A Bunch of Reasons Why You Should Date Me (13 Fun Things About Me Which You’ll Love)

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you ever wonder if you were somebody else, would you date yourself?

It's important for single men and women to know what their desirable qualities are...

This knowledge will help give you the confidence to put your best foot forward in the dating game.

Below, I have written a personal essay titled 'Why You Should Date Me'. Hopefully, this can give you inspiration to realize your most attractive qualities. Maybe you would also benefit from writing a list! 

However, there is one piece of advice I'd give to guys before we begin.

Even if you're brimming with self-confidence, it really does pay to not be too blunt and assertive when flirting with women.

When you make your intentions too clear with the fairer sex, it heaps pressure on us. It makes us feel sleazy and promiscuous to agree to a date, even if we really like you!

Flirting is a dance. A game of back and forth. By coming on too strong, you ruin it for both of us!

That's why I want to recommend you read this amazing article on the art of 'Stealth Seduction'. This essay will explain how you can consistently hit that sweet spot when it comes to stating your intent when flirting with women. 

The end result is that the majority of single women will feel compelled to hang out with you more - and discover what lies in store for the two of you. It really is in the best interests of you - and the women you meet - to learn more about this important dating concept.


A Bunch of Reasons Why You Should Date Me 

If you are a boy looking for the perfect girl to rock your love life and world, congratulations! You found me. While I am still on the fence as to whether I want a relationship, I am very much single and love to mingle.

I consider myself dateable, but I understand you may need a bit of convincing to see it, so I’ve decided to give you a bunch of reasons. Just a heads up, you might end up falling in love with me, so proceed at your own risk.

1. You don't have to worry about me cheating cos I hate everyone

I’ve met a number of folks in this time, and the verdict is almost always the same; I have a hard time standing a good number of people. It’s rare enough to see me tolerate people, much less giving love a chance to take it for granted.

I probably shouldn’t delve too deep into my love and hate friendship with people since I’m supposed to give you a bunch of reasons to pick me, not run. What I am saying is, if I say I’m yours, I’m all yours, baby. Some random boy isn’t going to swoop in and take me away from you unless he rides a unicorn or something. 

2. I make things that turn out edible sometimes

i make things that turn out edible sometimes

This next reason is fun. A little birdie told me the way to a boy’s heart is through his stomach. Well, I’ve tried a number of alternative routes myself, but let’s talk about food first. I love to eat, so there’s one thing we have in common already.

Anyway, I also love cooking and I can cook and bake anything as soon as I learn how. I am also pretty adept at ordering takeout, and my favorite restaurants are within walking distance of my place. They come in handy when my recipe book gets the ingredients/measurements wrong, though when it’s right, my cooking is the bomb.

3. I laugh at my own jokes, so you don't have to

Although I get the sense you won't be able to help it because I'm funny. I think my dry jokes are hilarious and will probably think yours are too. I can give you a bunch of reasons why I respect aggressive humor, which is so not my style, but if it slaps, I might laugh.

Your sense of humor would have to be extreme for me not to relate, and that opens our inside and practical jokes range up by a good number. If it turns out we want a relationship, my being a clown will be good for our love long-term, trust me.

4. I will let you pay my bills, but only if you insist

If getting the bills is one of your love languages, I want you to know that you can always speak it with me. I understand that as a boy, you will sometimes get the need to be my hero, and I’ve been told I make a cute damsel in distress, so…

Notwithstanding, as much as I enjoy not having to spend my money, I will still split the bill with you any day. Although your number might be a little higher, however, the last thing I want is to be a liability. And that pretty much covers reason number 4, if we date, not even money matters have to be awkward.

5. I am proficient in a number of love languages— all five to be exact

No kidding. I’m not sure we are allowed to do that, though, so I consider it a superpower, ironic as it is since I’m still single, lol. You’ve probably been with all sorts of girls, but how often do you meet one who is fluent in not just your primary love language, but also the ones you don’t even know you speak?

If we date, I’ll rub your hair, kiss your neck and hug you tight all the time if you’re partial to being touched, and the best part? Those won’t stop me from getting you a random shirt that reminds me of your eyes, making you a priority in my schedule, or a “13 reasons why I love this boy” jar.

6. You can eat at my table at any time

Here’s another reason you can’t resist. Not to toot my own horn, but I have a fantastic body. Legs for days, hips you can hold on to, you name it. The kind any boy would love no matter his ideal type. I'm like a walking all-you-can-eat buffet, the O-neg of body types. 

I am in touch with my inner goddess, and boy, does she have an appetite! I have one of those innocent faces you’d never believe could tell a dirty joke, and unlike my mind, I keep my body clean at all times so you can dig in whenever.

