Signs That Your Boyfriend Loves You More Than Anyone Else

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He has the Husband Material Signs, but how can you know how much your boyfriend loves you? Does he only want the benefits of being together or is he as genuine as he claims to be? Is it possible to know all the signs your boyfriend loves you more than anyone else? The answer is yes, it is. If your boyfriend loves you more than anyone else, it usually is quite simple to find out.


Thirteen Signs That Your Boyfriend Loves You More Than Anyone Else

Let's check the signs that your boyfriend loves you more than anyone else:

1. He Has No Secrets From You

When your guy hides no secrets from you, it’s usually a signs your boyfriend loves you more than anyone else. This shows that he loves you enough to give you himself entirely–both the good side and the darker one.

2. He Asks For Your Opinions

Your boyfriend will only ask you what you think if he cares about your opinion. In doing so, it proves that your thoughts and ideas really do matter to him.

3. The Way He Adores You

the way he adores you

His adoration of you is usually apparent from how his eyes light up every time he sees you. He showers you with compliments and does not hide that he’s mesmerized by your every move. Sometimes, you might even notice him staring at you with dreamy eyes. That’s your boyfriend loving you.

4. He Listens To Everything You Say

This is quite like the Signs A Man Loves You Secretly. Just as your opinions matter to him, also do your words. When he asks about how your day is, it’s because he genuinely wants to know. You can see from the way he listens intently and pay attention to every single detail that you say.

5. He Worries About You

No, he doesn’t offer you a ride home just because it is something boyfriends are supposed to do. Instead, he’s really worried about your safety and wants to protect you in all the ways he can. Sometimes he’s also worried about choices and decisions which you make that would affect your whole life, and is not hesitant to express it. This is also the Signs He is Fighting His Feelings for You.

6. He Clears Up His Schedule For You

When your boyfriend loves you more than anyone else, he is willing to give up everything for you. It wouldn’t even be a burden to postpone meetups with friends or dentist appointments if it means fitting movie nights around your schedule.

7. He Enjoys Spending Time With You

he enjoys spending time with you

It usually does not matter what you do or where you are. As long as the two of you are spending time together, he is happy. He doesn’t need to take you out to fancy dinners or night clubs to be able to admire you, and he knows it.

8. He’s Jealous Of Other Guys

Maybe his emotions are quite subtle that you’ll have difficulty discerning them, but if you look hard enough you can notice at least a tinge of jealousy. Most of all when you’re especially kind and intimate towards your guy friends, but also when a random guy winks at you in the bar. 

9. He Never Forces You To Do Anything

Your boyfriend will not force you to be anything you don’t want to be. You don’t need to come to his friends’ parties or take him to watch action movies. At least, not if you don’t want to.

10. He Doesn’t Judge You

If you feel comfortable of your quirky habits around him, that’s because he never judge you for them. He loves you as you are, and that includes all your weird and less lovable parts.

11. He Gives Meaningful Presents

he gives meaningful presents

When your birthday or anniversaries come around, his gifts are usually not the expensive and lavish kind. Instead, they are something meaningful and memorable that you’d cherish forever.

12. He Lets His Guards Down Around You

You know he loves you more than anyone else when he’s able to let his guards down around you. He must love and trust you enough to completely drop all pretenses and be vulnerable.

13. He Loves You For Who You Are

Most of all, he loves you for who you are and never, ever, tries to change you. For him, you’re most beautiful in a t-shirt and sweatpants, with messy hair and a smile on your lips.

More Signs If You Boyfriend Loves You So Bad

Here are the signs that your boyfriend loves you more than anyone else:

  1. You Know All of His Friends and Family
  2. He Doesn’t Compare You to Other Girls
  3. He Never Underestimates You
  4. You Notice the Signs He’s Thinking of A Future With You
  5. He Doesn’t Hesitate to Indulge You 

Relationship Tips For You To Last Longer With Him

After knowing the signs that your boyfriend loves you more than anyone else, here are the tips to make relationship last longer forever.

1. Prove That You Love Him As Much, If Not More

prove that you love him as much if not more

If your boyfriend has always been the one to give affection and attention, isn’t it time to give back? Prove that you love him just as much, if not more. You can do this by acting on your love and telling him the Romantic Things to Say to Express Your Love to Your Boyfriend.

2. Be Open About Your Feelings

We know that trust is the foundation of all successful and happy relationships, which is why it’s crucial for you to open up to him. If you’re not ready to give your boyfriend your whole heart, then tell him! Don’t let him take bullets for you while you’re still confused with how you feel about him.

So now that you know about the signs your boyfriend loves you more than anyone else, do you think that his confessions are true after all? The next time you spend time with him, it might be useful to observe and try to pinpoint these signs! That way, you’ll know whether or not he truly loves you.

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