What To Do When Your Ex Boyfriend’s Best Friend Likes You

Last updated on June 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It can very awkward to know your ex-boyfriend’s friend likes you. But it would be different if he is better than your ex and you also have a feeling for him. But still, sometimes, we have no idea what to do.

Here are the tips for you to avoid the awkwardness when your ex’s best friend approaches you;


1. Let Your Ex-Boyfriend Knows About It

What to do when your ex boyfriend’s best friend likes you? It is better to let your ex-boyfriend knows about the situation. Let your ex-boyfriend knows does not necessarily means you want him to be jealous, especially when each of you has moved on from each other. You just want to know if he is cool with it so that you won’t feel awkward in the future.

2. Maintain A Good Relationship With Him First

maintain a good relationship with him first

Don’t be in rush to decide. Get to know him better before you make a final decision. You may have known him before because he is your ex-boyfriend’s best friend. However, you may not know him a lot since the situation is a bit different now. He may have something you never knew before or personalities you’ve never seen before.

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3. Ask Your Friends For Advice

If you don’t know what to do, you can ask your friends for advice. Of course, in the end, you will be the one who is a decision maker. But, asking for your friends’ opinions will help you to see different perspectives.

4. Think It Over Whether He Is Compatible With You

You also need to consider whether or not he is compatible with you. Think about his personalities and interests, see if they match yours. If you don’t find them compatible with yours, don’t force yourself to accept him.

5. If You Have Feelings For Him, Go For It

If he suits your tastes, then go for it. But you need to make sure that you have considered everything. If you have done all you need to do and it happens that you like him as well, then just date him. That's what to do when your ex boyfriend’s best friend likes you.

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Signs Your Ex Boyfriend’s Best Friend Likes You

signs your ex boyfriend's best friend likes you

When you still dated your ex, you knew this guy as his best mate. You had never imagined him approaching you, even though you and your ex-boyfriend have separated. But then, out of nowhere, this best mate of your ex-boyfriend comes to you and you have a feeling that he likes you. 

Well, you can find it out by the signs below;

1. He Texts and Meets You Often

When you were with your ex, this guy never texted or talked to you that much. But then, he suddenly texted you after you broke up with his best friend. It might be fine if he texts you once or twice asking general questions like how you’ve been or where you are now. However, if he texts you more often than he used to, there could be a sign that he likes you.

2. He Begins To Ask “Personal” Questions

He begins to ask your personal questions, such as “are you seeing someone?” and “are you over him (your ex)?”. These questions indicate that he is interested in dating you. He asks it because he wants to make sure if everything is clear with your ex and you are available. It’s a clear sign that he is into you.

3. He Compliments You

He gives you compliments that he never did before. If he gives you compliment about how beautiful and lovely you are while staring at you in the eyes with his excited-looking eyes, it’s a sign that he likes you.

4. He Makes Physical Contact With You

He always tries to make a physical contact with you, either touches your hands or hair and other types of physical contacts. It means he is comfortable and has a thing for you.

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5.  He Rarely Mentions Your Ex’s Name When He Is With You

Every time you hang out with him, he never mentions your ex-boyfriend. Instead, he only talks about himself and you. It means he does not want you to remember your relationship with your ex and only focus on the present time. 

Reasons Why You Can Date Your Ex-Boyfriend’s Best Friend

reasons why you can date your ex boyfriend's best friend

If you are thinking of dating your ex-boyfriend’s best friend, you need to consider these reasons below before making a decision;

1. You Have A Strong Chemistry With Him

When you are with him, you feel a strong chemistry and it’s stronger than any other person you have been with. You no longer need to think twice to date the guy. Not even think of your ex or feel bad for feeling it.

2. You Share Same Interests

You both share the same interests towards each other. You enjoy talking about things you have in common with him. Moreover, you also spend time with him doing the activities you both love doing together.

3. He Treats You Better Than Your Ex Did

He treats you way much better than your ex-boyfriend did. He never lets you down or disrespects you. He makes you so comfortable with yourself. Furthermore, he gives you much more attention than your exes have.

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4. You And Your Ex Have Moved On

You may feel uncomfortable to date him because he is a best friend of your ex. You don’t want it to be awkward between the two of them. However, you see your ex-boyfriend has moved on from you. Thus, no need to be uncomfortable anymore. If you both are compatible, don’t think twice to give it a go.

5. Your Ex-Boyfriend Knows About You And Him Have A Thing

Your ex and you have been finished and are good friends now. You also let him know that this best friend of his is approaching you. It’s always you who is the decision-maker, but letting him know to avoid the awkwardness is advised. If he seems cool with it, then you can date your ex’s best friend without having to feel worried anymore.

It might be very awkward and uncomfortable to date your ex-boyfriend’s best friend. You may worry about how your ex would react to it and whether the guy is right for you. However, if you are sure enough about your feelings, then you don’t need to worry about it. Relationship is built based on two parties, so you do not have to think about the other party. Put your happiness first!

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