Reasons Why Japanese Girl Don't Shave But Still Look Beautiful and Super Cute

Last updated on July 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Shaving, it’s a topic that girls often discuss. Including the Japanese girls. But have you ever wondered why most of them don’t shave? Read on to find the answers to your curiosity:

1. Too Busy

One of the reasons why Japanese girl don’t shave is because she’s busy. The Japanese community is often regarded as busy people. They make use of their time efficiently.

Most Japanese girls don’t want to spend too much time shaving. It would consume too much of their precious time. Here, use the Best Dating App in Japan to find a Japanese you can date without too much hassle.

2. Irritations

Shaving can reveal smooth skin. But that doesn’t come without a price to pay. Shaving can also cause irritations. For Japanese girls with sensitive skin, opting out of shaving is the best thing to do. Nobody wants to deal with irritated skin. It’s annoying and it hurts. So many girls think that it’s just not worth it.

3. Skin is Covered with Clothes

So what are other reasons why Japanese girl don’t shave? Well, it’s because their body parts are covered with clothes anyway. There’s no point of shaving an area that people won’t see. Privately, not shaving doesn’t bother the ordinary Japanese girl. Publicly, nobody will even notice if you haven’t shaved as they won’t be able to see through your clothing.

4. Staying Natural

Staying natural is the latest trend right now. Everybody is stressing the importance of embracing their natural state. That also includes body hair. For girls, it’s a symbol of empowerment and grace. It’s a sign of accepting your body as you are.

The modern Japanese girls understand this. That’s why they don’t shave their body as much as they used to do back in the days. It's Why You Should Date a Japanese Girl because of their growing confidence.

5. Have Less Hair

Genetically speaking, Japanese girls don’t even have a lot of body hair, to begin with. That fact alone excuses them from not shaving. With the small amount of body hair that they have, it’s just not really reasonable to shave. They can just casually ignore their body hair without a problem.

6. They Have a Choice

Gone are the days where girls only do as they’re told. It’s now time for them to know that they do have a choice, especially for their own body. It’s one of the great reasons why Japanese girl don’t shave.

She knows that she doesn’t have to shave if she doesn’t want it. Nobody can tell her what to do with her body. It’s absolutely her business whether she wants to get rid of her body hair or not. Here's also the Dating Culture In Japan that you should know about.

7. Save it for Special Occasions

Japanese girls don’t shave most of the time. But they still do it for special occasions. Perhaps it’s summertime and they want to wear their pretty sundresses.

To really enjoy the season, they would then shave their body hair. Other than that, maybe they would only shave when there’s an important party that they have to attend. Speaking of party, here's a Traditional Wedding in Japan that you will want to know when you visit the country.

8. Ingrown Hair

If you shave frequently then you know that ingrown hair is one of the side effects. It’s not a nice thing to deal with. Ingrown hair can cause itches and red bumps.

Even worse, infected ingrown hair might grow into a pimple. The Japanese girls care too much for their skin to risk something like this. Sure, there might be ways to avoid ingrown hair. However, the inconvenience is something that they will happily avoid.

9. Wastes Too Much Razors

Here’s another reasons why Japanese girl don’t shave. The people in Japan care a lot about waste. They try to minimize it and even avoid causing it in the first place.

Most razors for shaving is made from plastic. This means that they will potentially turn into a harmful waste. The Japanese girls will not want this. They would rather not shave than causing harm to the environment.

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10. There are Other Priorities

Remember when we said that Japanese people are extremely busy? This cause the Japanese girls to prioritize their daily activities. Perhaps, shaving will not be on their top list of things to do.

Rather than shaving, the Japanese girls would care more about the health of their skin. Healthy and supple skin needs to be maintained more than body hair. It's also one of the Reasons Why Korean Girl Look So Young . The health of the skin always comes first.

So those are the top reasons why Japanese girl don’t shave. Each girl has their own reason, of course. Remember to be respectful of their choices.

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