This Is How To Get Your Crush's Attention Through Social Media In The Right Way

Last updated on June 3, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Before social media, if you wanted to reach out to someone for whatever reason, there were only three ways: face-to-face, by phone, or by email. And that meant you had to find them, their phone number, or their email address. Nowadays, many people show their existence through Social Media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media.

So, through Social Media, you can also attract your crush on Social Media.Social media is a great way to reach your crush in an indirect way. Even if your crush isn’t your Facebook friend or isn’t following your social media, he still may see your posts or pictures through mutual friend. Need some tips do you do it? Let's see the following methods that hopefully can help you to get your crush's attention through social media


1. Follow His Social Media Account

This is the first thing we have to do to our crush's social media.Yes. Follow their social media account to know more about them. But, don't follow all of their social media account. Just follow one of them which has most followers or the most active, so you can blend in but still get their attention, and maybe they'll follow back  your account.

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Be polite and do not be afraid to be the first one writing. It's not a fault that you're start introduce yourself to your crush on social media. But first, Try to craft your social media presence to show you in the best possible light. Make sure that your posts and pictures present you as a positive and interesting person to get his attention.

2. Update And Fix Your Profile And Don't Post Your Selfie Too much

Selfie has become a habit for many people lately. But, if you often post your selfie on your social media,or other useless thing, might disturb your followers, and maybe they will lost interest in you, because they considered it as spam. So, update your profile, and delete some useless post to get an impression from your crush if he see.

3.  Be Wise To Your Comment

be wise to your comment

How to get your crush's attention through social media? You can post anything on your social media account. But remember, actually, social media can reflect our self to public. Everyone can judge ourselves from our social media accounts. 

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So, beside we have to control what we post, we have to control our reply to comment that enter to your account, or the comment that you write to other account. Avoid to comment something rude on your social media.  You don't want to get a judged bad by your crush, right?

4.  Stop Spamming

As I mentioned before, don't post too often to you or his social media because your followers, and maybe your crush will considered it as spamming, and maybe it makes your crush feeling disturbed by your self.  Remember, our social media account are reflect our self to public. 

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So,if you wanna get a positive attention from your crush, please control your social media. So, control yourself on social media. 

5.  Use Your Mutual Friends As An Advantage

There's so many advantages if  you and your crush have a mutual friends, especially if your mutual friend know well your crush. You can find out about your crush from him/her. If you're lucky your mutual friends can be the matchmaker between you and your crush.

Besides, if you're not friend with your crush on social media, your mutual friends can be a chance to make your crush to know about you. The other chance to get your crush's attention is encourage your mutual friends to post you on their account, with no need to tell your mutual(s) why you're so eager for them to post. 

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6. Post Something You Both Like

post something you both like

Beside your selfie posting on social media, it's better to find out what's you are your crush both likes, and post the things that you (and he) likes on social media. For example, if your crush a music lover, you can post the band, or singer that you both like. Or if he likes traveling, you can post your holiday picture on your social media account, and he will be interested in getting to know you more closely.

This will also help you avoid topics that your crush don't like. If you have the same preferences, it won't be difficult to make chat material, right? Well, that's how to get your crush's attention through social media.

So, there's some tips to get your crush's attention on social media. The point is, if you wanna get your crush's attention, just control yourself and be your best.  I hope it works on you, and good luck, girl.

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