Ways To Make Love To Her Without Even Touching Her

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Making love is all about intimacy. It often associated with sex, but body contact is not the only way to make love with someone you love. Intimacy should manifested through an affectionate action, to make two person feel each other's love more deeply than ever. You can make love with your girlfriend outside the bedroom, as long as you know the ways to make love to her without even touching her.


1. Tease Her With Your Brain

Men need to know the Reasons You Should Date a Nerd, because smart is the new sexy. The time has long gone where you seduce her with your look. Let the brain do the job, and see how smitten she would be after your smartness.

2. Be Assertive And Selfless

The act of selfishness will undoubtedly a big turn off for her. You have to show her your mature side by being assertive. Look at how she will see you as a completely different person after that.

3. Be Considerate To Her

be considerate to her

Love is all about care and consideration. Mind her feeling in everything you do. Put her first before yourself, because you never know how much she appreciated what you did.

4. Show Your Ambition 

A woman doesn't like a man who doesn't have a vision to the future. Show her you have a big ambition as the Husband Material Signs in you. If she knows you have a great passion, she'll be ensure with your love as well.

5. Take Care Of Your Appearance

Even though physical appearance has not always come first, no woman will deny they prefer to look at man who dress nicely. Raise the value of yourself by taking care of your hygiene. If you don't care about yourself, how could you dare imagine making love with her?

6. Show Some Sense Of Humor 

A relationship shouldn't be so stiff and formal. It should be an escape for the two people involved. Rather than always come up with Romantic Things to Say to Your Girl Crush, crack some jokes instead. Try those ways to make love to her without even touching her.

7. Be Handy 

A man who is reliable is all a woman needs. Reliable also mean that would be ready to help her with some sort of things. She would need your help to fix the broken faucet or her leak roof. It shows your masculine side and she will be naturally drawn by it.

8. Don't Appear Desperate

No matter how big your desire you make love with her, never ever appeared desperate in front of her. Instead of welcoming you with her love, she'd think of you as a pervert instead. Oh no!

9. Listen To Her

Who wouldn't fall for someone who listen well? Seduce her mind first by letting her to flow out everything inside her head. So you can know her better, and it's Signs She is Into Me you should never miss.

10. Show Your Commitment 

A woman would have a hard time finding the Ways to Make Him Commit and Want Only You because commitment is reassurance. Once she knows you are truthful and she can believe in your love, she would give everything to you. 

11. Have A Good Confidence 

Have a good self esteem and be confidence with the way you are. A man with confidence is somehow seducing and far more interesting than they are with low confidence and at loss of what to do. A confidence man also leads well.

12. Keep Your Hygiene

keep your hygiene

Dirtiness is a big turnoff for every woman. Even though your job is literally dirty (i.e. mechanics), keep yourself clean when you are with her at the very least.

13. Hold Her Hands 

A woman needs to be assure, feel save and loved at the same time. The best act to show them is by holding her hand tightly, including when you are in the crowd. Holding hand gives bigger impact to a woman more than you can imagine.

14. Talk From Heart To Heart 

A healthy relationship is not only based on sexual needs. A good communication is also needed. Talk deeply from heart to heart, about all the things concerns her and you. Talking about the future of your relationship is also needed sometime.

15. Say It With Your Eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Say it with your eyes if you love her and wanted her. Let it be so sincere that your eyes is piercing her soul.

16. Do Her Favorite Activities

Not yours or both of you, but hers. If she likes to go shopping, be her best company for the day. She would be overwhelmed by it and you never know what you'd get in return. 

17. Go For A Romantic Dinner 

No matter your relationship is already long or just begun, a woman can never deny an offer for romantic dinner. She would easily got carried away, and be able to feel your love even though you are not touching him.

18. Care For Her

Pay a lot of attention and care for her needs. Take care of her meals when she's too busy and always remind her to get some rest. These little things show you only want her physically but you truly, deeply love her.

How To Treat A Woman You Love

how to treat a woman you love

Here are more ways to make love to her without even touching her

  1. Be nice to her.
  2. Put her interest as first priority.
  3. Ask her opinions in anything.
  4. Never let her down.
  5. Make sure she knows how much you love her.
  6. Be curious about her.
  7. Stay true to your words.

After finished reading all of those, now you must have mastered many ways to make love with her without even touching her. You have to know love is not about physical. There are many more deeper meaning than that, and once you know that, your relationship will soon become something more.

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