25 Ways to Handle A Long Distance Relationship to Stay

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when you show the Signs You Are Falling in Love with Someone , having their presence around you will make you really happy of the rest of your day. Even if they are only around you for a short time. That is why couples naturally spend a lot of time together, because they like each other’s presence. But distance can make this hard. Ad ultimately distance can make or break a relationship.

Long distance relationship is not an uncommon situation in the romantic life. Most people have done it but sadly most do not make it through. Long distance relationship is challenging because couples could not see each other for a long time and sometimes, slowly this distance feels comfortable. In the end, if this feeling persist, couples will feel like they do not need each other in the first place. But long distance relationship can also make a strong relationship. There are some formulas that goes into a great and strong long distance relationship and we have compiled it for you. Here are ways to handle a long distance relationship to not fall apart:

  1. Have trust towards each other

Trust is the base of every long lasting relationship.. When having a long distance relationship, it will be way too ready to turn into a control freak, a jealous person or a sulker. These kinds of attitude will break the relationship. So what you need to do is have trust towards each other so that you will be happier.

  1. Do not lose contact

When you can’t see each other, maintaining contact is the hardest part. So what you need to do is to stay in contact with each other through every platform. Call your partner every night, chat with your partner through the day, or skype with your partner every week. You need to see if your partner show signs that a girl likes you through texting . This is how you know if your partner is interested in you. If you keep a constant and healthy amount of contact, your relationship will not chip away.

  1. Stay updated

The biggest deal breaker about being away with each other is finding out that you have missed out on so much on each other’s life. Because of that gap of information, you start losing things to talk about and you will feel so distant with your partner. Therefore what you need to do is to stay updated about their day by asking them about their day or asking them to talk to you about anything that is going on with their life.

  1. Keep things interesting

Constant chat and call will soon be boring and the both of you will start getting tired of each other. So what you need to do to spice things up is by doing a surprise or something out of the box sometimes. Have a candle-lit dinner through skype, have a video call with him while you are outside and many more. Try to find things that you haven’t done with him so it would feel like an intimate date, but this time, through your phone.

  1. Make sure to be committed with each other

Being ‘exclusive’ or being committed to each other is needed so you won’t find your partner with someone else by the time you go back. Being committed is simple. You just need to make sure that your partner is feeling the same way about you and want to go to a relationship with commitment. If you need to, create a certain set of commitments that you both need to hold while you are away from each other. Make sure that he shows no Signs of a Man Who is a Player .

  1. Be human with them

When in a long distance relationship, it is easy to just show the happy you or just talk about the big things that is going on in your life. The ways to handle a long distance relationship is by trying to be normal with him. Tell him every part about your day, even the boring ones. Call him when you cry and show yourself around him. This will make the relationship run a whole lot smoother and more natural.

  1. Learn how to be with yourself without him

If you are crazy in love with your partner, you will miss them so much and the distance will make you feel really sad. Because of that you will cling to him so much and at the end of the day, this might bother him and make him see you as an annoying person. Instead, find some ways to be happy without him. Whether it’s dancing class, taking yourself to dinner, etc. These things will certainly help your heart hold itself for a while.

  1. Talk openly about the hurdles of your relationship

Built up anger, sadness and secrets can really break a relationship. The greatest ways to handle a long distance relationship is by keeping an open and honest conversation about your relationship. Tell your partner what bothers you and encourage him/her to do the same. After that work to solve that problem. Doing this will make your relationship healthy and stronger. Plus you will build more trust and admiration towards each other.

  1. Discuss about your boundaries

Sometimes there are certain boundaries that needs to be kept when in a relationship. Setting boundaries in a long distance relationship is especially important because it is the basis of trust and commitment. Therefore, before and during a long distance relationship, you need to openly discuss the boundaries of your relationship with your partner. These boundaries include things such as what to do, what not to do, what you expect from each other, etc. Make sure these boundaries are not too demanding.

  1. Do things that are similar to each other

Doing things that are the same although being set apart by distance can be the spice of the relationship. If you do the same things together, it can give you more sense of closeness and way more things to talk about. Things you can do together are reading the same book, trying out the same recipe and many more. This is a great alternative for a date when you are set apart.

  1. Send each other gifts

Gifts are always a way to make someone happy. So despite the distance, send each other gifts as a surprise. Most importantly, send your partner a gift that reminds you of them or you know that they will like. they will see you as a person that is considerate and that you really love them. These kinds of small things will make your partner surprised and make them admire you more.

  1. Show up to the events that really matters

When you have a birthday party or even a graduation, it must suck that you can not see your partner anywhere. This might make you grow apart from each other more. To prevent this from happening, visit your partner in the big dates that you know she will cherish forever. If you want to, do not tell your partner first so that it will be a nice surprise. Your partner will show more Signs That Someone is In Love With You.


More tips to handle a long distance love

Here are more ways to handle a long distance relationship to not fall apart:

  1. Support each other – be there for your partner when your partner is in a bad state or if they just need some boost. Supporting them will give them the love they need.
  2. Do not break over the little emotion – your partner will start showing them sulking, being mad or being annoying. Be a bigger person by understanding them and still giving them the love that they deserve. if you get mad over little things your partner will show Signs a Guy is Breaking Up With You
  3. Get to know each other – getting to know each other will make the love grow and it will make the relationship even stronger.
  4. Patiently wipe out their doubt – your partner will have some times of doubt about the relationship because of many reasons. Be patient and try to work your way through this problem.
  5. Have a common interest – try exploring and studying a new thing together. This will make the bond last for a long time.
  6. Introduce your partner to the people in your life – introducing your partner to your friends and family will make them feel included and it will make you feel happier if they get along with each other.
  7. Be positive – have faith in the relationship and try not to let the distance make you constantly sad.
  8. Do not put on ideals on your partner – when you just know the snippets of your partner life that is arranged, it will make you have unideal expectation. This will make them feel miserable, as if they are not good enough for you.

Signs that you have a great long distance relationship

  1. You become happy whenever you see your partner’s name on your phone – whether if it is a call or a simple text. You know you are still in love with your partner when you get excited about the little things.
  2. You do not want to cheat – even though it is hard, you want to stay committed because you feel very happy in this healthy long distance relationship.
  3. You talk about your partner to the people in your life – you are proud to have your partner and you want to show it to the world.
  4. You both show the same effort in loving each other – you both show the same crazy love and effort to make each other feel happy.
  5. You do not break over the little things – annoying phases and confusing ones do not annoy you. You are in a steady relationship that makes you want to fight for it until the end.

Long distance relationship are never easy. But with the information above, it could help salvage your precious relationship!

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