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You can’t choose who you will fall in love with because it happens naturally. For some people, it may seem to be more convenient to like someone who’s the same age. However, there are some people also find it beneficial to have an older or a younger partner. It all depends on the person, what makes him/her most comfortable with.

It is most common in our society that younger women are with older men even though there are the advantages and disadvantages of dating an older man.  However, it's a different story if an older woman dates a younger man. Even though our society nowadays has gradually become acceptable to men who date older women, many people still look at it in an old way. Regardless of what society might think of you, there are actually good things you can get if you date an older woman.

If you’re a man and you have a crush of an older woman, this article is for you. I am about to share some tips on what to do if your crush is 3 years older than you.  It's also applicable if your crush is 5 years older than you or more.

  1. Think Again Before Making an Approach

Before you make an approach to an older woman, think again. There things you should think over before you act. First off, you need to be sure if you are serious with this woman. An older woman usually won’t waste her time to play around with a phony guy.

Even though 3 years differences do not seem like a big age gap but for some older women it might matter, especially if she is at the age which is ready to get married. If you only want to have fun, you’d better forget about it.

  1. Forget About Age Gap

When you have a crush, either older or younger, you shouldn’t worry much about her/his age. Worrying too much about age gap only makes you hesitate and think too much. Your action which actually does matter more. If you really want to approach her, then just give it a go and make a move. Forget about it and be confident. Not only for a crush, it's also one of the ultimate tips for dating an older woman.

  1. Be Direct and Honest

One thing what to do if your crush is 3 years older than you is not playing mind games with her. When you like her, just tell her so. No need to be shy about it. Older women usually have more experiences, she does not want to waste time with your head game. Go ask her out and tell her you’re interested to get to know her better. Let’s see how she would react to it.

  1. Be Financially Secure

An older woman mostly looks for a man who is financially secured. Even there are some cases where she does not mind with a man who’s still unstable.

Even if their financial is quite stable, but you should not depend on her. Many young men date an older woman for money, while older women seek out great sex. However, if you look for a compatible and serious relationship, both should equally stable in financial.

  1. Be Mature and Responsible

To get along with a mature woman, you should be mature as well as responsible. She has no interest in raising a kid. She seeks out a compatible partner who shares the same interests and is mature enough to handle her. 

  1. Be Respectful

Be respectful is a must. Treat her like a lady. Never talk her down like she is lower than you are. You should accept her for whatever she is and not expect much from her. Respectful is a good quality which a mature man should have.

  1. Open Up More to New Challenges

You will have to be open up to new challenges when you like an older woman. You will get to know her friends, family, behaviors, activities, and so on. These new things might be challenges for you as you are new to the situation. Think about it as a good new challenge and experience. 10 Ways on How to Make Your Crush Regret Rejecting You

  1. Be Prepared for Her Rejection

Sometimes, when you approach an older woman, either it’s a 3 year older woman or much older, it’s possible she would reject you. Maybe she expects a man on her age or an older man. That can happen and you should prepare yourself for it. Don’t feel encouraged and go on with your life. Otherwise, you can also find ways how to make your crush regret rejecting you and let her know your worth!

Reasons Why Younger Men Like Older Women

There are many possible reasons why younger men like older women. Older women usually look more attractive for some younger men. However, the reasons can vary from each man. Here are 7 possible reasons why younger men are into older women. 

  1. More Mature and Emotionally Stable

Older women usually more mature and emotionally stable. For men who have dated many girls, he may find it tiring to date younger women who often immature and insecure. Dating a mature woman can give younger men less stress. Moreover, they can more open up to them too.

  1. Wise and More Experienced

An older woman indeed has more experience in life, thus, it makes her wiser. She will think hundreds time before she speaks, either it’s selfish and would hurt someone or not. She also has a different way of seeing things. She seems able to turn difficulties into a positive thing. The Perks of Dating a Younger Man – 15 Love Reveals

  1. Independent and Not Materialistic

She is usually independent which does not really require a man to help them. Of course, they sometimes appreciate a help, but while she can handle it herself, she prefers to get it done herself. As she is also mature and independent, she is not materialistic. She looks for something beyond the material. Something more meaningful.

  1. Don’t Play Hard-to-Get Game

She has no time for playing a hard-to-get game with men. She tends to be more honest about what she wants in a relationship. Instead of playing a game, she will be direct if you meet her interests or not.

  1. More Realistic

As she doesn’t play a game, she’s more realistic about life. If things seem not work out, she will let it go. She lets you know her expectations in a relationship. If you don’t think can meet her expectations, she prefers not to go on because it won’t worth her time.

  1. Lack of Drama

Dating an older woman is usually less drama. She is honest and realistic about everything. Drama only makes things much more complicated, so men tend to hate it. Since older women are lack of drama, many men consider to date them for the reason.

What to do if your crush is 3 years older than you is nothing you should worry too much. 3 years age gap is not actually that different. What matters the most is your feelings and hers. If you both share the same feeling, then just give it a go even though sometimes, many older women don't want to date a younger man. It can happen. But in the end, love is what matters the most. That’s what you should more care about.

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