How To Play Hard To Get With An Aquarius Man? Zodiac Signs

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Love is the most mysterious thing that ever happen in human life, right? Before finding a true love, someone will struggle and do a little test to know if he/she is the one. Women are the ones who mostly do the test to know if he is the right guy, while guy, mostly, concentrates on chasing for her heart.

After encounter some relationship struggles in the past tend to look up to their friends or other dating advice articles to get better relationship in the future. It might sound silly but the advice that the girls are looking for are mostly about ‘how to get her dream guy to chase her’. If you fall for an Aquarius men, then you face a pretty big deal

According to zodiac reading, Aquarius men are hard to figure out, unpredictable, innovative, analytical, and unconventional, that is why its symbol is the visionary.

They might seem difficult, but we can’t help anything once we fall for Aquarius man, right? There is no exact road map and tutorial to make him want you too but you want to make him struggle a little. However, there are some ‘know how’ to play hard to get, Aquarius man is no exception.

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Play With His Psychology

play with his psychology

Human psychology is the first thing to play with to get his/her attention. First thing you need to do is to let him see you, don’t be shy. Let him notice your presence by smiling or say hi whenever you meet him.

For further movement, use your body language sign to flirt and lure him.

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Play Hard With A High Value For Yourself

Value is the key to everything. It is super important to present ‘who actually you are’. That’s also important for a relationship. If the man can get your attention or (even) your love easily, he will think about getting further relationship with you twice, and it is natural for them.

Men love challenge, when you see them success in the career that is because he puts a lot of energy to what he does. This shows, the harder he works, the harder he wants to get it.

To expect that kind of man, put value to yourself. Be bold, be proud, be ambitious and be your own kind of beautiful, those are your value which makes you unique and different from other women. And those are your ticket to make him want you and make him feel like he won a jackpot as he finally get you.

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Give Him A Little Challenge

Man naturally loves a challenge, especially if it relates to woman, so use this chance to win his attention over. Make yourself stand out from crowd to make him curious about you. This type of man will be turned on for unusual people or ideas.

The best way to make him curious is to attract him with your unusual intelligent, this way, you give him a mystery to solve whenever he doesn’t quite understand. Then he will pay more attention to you and want to know you more.

Don’t Play Too Hard

It is good to play hard to get with your dream guy, especially Aquarius man, but don’t play too hard. Aquarius man is type of people who are willing to show the same affection reaction for many people. He tends to think that he is extraordinary and likes a traditional relationship.

To play hard to get naturally, simply just be yourself and show your uniqueness. However, don’t show too much affection, remember it is still a ‘play’. This way, you can still show the truth of you as Aquarius man loves the truth and unique side of their ideal partner and will show his affection to you.

Reject Him At First

reject him at first

Most men will feel challenged once he is rejected by a girl who flutter his heart or mysterious girl who makes him curious. When he asks you out or asking for your social media names, play a little by rejecting him at first. Try to make some excuse to say no or just directly say ‘no’. Then, continue to play to get his attention that he asks you again or even several times. If he starts to chase you, let them be and enjoy it a little.

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When he sends you a texts, don’t be overjoyed and let him wait several minutes but don’t too long. If you make him wait too long, he will think you are not interested at him at all and he has no hope.

Enjoy the moment he chase you till sweat and even worship you, this way, he will value the future relationship with you. Never think rejecting will make him go, if he truly loves you, he can even move mountains just to be with you.

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