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7. I am as low maintenance as they come

Here’s another reason to love me. I used to be a gamer in another life (don't ask), so I've got the alone time thing on lock. If you love being by yourself, you are in good company. We can hang for hours without actually having to talk, spend our free time scrolling our phones and still call it quality time. Being alone together can be our thing.

More reason to date me? I probably take less time than you to get ready, unless it’s a big deal, like my best friend’s baby shower. I’m the chill girlfriend who doesn’t so much care about clothing as she happens to look great in most things. Any boy will love me for that.

I also have a number of handy side skills that can potentially save you a 911 trip in case of emergency - I have successfully performed CPR on a mannequin before. Yes, we exist, but I’m totally a limited stock, which is another reason to love me.

8. I’m down for pretty much anything

Now, this is a fun reason you shouldn’t miss out on. I can’t promise to be the woman whose love will save you or whatever, but we can roll one and fantasize about her together. Drinking competition at games’ night? Count me in, I’ll help us win, and even if I lose, I won’t get rolling drunk and embarrass you.

My taste for adventure isn’t limited to substance use, by the way. I’m generally open to trying things that are not likely to cause my sudden demise. 

9. I give good massages, back scratches, foot, butt, and body rubs, often without being asked

If I date you, you won’t ever have to bug me to touch you. This is one cute reason (in my number of reasons so far) to be with me. 

Receiving a good massage is also a pleasure a good number of us love. There’s nothing quite like feeling yourself relax under my touch and letting out throaty sounds as my fingers trail down your body.

I can honestly rub you up endlessly without it having to lead anywhere, but if it results in the occasional happy ending (which I am sure you’ll love), I don’t mind if I do. 

10. I can sing you lullabies in up to ten languages, but I make no promises on them putting you to sleep

i can sing you lullabies in up to ten languages, but i make no promises on them putting you to sleep

Do you know the next best thing about those rubs? Sleep. I will give you a bunch of goodnight poems to blush about and curate the best playlist ever to fall asleep to. The singing I might not break out until you give me a good number of reasons to want to keep you up.

But then, if we date, you just might find my singing voice adorable and fall in love with me faster because of it. A girl can hope.

11. I’m a celebrity in my own right

I have a good number of Facebook friends and more Instagram and Twitter notifications than I care to open. With the number of followers I have across my social media, I would be a leader in a different world.

If we date, those people who I know not from Adam get to share in what might turn out to be a love story or an absolute disaster. Either way, it’s content. 

12. You won't have to worry about getting along with my friends cos I don't have any

Ok, maybe ‘any’ is pushing it, but you really don’t have to worry about sharing me with friends. The reason being I have what I can only describe as a unique personality, which can come across as too little or too much, depending on where you’re standing. 

So I don’t make friends easily and the ones I have want me to be happy so they’ll stay away. There’s a lot of me to go around, and you don’t have to play nice with my friends.

13. I’d date me

One thing this list made me realize is that I actually forget how fabulous I am. Like I was going to give you a bunch of reasons to date me, yes, but I didn’t expect it to make me want to ask myself out. 

And I totally would, but it’s also made me realize I do want a relationship, like with an actual other person, for a change. Anyway, I’ve pretty much said it all. So if you don’t love me at this point, then it’s not me, it’s you.


What are good reasons to date someone?

There are a good number of reasons to date someone. For example, if they make you laugh and feel warm inside and basically not a psychopath. Someone who makes you feel special yet you can be yourself with will make a great dating partner, but ultimately, the best reason to date is your own.

What are the reasons to be in a relationship?

You start to think for two instead of one, and as your world gets expanded, your issues become halved, and your odds double. Love/intimacy makes you feel invincible, reduces your stress levels, and you learn a number of things about yourself along the line you wouldn’t expect. 

Why is it important to date?

Dating comes with a number of benefits. Dating provides an opportunity to get to know a potential partner, but also yourself. It takes you out of your comfort zone, and one way or another results in personality development. It’s how you find out if you actually love what you think you want in a girl (or boy), and it reminds you how much of a catch you are along the way.

What are the perks of dating someone?

There are also a number of perks that come with dating someone. You get someone who has to pretend to care about your stories and wants to have sex with you in the same person. You can chill, spend time doing a number of unnecessary things together, bond and then find a reason to cut each other off once you start to get attached.

Why do I love him so much?

A number of things can explain why you love a boy, though I think the ultimate reason is the one you can’t explain. It could be his personality, maybe he’s the first boy to ever make you feel this way, or he’s attentive to you in ways that others haven’t. Or you are actually the exception we’ve been waiting for, and your love for him is unconditional.

To Conclude

I mean, how cool am I? I just gave a bunch of reasons why you should date me. If you think I expect you to say something to me in the comments, you are damn right, I am. You can even leave your number if you're brave enough. For my ego’s sake, but also because I genuinely care what you think of my list, so comment and share, please and thank you.

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Michelle Devani
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