your life when you trust the reasons we have given you;

1. You Find The Real Purpose Of Why You Want To Do This

All of this restriction and silence will lead you to find the real purpose why you should do it which will extend your action. This action will be deep and it will really resonate to yourself.

2. You Have More Respect To Yourself And To Others

Self restrictions and focus will make you respect yourself and others too. In the end, this will lead to a great life and relationship

3. You Have No Problem Around This Topic

You’ve got the knowledge and the self respect so in the end you can easily approach this topic without shying away from it.

4. You Got Braver

Because you defy the rules of the society, your bravery and self confidence will grow with you. This great trait will clearly attract the right person and they will show the Signs A Man Loves You Secretly including the Signs That Someone is In Love With You.

5. If You Really Want To 

Everything is on your hand. Even your parents can't stop you to do what you want. But, as the many sayings, if you really want to do it, do it with the right ones. Just make sure you ain't regret things in the future. Stay safe, ladies! Someone that is really matter for you will love you perfectly!

Even though keeping your virginity is not a popular choice people are choosing these days, you still need to know the reasons why you should keep your virginity before you throw it away forever. When you differ from the crowd and start doing this, you start seeing the signs that you are making the right choice.

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