My Girlfriend Wants To Go On Vacation With Another Guy, What Should I Do?

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Sometimes, things are very surprising and unpredictable like friends move to other cities, families die, pets gone and many others including when your girlfriend make a sensitive decision to go on vacation with another guy. For some, this decision may not very strange but common sense, this is strange and disrespectful for a person to go on vacation without their significant other.

However, there are many reasons why your girlfriend wants to go on vacation with another guy. She may just threaten you after you made some mistake to make a strong statement that she is worth for better man other than you. Or she will go with her best friends and don’t want to disappoint them by going with you. Basically it is all up to her but in this case if she wants to go on vacation only with that guy, you may need to discuss it more of the reasons why she wants to do it.

You may think if she will cheat or not if you let her. But why she asks anyway if she cheats?


Signs You Might Want To Know If She Wants To Cheat Or Not

signs you might want to know if she wants to cheat or not

1. She may not cheat if she asks for your permission whenever she wants to go somewhere including to go on vacations. She will tell the details including the place, the flight, her friends who will go with her and everything you need to know to prevent you to think that she will cheat although she will go with another guy.

2. She may not cheat if she explain the reasons why she wants to go without you. For example, that vacation is a family trip and she is not ready yet to get questioned about her private life so he only wants to go with male relatives. Or, that vacation is her work trip and she is not allowed to bring anyone except her male partners.

3. She may not cheat if she explain the reasons why she wants to go on vacation without you as you will be her biggest distraction for her healing or creative process. This may be hard for some boyfriends but good boyfriend will understand that vacation is not always about boyfriend-girlfriend activities.

4. She may cheat if she is very quiet or angry while letting you know that she wants to go on vacation with another guy. She may want to “punish” you and make you regret you’ve hurt her. also find out about ways to love yourself and be happy with the world

5. She may cheat if she suddenly disappear and went for days without any calls or texts while you know it by someone else.

Tips If Your Girlfriend Wants To Go On Vacation With Another Guy

1. Trust Her

Trusting is indeed hard, especially without facts or clear reasons available. Trusting is let her do anything for her good without asking too much questions. Your job is to trust her, if she cheats that will be her lost not yours because you have been a very good partner. also find out about signs of incompatibility in relationship with your partner.

2. Respect Her Decisions

Respecting our significant other’s decision needs practice and her decision to go on a vacation with another guy is not an easy one to allow. However, by knowing that she asks you first for this, she may really need you to step back a little from her life in a good way. You only need to say “Alright go ahead, I trust you.” 

3. Be Positive

be positive

Thinking positive is the key. Your heart will let her go without questioning her loyalty if you always being positive. Negative thoughts only bring bad results. also find out about how to kiss someone on the cheek without it being awkward

4. Ask Her Too If She Will Let You Do The Same

This is the ultimate tip for you, by letting her go and asking her at the same time if she will let you do the same. A healthy relationship will let each other do the same. If she won’t let you, then you can say NO too.

5. Seek Facts, Don’t Assume Things

Assuming things without facts is only guessing. And that is usually wrong. So asking has a very important role for your relationship. Assuming without facts is only guessing and there are chances you are wrong which you may hurt others. also find out about ways to kiss your boyfriend that will drive him crazy

So there are the signs and tips to know if you are confused. Things you need to know is that you need to respect your girlfriend decisions and keep trusting her. Keep your positive thoughts with you while discussing things. Trusting is your job in keeping your relationship lasts and her job is not to break your trust and vice versa. That is how adult relationship works so that may help.

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