87 Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend When He’s Depressed

Last updated on April 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Is your boyfriend feeling down in the dumps?

Maybe something seriously awful has happened to him? 

Perhaps you have no idea what to say to help him get through this miserable time?

If so, don’t panic! This guide is packed with ideas for sweet things to say to your boyfriend when he is depressed.

I want to begin this guide with a basic principle you should always bear in mind when your partner is feeling down. 

Always strive to make your partner feel loved, adored and respected.

In most cases, this is the best thing you can do. Sometimes, this is all you can do.

Yet, in my experience, a lot of women appear to have no idea how to do this properly. 

That’s why I want to recommend this story of how I learned to make men adore me.

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This powerful story isn’t for the weak-hearted, but it can do so much to help you improve your relationships with men. I know because my relationships have been infinitely more loving and meaningful since I learned these skills. 

Anyway, read on for my ideas of sweet things you can say when your partner is feeling depressed.


How To Deal With A Depressed Boyfriend

The World Health Organization estimates that over 264 million people suffer from depression globally. This estimate cuts across all ages, meaning you likely know someone battling this mental illness if you aren’t yourself. 

Depressed people are our friends, our siblings, our parents, our partners; and they deserve all the support they can get.

When you don’t know what to do to make a depressed loved one feel better, it can be numbing. You want more than anything to cheer them up, yet, most of the time, you can’t help but feel powerless. Or worse, you end up making your partner feel worse.

Being in a relationship with a partner that gets depressed a lot can be incredibly challenging, no one prepares for that. As much as you want to support him, you’d definitely prefer if he was mostly happy all the time. 

What I’ve come to learn, however, is that one should never underestimate the power of words. When it comes to depression, especially your partner’s, there is such a thing as the right and wrong things to say. 

By just saying the right things to your partner, you could lighten up his day and help him out of a ‘grey feeling.’ If you’re looking to do more than just the latter and be a reliable support system to your partner in need, this article is for you.

87 Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend When He’s Depressed

1. “I’m here for you.”

I'm here for you

One of the sweetest things you can do for a depressed partner is to reassure them of your commitment.

2. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Let him know you’re in it together, but only if you mean it.

3. “You don’t ever have to worry about our relationship.”

It’s not unusual for depressed people to worry about it eating away at their relationship. Reassure him that won’t be your case.

4. “I will take care of myself, baby. Don’t worry about me.”

You shouldn’t just say this, though. Really do it because you can’t offer support on an empty tank.

5. “How can I help you feel better today?”

Acts of service mean more when it’s something he needs. Make sure you don’t just say this, try and do the things you know will help your partner cheer up.

6. “It means so much to me when you smile like that.”

Give him one more reason to want to smile genuinely. You could also say things that would make your partner smile.

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7. “You mean the world to me.”

People living with this condition tend to think they’re worthless. Remind him that isn’t true by telling him this often. 

8. “You’re doing so well.”

An acknowledgment of his progress can be all the encouragement he needs for the day!

9. “I am super proud of your strength.”

This is another way to tell your boyfriend he is doing great.

10. “You can let go with me.”

He may be keeping it together and forcing a smile with other people, let him know he can express his true self with you.

11. “What do you need?”

Make sure you ask him about the things he needs rather than assuming.

12. “I love you, babe.”

i love you, babe

Never get tired of saying these powerful three words. Your partner will feel like he’s in a healthy and secure relationship with a lady who genuinely cares.

13. “Frustration doesn’t have anything on us.”

Let him know that even in your human moments, you still got him.

14. “We can always go at your pace.”

This would be nice on days when he has to cancel again, and he feels bad. 

15. “Your presence gives me strength.”

…in case he needs one more reason to keep fighting.

16. “I don’t presume to understand what you’re going through, but I’m willing to support you however you need.”

Caring and showing empathy, even without the full understanding of his situation, is an act of love.

17. “Being with you is fun.”

A compliment shifts the focus away from his depression and makes him feel good about himself—two very necessary things.

18. “I may not understand them sometimes, but your feelings are totally valid.”

You don’t have to be able to relate before you can validate what he’s feeling.

19. “If you doubt every other thing, don’t doubt my love for you.”

You should keep coming up with different ways to reassure him of your feelings because his feelings will make him worry it’s gone once you stop.

20. “We’ve had great days, and they’ll come again.”

Even if it currently doesn’t seem like it, he won’t always feel this blue.

21. “I couldn’t have hoped for a better boyfriend.”

Randomly remind him that dating him wasn’t a mistake. 

22. “My God, how are you this handsome?”

Complimenting his looks can’t hurt either, even if he doesn’t seem to care for it.

23. “I don’t care if the whole world stands against me as long as I have you.”

Make him feel like your rock as much as he relies on you for support.

