Passionate Ways To Kiss Your Boyfriend That Will Drive Him Crazy

Last updated on May 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Boyfriends are someone that will make us feel loved and all ticklish inside because of their affection and compassion towards us. But how do you pay back all the love that they have given?

The number one way to show your affection towards someone is by kissing. When you kiss someone, you don’t have to use words to show them the passion of love that you have for them. if you are confused on how to do it that can make them crazy, here are the ways to kiss your boyfriend that will drive him crazy;


1. Kissing Him When You Wake Up Next To Him

What better way to greet someone on the start of the day by kissing him gently and with a heart full of love? It will set a happy mood for his day.

2. Kissing His Cheek When He Does Something Kind

Whenever he does something nice, kissing his cheek can be a kind of reward for him. He’ll think that you like him and that you are really cute.

3. Kissing Him When He Said Something Funny

After laughing, the Ways to Make Someone Feel Appreciated and Loved can be done through kissing. This should be done because you want him to know that he really means a lot to you.

4. Kiss His Forehead Before You Say Goodbye

A simple gesture like this should not be forgotten because it sets the vibes of love throughout the day.

5. Kiss Him While Holding His Face

kiss him while holding his face

Hold or grab his face and pull him closer towards you. This will lead him to kiss you more passionately which you definitely want.

6. Kiss Him Then Hug Him

A passionate kiss that is followed by a hug is truly a gentle and memorable Ways to Make Someone Love You without Them Knowing.

7. Kiss Him When You Are So Happy

When you are so happy that you can’t contain it inside, you should kiss him to share your happy vibes.

8. Being Gentle And Soft When Kissing Him

Kiss him softly that can send shivers and love running through his spine.

9. Give Him A Short Kiss On His Cheek And Mouth

This kiss, when done in an intimate moment, can make him more passionate to show his love towards you.

10. Kiss Him On The Ears

An unusual but effective ways to kiss your boyfriend that will drive him crazy is to kiss him on the ears which is the most sensitive part of his body.

11. Use Your Teeth To Nibble

Nibbling is something that can escalate the passion that already exist between you both. Remember not to hurt him.

12. Kiss Him Passionately

When you are burning with passion, it can show in a kiss. This makes his passion for you burning and heated.

13. Kiss Him While Wrapping Your Hands Around Him

kiss him while wrapping your hands around him

This move is a romantic and gentle way to make use of your arms while kissing him. This can make the kiss last longer too.

14. Kiss Him While Jumping To His Laps

A tricky but passionate thing to do is to kiss him while jumping to his laps to keep the vibes heated and intimate.

15. Look At Him Romantically Before Kissing Him

A romantic gaze towards him before kissing him will make him think back to that kiss for days or even weeks. 

16. Say Something Flirty Before Kissing Him

Use the  Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush before you kiss him passionately to make the kiss more playful.

17. Kiss Him From Behind

Hug him from behind then kiss his neck or his back to set the mood of intimacy.

18. Smile Shyly Before Kissing Him

This shy smile can make a guy show the Signs That Your Boyfriend Loves You More Than Anyone Else. If you seal it with a kiss, he’ll find you irresistible.

19. Say How Much You Love Him Before Kissing Him

say how much you love him before kissing him

A simple but meaningful sentence before a kiss can make a kiss truly memorable.

More Ways To Make The Kiss Memorable

Kisses are a common thing these days so if your kiss isn’t memorable, you won’t capture his heart. Here are the creative ways to make the kiss memorable :

1. Smile And Giggle Prettily After Kissing Him

This move shows how smitten you are by him and his passionate kiss.

2. Say ‘Wow’ After Kissing Him

Words like this is the  Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make His Heart Melt.

3. Pull Him Close To You While Kissing

This pull that you make is something that will make him want to cling to you while kissing you passionately.

4. Run Your Hands Through His Hair While Kissing

It’s another good way to make use of your hands that make him not want to stop. 

5. Smile Mid-Kissing

A genuine smile can make his heart melt.

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6. Give Him Small Kisses Throughout The Day

To do it consistently and throughout your relationship is the key.

Signs That He Is So Crazy About You

It’s not often that you see someone being head over heels crazy about you. But if you’ve done the steps above, you can start to see the romantic signs that he is absolutely crazy about you;

1. He Can’t Stop Talking About You

Because you are always on his mind, he can’t help but spread the word about how great and amazing you are as his girlfriend.

2. Always Wanting To Spend Time With You

always wanting to spend time with you

Spending time with you is his favorite part of the day because you are the love of his life.

3. Want To Do Things That Makes You Happy

He becomes selfless because he truly wants the best for you.

4. Thinking About The Future

Your guy will show the Signs He's Thinking of A Future With You.

Your boyfriend really love you but if you’ve done the ways to kiss your boyfriend that will drive him crazy, you will turn to someone that he simply loves to someone completely irresistible. Once you’ve done that, your relationship will progress in a fast pace!

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