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A Bunch of Reasons Why You Should Date Me Right Away!

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Do you ever wonder if you were somebody else, would you date yourself?


People that answer they don’t have any specific type for become their partner and they accept their future-lover just the way they are actually would be such hypocrite. Honestly, no need to deny it because sometimes the appearance comes first if we are talking about how can one fall in love. Besides, the list of typical-perfect-lover is going to follow it–at least if you are such a picky person like me.

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Here are a bunch of reasons why you should date me

With that being said, we probably have our reasons to date someone which can be with anything they have. There is no such thing as a perfect human though, however, you need to believe that within yourself there are many thing that makes you different from others. That can be the reasons why people should date you!

That is what I am trying to say, I also have a list of reasons that can attract you and make you fall in love with me. So, here are a bunch of reasons why you should date me.

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1. I Am Easy Going

It would be nice if you have girlfriend that can get along with your best friends or hang out together with your squad. This is reasons why you should date me because I am such an easy going person and won’t feel awkward join your group friends.

2. Can Cheer You Up

If you date me, I will always try to cheer you up within your bad days.

3. I Have The Sweetest Smile

Reasons why you should date me? One of them is because I love to smile. It is sure my positive vibes going to affect you too. Be prepare to fall in love if you see the sweetest smile that I have.

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4. Funny Person

Have a funny person as your lover won’t bored you. Trust me and this is reasons why you should date me.

5. Independent

Reasons why you should date me? It is because I am a really independent woman. I can go home by myself without you to pick me up. Also even when I am sick, I can go to hospital by myself.

6. I Am Smart

If you are looking for future wife that can also be a good teacher for your future children, then I am the one that you are looking for.

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7. Don’t Underestimate My Sense of Humor

Reasons why you should date me? One of them because I have a very good sense of humor. I basically would laugh in any jokes even the bad one you make. Also, even I would laugh in my own jokes if you don’t.

8. I Am Full of Surprise

Your life definitely won’t be ordinary any more if you date me. I can give you surprise even though today isn’t your birthday.

9. I Will Pay My Own Food

Reasons why you should date me? This is because, like I already said, I am an independent woman and it makes me don’t need you to pay my food. I can pay it by myself so you can save your money.

10. I Can Be a Chatter-Box Sometimes

You don’t need to worry about what topic you can bring up in a conversation with me–because I am such a chatter-box.

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11. I Am a Good Cook

This is one of reasons why you should date me. I can let you starving to death if you are around me. I will make a lot of good meal and even your favorite one for you since I am a good cook.

12. I Can Play Instruments

I would sing my feeling to you or your favorite songs with my own version. Reasons why you should date me because I can play many instrument like guitar, piano, and also drums. Enough to make you fall in love, huh?

13. We Can Cuddling All Day

There are cloudy days that make us lazy to do anything. How about some cuddle all day long, sounds fun, right?

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14. I Can Drive

You don’t need to worry if you are tired of driving. I can change with you.

15. I Am a Good Kisser

Reasons why you should date me? It is definitely because I am a good kisser, babe.

16. I Speak 3 Languages

This is the more reasons why you should date me. I speak 3 languages, that are French, Japanese, and Germany. It is going to be helpful if we want to travel around the world someday!

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17. I Can’t Lie

This is the truth I am the most honest person in the world. I can’t lie even just a little like how I take a bite on your pizza.

18. We Can Party All Night

Beside that good stuff, I can also be bad sometimes, like maybe we can go to a club, chill and drink, or just party all night. I told you before, your life won’t boring anymore that is reasons why you should date me.

19. I Can Crave Your Laziness Side Too

Or we can just chill at home by watching Netflix. I’m not always that active so we can be lazy together too.

20. I Am Good Gamer

Are you a gamer? Then I can be your perfect girl too because I am also a good gamer. I play League of Legend, Fortnite, Warcraft, or maybe you can suggest any game? So we can play it together.

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21. I Won’t Hurt You

I have been burn and hurt in all my previous relationship. This is reasons why you should date me. I won’t hurt you because I know it is painful and I never want you to feel that too.

22. I Love Any Kind of Music

What is your favorite song? Tell me because I’m pretty sure I will know it. I basically love any kind of music and my music library if beyond you can imagine!

23. Your Weekend Is Going to Be Fun

With me being your girl, your weekend won’t boring because I will always come up with superb idea.

24. I’m Organized

I put everything in place because I kind of don’t like messy thing. And of course I can help tidy your room too!

25. You Can Count On Me

Reasons why you should date me? Because you can always count on me. I can help you with everything, maybe some works you can’t complete before the due?

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26. I Am Your 24/7 Partner

If you happen to meet some trouble at 2 AM, or you just can’t sleep at night, just call my number directly, okay?

27. I Manage My Money Wisely

There is no penny going to waste if you date me because I can manage that wisely. Also, I only spend my money to buy useful thing.

28. I Consider Animals as My Best Friend

If you love animal too, then we are perfect. I have 3 cats and a puppy that I consider as my best friend and also family. You can come and say hi to them!

29. My Family Is Open-Minded Too

You won’t regret date me because you will love my family too and they are definitely going to like you and consider you as their own children. That is why you can stay at my home, I promise my family will give you permission!

30. Very Loyal Person

My ex boyfriend maybe was cheating on me. However, I am not that low like them, I won’t never do that! This is reasons why you should date me because I am a loyal as a partner.

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What to Do to Win My Heart

However, you need some effort too to date me. Here are what to do to win my heart.

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1. Bring Me Food

Nothing that I love more than food. This is literally what can make me love you easily; bring me food.

2. Be Romantic

I am not a best fan of romantic thingy. However, it is a good try too!

3. Do Your Best

I love man with a lot of efforts. You better try what ever you got and do your best to steal my heart.

4. Text Me First

Sometimes I can be shy too, for example how I can’t text you first. So you do it, okay?

5. Be Yourself

It is good to try hard, but please just stay yourself and don’t over do it. I dislike a fake people which their true self is different from what they’re showing.

Major Turn Off Thing You Should Avoid If You Want to Date Me

Here are more tips about major turn off thing you should avoid if you want to date me.

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1. Don’t Be Smell

I love man that have good smell. First thing you have to do is don’t be smell. Ewh, such a major turn off for me!

2. I Hate Liar

Never lie to me because I can know it right away. Most thing I hate is a liar.

3. Don’t Break Your Promise

A man should keep their words. Don’t break your promise if you want people to consider you as a man.

4. Don’t Make Me Jealous

Trying to make me jealous to catch my attention is not cool yet won’t work because it is just a major turn off!

5. Don’t Ever Talking About Your Ex

You need to remember this if you want to date me. I know everyone has past, however, don’t ever talk about it in front of me especially talking about how good your ex was. Never!

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