24. “All I want is to make you happy for as long as I can.”

Do you wish more than anything to make him happy? Let him know.

24. “You are my everything.”

That’s it. That’s the message.

26. “I don’t know where I’d be without your love.”

He may not count it as much, but if loving him did something for you, tell him. 

27. “You’ll never be alone as long as I’m alive.”

Easing his anxiety will make him feel more loved in the relationship.

28. “Our relationship is such an adventure.”

Seeing your relationship challenges as an adventure requires a great deal of optimistic energy and I’m guessing he could use that.

29. “Hey handsome, keep fighting.”

A random love note or an email in the middle of the day saying this is both encouraging and romantic.

30. “It’s okay.”

Sometimes this is all he wants to hear from you.

31. “Take it easy on yourself, babe.”

Be careful not to imply that he is intentionally trying to keep himself down, though.

32. “You laugh at my jokes, you’re the real deal.”

Make sure to keep it light as often as possible.

33. “Don’t you just love us? I know I do.”

Whether it’s after an episode or during one of the bright days, telling him you make a great team would probably be pleasing to hear any time.

34. “Don’t hesitate to ask me for anything.”

Part of being there for him is giving him a blank cheque and preparing to offer it as long as it’s within your capacity.

35. “You’re the most amazing human I know.”

More compliments. They can be particularly handy on low days.

36. “I love your kind soul.”

Telling him the particular thing you love each time you say something good about him makes it feel all the more genuine.

37. “Depression has got nothing on you.”

Make him see you believe in him enough to know he’s stronger than the depressive thoughts.

38. “You are loved and seen.”

You can send this as a text or tell him in person.

39. “How are we feeling about therapy today?”

You can replace therapy with medication if that’s the treatment method he prefers.

40. “Even in your toughest moments, I hope thinking of me makes you feel better”

even in your toughest moments, i hope thinking of me makes you feel better

Hearing this from someone you love could make a whole world of difference to a depressed person.

41. “I know better than to try to fix you, you’re not broken.”

He already feels it from everyone else, including himself. It might be refreshing to hear from his partner that he isn’t broken.

42. “I’m here if you ever need to talk.”

He may not take you up on it most times, but being kind enough to offer still means something.

43. “It’s not just in your head, baby.”

Validate his emotions by telling him he’s not crazy.

44. “The most challenging days only make the good ones all the more special.”

Give him some affirming words when the going gets tough, they may help you just as much as they do him.

45. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

Chores around the house, the company of a warm body, or just someone to talk to could help.

46. “You are the best!”

Say statements like this to him when he does something helpful to show your appreciation.

47. “I am eternally grateful for the gift of you.”

It could really help someone with depression to know that somebody they love is thankful for them.

48. “Your intelligence humbles me.”

Don’t just compliment his physical beauty, commend his mind too.

49. “I know it feels like it sometimes, but none of this is your fault.”

Tell him this often as genuinely as you can muster, maybe he’ll start to believe it.

50. “You are a good person.”

It is vital that he knows he doesn’t feel depressed because he’s a terrible person.

51. “Let me be your safe zone.”

Back this up by making you and your relationship a judgment-free space for him.

52. “This, too, shall pass.”

These four words have gotten me through some of the darkest times in my life. Maybe they can help him also.

53. “Together, we can get through anything.”

together, we can get through anything

For when he gets so tired that he thinks the depression might win.

54. “Help me help you, babe. What can I do?”

It’s okay not to know what to do at times. You can ask.

55. “I may fall short sometimes, but I’ll always try to put my best leg forward with you.”

It would be best if you didn’t portray yourself as this perfect entity. Wear your humanness like a cloak, but let him know you’re still determined to put in your best effort where he’s concerned.

56. “It’s okay to put yourself first, darling. Don’t forget that.”

He’ll feel bad a lot of the time because conversations will mostly revolve around him and his health. Hearing this from his partner could help ease that feeling.

57. “I cherish every single moment I spend with you.”

“Good happy ones or otherwise, as long as it’s with you, I’m good.”

58. “My life is so much better with you in it.”

It’s nice to know that even in hopelessness, you bring light to your partner’s life.

59. “I never really believed in love until you came along.”

You shouldn’t lie to him if this isn’t your reality, though.

60. “I’d bring the moon down to see that smile once more.”

Convey this in a way that encourages him to smile, but without pressure.

61. “One day at a time, my love.”

Remind him that he doesn’t have to vanquish his giants at once by encouraging him to progress one step at a time.

62. “You didn’t come this far to give up now. You’ll get through this.”

More words of encouragement.

63. “I want nothing but the best for you.”

…even if it isn’t me or my presence right now.

64. “I love and appreciate how hard you try for us, baby.”

Being in a relationship while battling depression takes a whole lot of effort. Acknowledge that.

