What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Doesn't Want To Sleep With You?

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No denying, sex is a need for a dating couple. You can’t hold it back but you want him every time you see him or when you are feeling intimate with him. But not every couple has it smooth when it comes to sleeping together. Yes, there are some guys who doesn’t want to sleep with his girlfriend, for good reasons.

If it happen to you, your mind will be occupied with why doesn’t he want to sleep with me. His act is like a mystery to you and you keep wondering what does it mean when your boyfriend doesn’t want to sleep with you?

While everything may flooding your mind—most of them are negative, the true meaning of why he doesn’t want to sleep with you could be very simple. You need to look at the place he grew up in. Certain country, as seen in Philippines Dating Culture, doesn’t allow sex before marriage.


What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want To Sleep With You?

Beside cultural reasons, you need to dig further why doesn’t he want to sleep with you. There must be broader thing than it seems. Let’s find out what does it mean when your boyfriend doesn’t want to sleep with you.

1. He Is No Longer Attracted To You

he is no longer attracted to you

it is sad, but it is true. It could happen when your boyfriend used to sleep with you and at some point he stop doing it. It feels painful for you who experienced it, and he is just too coward to say it bluntly to you. The loss of attraction is not your fault, but him showing it by avoiding you on bed is really crap.

2. You Have Let Yourself Go

Taking care of your body is always needed, not only when you have already dated someone but all the way until and after marriage. Don’t feel safe just because you’ve got him and you start to eat all you want and end up less attractive than you used to be. Men loves to see their girl pretty but it doesn’t mean he loves you solely from physical appearance though.

3. He's Not Actually In Love With You

For a man to date a woman, it doesn’t have to be love and vice versa. It’s the bitter world in the world of a relationship. Maybe he only want to milk something out of you or using you for his personal gain, like a gay who needs a sugar mama and etc. One good reason to kick him out.

4. He Is Depressed

When the psychological condition is not good, life will be unbalanced. While he may look happy and all smiles on the outside, he keep all the huge burden all by himself because he doesn’t want to stressed you out. Under the condition, surely he lose all of his appetite to sleep with you.

5. He Is Being Resentful Towards You

Have you been in a fight? Have you done something he doesn’t like recently? When someone lose passion for his partner, he might feel resentful. Maybe you always complaining lately, you don’t care about him anymore and more. If this is true, then your relationship is in danger.

6. He Has A Sexual Deviance

he has a sexual deviance

Pull yourself together and see the reality. Your boyfriend doesn’t want to sleep with you because he could be a gay! Yes, he date you not because he loves you but he want to gain something for you. Like, shielding him from his strongly-rejecting family?

7. He Doesn't Want To Hurt You

While this one is sweet. There are some old fashioned men who think that sex before marriage brings disadvantage to the woman. Rather than having sex with you, he’d rather find his own Ways to Make Love to Her without Even Touching Her.

8. He Could Be Cheating

Beware of another mistress. His lack of interest in bed could be caused by someone else whom he’s more interested in. Watch his behavior closely before you come to a conclusion that he did cheat.

9. He Has No Confidence On Bed

Please be more understanding for this one. Especially when you date an inexperienced virgin who never had sex in his life. This simple thing could be the meaning of Why Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Sleep with You.

10. His Job Makes Him Tired

If you ask him to have sex after a long, tiring day in the office, then he will reject you for good. It’s nothing to be overthink actually. You only need to have some understanding.

What Should You Do?

what should you do

Would you just let this pass? Are you okay with him not sleeping with you? Even though your answer is yes, you still need to solve this problem. Does it really that he wants to save for the first night of the wedding or there are more reasons behind it.

1. Nobody Is At Fault

It’s neither his or your fault. Maybe you have different dating culture in the first place. So if he is a strict Eastern man who follow his culture dilligently, he will save the sex until marriage.

2. Talk To Him

If you feel like there’s something with him, you better talk it out. Go ask him about the real deal after making the peace with yourself not to explode when you hear some unpleasant things. Don’t force him as well if he doesn’t want to talk though.

3. Tell Him What You Want

When you talk to him, don’t forget to tell him what you really want. It must served as the solution to the problem. It’s a good thing if he said he want to save the sex until marriage, since it’s the best reasons Why You Should Date a Muslim Guy.

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