Reasons Ruby Rose Would Make A Perfect Girlfriend and How to Win Girls Like That

Last updated on June 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Who doesn’t know this pretty yet handsome Australian model, actress, and television presenter, Ruby Rose? Some people would notice her appearance in Pitch Perfect 3 as an antagonist singer.

Oh yeah, there are a lot of  reasons Camila Cabello seems to be the perfect girlfriend but there are also a lot of reasons Ruby Rose would make a perfect girlfriend that you haven’t realized. But she’s handsome. Well, who cares if she got these qualities in her :

  1. She’s easy going

You don’t need to worry too much about saying things that might possibly hurt her. Of course, a man should still be a gentleman by watching what he says.

However, someone like Ruby isn’t likely to be that very sensitive type who will get mad at you for every things you say or do. Going out on a date? Simple dinner or drive would be perfect for her. Well, things like candlelight dinner might be unusual, though.

  1. She’s pretty

Come on, boys and girls, who wouldn’t admit that Ruby Rose actually is pretty. She’s handsome too, yeah. But her eyes, her jawline, her fierce eyes, oh, she’s just too pretty.

Even if her beauty might differ from other artist… but she got her own beauty. You can’t get bored staring at her unique beauty. When she’s bare faced? She’s still perfect.

  1. She got that sexy accent

Ever heard her talking? You should definitely try  at least once. Well, you’ll definitely get addicted to that very accent of her, though. Imagine listening to that accent every morning, boys? It can’t ever go wrong.

  1. Her voice? Nothing to ask about

Even when she’s singing ‘Zombie’, she still got that wonderful voice that could give us chill. She got that unique voice that every man even woman will love.

  1. She’s hardworking and talented

She’s not just a pretty girl with a great voice, she’s also talented. She’s hardworking, for sure. She has tried on businesses, she do modeling, she produce movies, she also plays on movies.

There are a lot of  reasons Ruby Rose would make a perfect girlfriend, but the thing is, how can you capture her heart and make her fall for you?

Of course it would be different from how to get Taylor Swift to notice you on Instagram. Here are few tips for you who are curious about how to win over the heart of Ruby Rose or simply someone like Ruby Rose :

  1. Be cool

She’s deadly cool, who doesn’t know this? Well, of course you should be cooler than that. You should probably be that cool, popular guy to win over her heart. It's possible that being cool, bad guy is also the answer on how to get a hot girl in high school to like you.

  1. Be understanding

Don’t be that pushy boyfriend who demands this and that, and she’ll give in. If you’re trying to rule over her and make her do things you want, she might be on her way on running away from you.

  1. Don’t be so complicated

Try to express your feelings in the most simple way possible. Don’t make things too complicated that she ends up getting pissed off. You like her? You miss her? Just say it, boy.

Things that are easy as it is shouldn’t be complicated. Wanna sound a little bit more romantic? You can try on sweet things to say to a girl that's not cheesy.

  1. Be adventurous

You shouldn’t be a boring person in order to capture her heart. She love adventure, so takes her on a lot of adventure. Not just literally adventure, but also on your way to get closer to her.

Do things that are unexpected and fun, then she’ll definitely has an eye on you. Date night? Try to find as many ideas as possible so that your date nights will never be lame or boring. You might even need to try out cool ways to enjoy valentine day date without spending too much.

Someone like Ruby Rose isn’t that easy to find even around you, right? Well, there are reasons Ruby Rose would make a perfect girlfriend that you wouldn’t be able to ignore.

If you ever landed your eyes on a girl like her, or her, then you shouldn’t be discouraged but you gotta fix the way you approach her like a pro.

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