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The police officer is someone that we can rely on a lot. Every time we have a problem, we can report to them and they will help us to settle the situation. While the police officer is our savior, where do all the reasons why you should never date a police officer come from? Well, being a civilian that need their help is not the same as being their lover who needs their help.

As you become the closest person to a police officer, you will know more about how tough the job is. Clearly, a police officer is not for everyone, so does to be their lover. Let’s dig deeper into why you should never date a police officer.


1. The Nosiest Partner You Can Get

A police officer is probably the best person who can make someone get annoyed fastest. How he always goes to the smallest details makes us uncomfortable. And it’s what happens when you date one. He won’t stop asking until they get the answer he wants, or when he feels that you are not lying. He likes to know every little detail. Everything you have gone through today, who’s the man looking at you from across the room at the party last night, and the list goes down forever.

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2. He Is Overprotective

he is overprotective

As he deals with bad guys every day, he’ll warn you not to trust anyone so easily. As if it’s not enough, he hardly allows you to go anywhere on your own. When someone is asking for your help to search for their lost dog, he won’t let you go. And he gets very defensive when a stranger is looking in your direction. He is highly concern about your safety as he perfectly knows what can a bad guy do.

3. He Drives Like Chasing A Criminal

When he drives… well, his habit at work got carried in everyday life that he drives like crazy. Even when you’re not in a hurry and having plenty of free time, he always feels like he has some dirty criminals to be arrested in front of them. At first, you’d think that you better ride a roller coaster than seating in the very same car as him. You might get motion sickness as well. 

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4. It Could Be Impossible To Date Openly

Another reason why you should never date a police officer is that you might have to date in secret, even when you’re not cheating or anything. He is just trying to protect you since he doesn’t want to put you in an awkward situation where your boyfriend is arresting the husband of one of your office friends. Don’t be surprised when he hardly take you out for a date.

5. You, Will, Have Anxiety Problem

Everybody knows how dangerous a job a police officer can be. It’s also tough for their loved ones since it gives them anxiety from time to time. Imagine when your boyfriend is already two hours late and he doesn’t give a call. Or he called you about three hours ago saying that he’s going to get an armed suspect. All of that thing could never put you into a good night’s sleep. 

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6. Speaking About Financial Condition…

Despite the cool and dangerous at many times job, you shouldn’t ask for a fancy lifestyle if you date a police officer. As a civil servant, they are paid in a relatively low number. Dating a police officer means you don’t stand a chance to dine in the fanciest restaurant around—once in a while, maybe, or seating front row at an opera show. Most police officers living a moderate lifestyle in a small-sized house. They’d rather not live downtown where the living cost is unbelievably high.

7. They Are The One In Control

The main duty of a police officer is to serve and protect the citizens. You, his girlfriend, and still a citizen are one of them. He would be the one in control and seems like you can do nothing to go against or to support him at the very least. All you get is feeling frustrated when he’s out chasing a criminal and you can do nothing but sit at home, waiting and praying. No wonder it’s hard for women to cope with him in a relationship. 

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8. You Are Under Their Call Of Duty

you are under their call of duty

Speaking about priority, you are clearly not his number one. The call of duty can come anytime, even when you’re in the middle of sex, and he has to leave. Either he’s forced to since it’s his job or he’s bound to honor and having a genuine heart, he has no choice but to go. Unfortunately, he can get too immersed in helping others that he forgets about you.

9. Their Enemies Are The Criminals

Who doesn’t scare of criminals? But they’re the ones he deals with if he works as a police officer. A good cop is a savior for citizens but he is the criminal’s biggest enemy. It’s why he can’t bring you anywhere he likes because it may put you in danger. The criminals would chase for the closest persons and family of a cop if they can’t get hold of him. 

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10. They Could Be Assigned At The Most Unexpected Hours

Their working hours are not the usual 8 to 6 or 9 to 5. They can be assigned to duty literally anytime. Sometimes he has to work the night shift, which means he’s going to spend the day sleeping. Your schedule often misses each other.

There are indeed many cons to all the reasons why you should never date a police officer. But it doesn’t mean you absolutely shouldn’t have any of them. We never know with whom we’d be falling in love. And if happen to be with one of the cops, give it a try as long as he is really worth it. It’s impossible that dating a police officer is all about mystery, though.

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