65. “Words fail to express how much you mean to me, but this is me using them anyway.”

You won’t always have the right words, but when they’re required anyway, you say it as you feel it.

66. “You’re more than enough. You’re perfect for me.”

Don’t wait till you perceive he’s feeling inadequate, so he doesn’t think you’re just saying it.

67. “I just awoke from the most beautiful dream. You were there, and so was I, and we were happy.”

The underlying message would be “Want to recreate it with absolutely no pressure?”

68. “Your determination to get to the light at the end of the tunnel fuels mine.”

your determination to get to the light at the end of the tunnel fuels mine

It’s necessary to communicate that you draw strength from each other, and he isn’t the only one receiving.

69. “In all of this, you still keep the butterflies in my belly fluttering.”

He’ll worry that you may stop being attracted after seeing him at his lows. Statements like this could help alleviate that.

70. “I’m so sorry you’re going through so much pain baby.”

Sometimes all you can really do is empathize.

71. “When this is over, we’ll have a hell of a story to tell.”

This implies that you see a bright future, and he's in it.

72. “No man is an island, and we sure make a great team, don’t we?”

Another way of saying he isn’t alone in this.

73. “You are my man, and I love you so much.”

There will be plenty of moments when messages like this would just feel right.

74. “I’m in the mood to make your belly happy today, what would you like to eat?”

I hear home-cooked meals are better for people with depression. If you can’t cook, you can always order healthy meals from his favorite restaurant, or take him out. 

75. “Hey, when is your next doctor’s appointment, I’m planning my calendar for the week.”

This shows you not only have his well-being in mind, but he’s important enough that you plan your schedule around him.

76. “We may not be perfect, but at least we have each other.”

Who needs perfection when you have the one you love by your side?

77. “I want to be your shoulder to lean and cry on in person, but distance won’t let me, and for that, I’m sorry.”

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, this should help.

78. “I’m coming over soon, is there anything you’d like me to get you?”

And if you’re lucky enough that your partner is close by, here’s an option.

79. “You matter to me.”

Sometimes, knowing you mean something to one person is all you need. It doesn’t hurt if that person is your partner.

80. “Talk is cheap. I want to follow mine up with actions, how can I do that?”

Remember, different strokes for different folks. That’s why you need to ask to know the specific actions that work for your partner.

81. “The sun will rise again, and you’ll be here to bask in its rays.”

“You think the winter will never end, and then, when you don’t expect it, when you have almost forgotten it, warmth comes and a different light.” – Wendell Berry.

82. “When you can’t put your feelings into words, just hold my hands, and I’ll understand.”

Sharing can be difficult when you don’t even get it yourself. But that’s okay.

83. “I know I say this a lot, but it’s not just talk, I am really here for you.”

It can’t be too much as long as it’s not an empty promise.

84. “You could never be a burden to me.”

Let him know he’ll never be a burden to you.  

85. “Are you okay? How are we feeling today?”

It’s essential to check in with a depressed partner every day.

86. “You’re worth beyond a thousand reasons why”

Send him the lyrics to Tatiana Manaois’ ’Like You,’ or the song itself. Or play it when you two are together, anyhow you know he’d get the message.

87. “…”

Finally, you can say nothing. Listen to your partner when he shares without chiming in. Then, when he’s done, hug him warmly and let that embrace communicate your support.


How can I make my boyfriend feel better when he’s sad over text?

You can send him a cheerful message or a picture of you smiling or doing something that usually makes him happy. You could also send him a song, a voice note of you singing, or a video of you goofing around. It all depends on your partner’s personality.

How do you make your boyfriend feel better when he’s sad?

If your relationship is short-distance, you can always pull up at his place if he’s the type of person who doesn’t like to be alone when he’s sad. Express your support using his primary love language, be it physical touch, affirming words, or others. Else, you can give him a call and just listen.

How do you cheer a guy up over text?

Depending on the guy’s personality, you can either choose to cheer him up by making him laugh or offer a listening ear. Many people prefer to go with the former, especially when the cause is still fresh, while others want nothing more than to share their pain with someone.

What to say to your boyfriend when he is going through a hard time?

You can ask if he’s okay and what you can do to help. Tell him you’re sorry he’s going through so much and that you’re there for him if he needs a shoulder to lean on. You can also ask if he wants to talk about it then listen attentively when he does.

How can I make him miss me badly?

You could cut communication with him, but still, follow yourselves on social media. Then make posts of you having fun with captions that have nothing to do with him. Or you could block him completely to add a bit of mystery.

The Bottomline

I hope this list was worth your time. Remember, the sweetest things you can say to a depressed partner are words that make him feel better about himself, not worse. Do you have other things you like to hear or words that work for someone you know? Kindly leave them in the comments and share the article, if it’s not too much trouble.

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