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What to Say to A Girl After Not Talking for A Long Time – Connect with Her Again

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Many people think it is awkward and a little nerve wrecking to reach out to a girl or friend they have not spoken to for a long time. Oftentimes, someone will have the urge to drop an old friend a line, but then they will think that it will be so awkward contacting them out of the blue, right?


How are they going to react to it? What if we have nothing to say to each other? You may also want to check things to say to start a conversation. Sometimes, your mind is leaning to negative assumptions too much that you decide to put it off.

But then you have to consider when a few months have passed, mull over the idea again, and realize that it has been even longer since the last time you talked to her. It will make it extra random and inappropriate to reach out to them. It is easy to procrastinate on but it only gets harder to do the more time has gone by.

What to Say

It may make you a bit nervous to initiate a move in order to be able to get back in touch with a girl or friend you have not spoken to for a long time, but there is really no way around that. She could be open to rebuilding the friendship and you will just happen to pick up right where you left off.

The worst scenario, however, is when they might be too busy with their job or family, or have moved on to another place out of your reach. Whether or not they would be keen to start talking with you again, it is for later.

It is not like there is any magic way to word your contact that is going to drastically change how she feels about the matter. While you are it, also check signs your friendship is coming to an end.

In this article, we will learn more about what to say to a girl after not talking for a long time. Be ready for either possibility going in and use one of these innuendos to initiate a conversation. You may also want to check things to do to stay in touch beside texting.

  • Make a comment on one of her posts on social media. You can praise her post, ask a question about it, or comment about something you find interesting about it. For example, if she writes a post about attending a concert, you can say, “I am so jealous you got the chance to see the concert!”
  • If she responds to your comments, consider asking her how she is doing or extending the conversation. You can say, “How have you been? Are there any other boy groups you have been interested in lately that I should check out?”
  • Invite her to an event by sending a follow up message and telling her about the event. You can say something like, “My friends and I are going to have a homecoming party and I was hoping it would be great to see you again there. Are you free this Saturday?”
  • Start a conversation about something that you share in common. For example, if she read a book recently and you also like to immerse in a book, send her a text that says something like, “I saw that you went the library the other day. I was just there a couple blocks away and about to borrow a John Grisham’s new book. Have you read it?”

  • Send her a text that brings up a connection you share. Remind her of something that used to connect you in the past and be confident in it, and then you can ask her a question like, “I saw the theater play in town yesterday, and I remember how you like it so much. How have you been? Did you see the play, too?”
  • Be more direct in your message and tell her that you have been thinking about her.Just make sure you do not bring up something too heavy and too intense from the past to break the ice. Instead, say something like, “I have been thinking about you along with our fun conversations the last time we hang out together. How have you been?”
  • Send her a funny or silly message. According to research, girls like someone they find humorous so humor is always a go-to way to choose when you are trying to catch up with girls. Refer to an inside joke that you had or ask her a question jokingly. For example, you can say something silly like, “How long has it been since the last time we ate a chicken the size of my thigh?”

So, those are what to say to a girl after not talking for a long time. Think of trying any of starters above to check in her. Hopefully, it will work for you and your girl. You may also want to check whether or not you should respond to an ex-girlfriend trying to reach out.

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