32 Useful College Dating Advice for Freshman (Girls' Talk Only)

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College is a new life for the newly graduated high school student. They are so eager to enter the college life, particularly the dating experience. All of you want to do the best Ways to be the Best College Girlfriend to your boyfriend, but you still have a long way to go.

Freshman year in college means you have many thing to work on. As you are not experienced yet, you might be dating someone's not that good. That is why you need all the good college dating advice for freshman to make sure that your first dating experience really worth it.

1. Don't Fake Yourself

There was one cool guy in high school, but there will be a bunch of cool guys in college. As much as you want to date them, you try all it needs to catch their attention. You even voluntarily becoming a drama queen for them. It's a big no. You'll never find the right guy if you do so.

2. Don't Wait to Get Hooked Up

Omit all the traditional thoughts where you think that it's only guys who can hook up with girls and they are the one who chased for the girls. The world has changed so much since then, girls. You can find your hooked up partner too. In fact, it's okay to make the first movement.

3. It's Okay to be Rejected

Well, not every guys want to date you and that's a fact. Don't be sad just because you are rejected by your crush. You still have many things to do and many other guys awaiting. Just find the best ways to move on fast.

4. Not Dating Means More Freedom

Dating is not an obligation for college student. Even if you don't date, it's okay and it's not shameful. It's actually beneficial since you have more time to do other things and you are in full freedom of your life.

5. Take Things Slow

Remember, don't be in a rush to date when you just entering the college. You need to read the situations, how college life is, and what kind of guy there are around you. Rushing things will only make you fall in some bad guys' trap that don't deserve you at all.


More Dating Advice to Help You Survive Your Freshman Year

Here are more you need to know about college dating advice for freshman:

  1. Hold on and don't date for the first two months in college.
  2. Don't do the long distanced relationship. It's hard.
  3. You will face the change in your relationship if you are already dating your high school sweetheart all the way to college.
  4. Don't let the relationship hold you back. Enjoy your college life fully.
  5. Don't date any guy that living in the same building as you.
  6. Keep connected with other people when you start dating.
  7. Make as many friends as possible even though you are dating.
  8. Stop trying to find "the one". College life is to enjoy, not become a pressure.
  9. Don't waste time for a relationship you don't happy with. There are many Reasons Why You Don't Need Boyfriend to be Happy.
  10. Don't get pressured by your boyfriend in college.
  11. You may not have to find the one, but don't play with love as well.
  12. Don't text him every hour. Enjoy your life too.
  13. Don't have an on and off relationship.
  14. Be careful with sex.
  15. Don't make too many hook ups.
  16. Breaking up in college is not the end of the world.
  17. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. You can learn from them anyway.
  18. Go for something you want to do. Take up the challenge.
  19. Find out what kind of relationship you want.
  20. Love yourself first before you love someone else.
  21. It's okay not to date in college. Who said you have to?

People You Shouldn't Date in Freshmen Years

There are men of your dreams, but there are men who would ruin your dreams. Another useful college dating advice for freshman: avoid to date the type of people below:

1. He Who Lives in the Same Dorm with You

Can you imagine how would it feel when you breakup? Of course it'd be heavily awkward just to pass each other. You will also be burned with jealousy once you notice the Signs Your Ex Boyfriend is Seeing Someone Else.

2. He Who Likely Has a Girl in His Hometown

He said he has broken up before he left, but he goes back to his hometown way too often. He can never cut the ties with his ex since both of them has the same roots and that's where both of them will eventually going back.

3. He Who You Met Through Alcohol

You are so sober when he offered you another bottle of alcohol. Enough to say, he is not a good guy for you to date. What kind of guy buying alcohol for the girl he said he likes?

4. He Who Has Too Many Classes with You

You start to have crush on him because you saw him like three or four times a week. But if you date him, you gonna feel sick of seeing his face over and over again. Things are worse when you fight.

5. He Who is Going Home Every Week

This kind of guy surely never know how to settle his own matter. He is not reliable enough as a boyfriend and there are no use of dating him.

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6. He Who Tries So Hard to Look Smart

It's true that he is smart, but there's no need to show everyone you are. This kind of guy is having the initial Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend because he always want to be superior than you.

All these college dating advice for freshmen will help you a lot to your first experience dating in college. Be careful in choosing who to date, since college student is not as innocent and pure as a high schooler.

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