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How to Know Your Ex Girlfriend Still Has Feelings for You

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So you’ve ended things with your girlfriend. She’s your ex now. But you’re wondering if you still have a special place in her heart. Maybe you’re just curious or she’s acting very weirdly and you have a hunch that she still likes you. If all the uncertainty is killing you, here’s how to know your ex girlfriend still has feelings for you for sure.


How to Know Your Ex Girlfriend Still Has Feelings for You

Keep your eyes and your ears open because these are the things that you should look out for:

1. Nostalgic Talks

When you talk with your ex girlfriend, she will try to bring up things from the relationship that the two of you had. She will mostly talk about the good times. She could be trying to make you have feelings for her again through all the nostalgic talks.

2. Drunk Calls and Texts

You’ve seen movies where the main character texts or calls their ex while they’re drunk. Well, it happens in real life too. Your ex may make drunk calls and texts to you. But what does it mean when an ex drunk texts you or calls you? According to studies, alcohol lowers your inhibitions. Thus, causing you to become very emotional and more frank about your feelings. Whatever your ex is telling you while she’s drunk, that is her true feelings toward you.

3. Gets Jealous

In case you notice that your ex girlfriend shows jealousy to you then she definitely still has feelings for you. Pay attention to her tone of voice and her facial expressions because they can say a lot.

4. Makes You Jealous

That’s right, an ex girlfriend will not only gets jealous but she will also try to make you jealous. She’ll show off her newest boyfriend everywhere and hopes that you notice. In fact, she may even give away too much information about her love life when you didn’t even ask for it.

5. Stays Single

Is your ex girlfriend still single even though the two of you have broken up a long time ago? That’s probably because she still hasn’t found the right guy or she may still want to stay single. But if she still contacts you all the time, then she’s probably single because she still loves you.

6. Keeps Reaching Out to You

There’s still more on how to know your ex girlfriend still has feelings for you. See if your ex girlfriend tries to reach out to you frequently. It may seem casual but other times, it could be for the most random reasons. The thing is, she’ll try to find any excuse to talk to you. On the other hand, here are reasons why your ex girlfriend hasn’t contacted you in a month

7. Contacts You for Special Moments

Getting birthday wishes and congratulatory remarks from the people who are close to you are always nice. But when your ex girlfriend is being super extra about it, there might be an underlying motive. She may contact you for special moments as a way to tell you that she still pays attention to you.

8. Refuses to Give Back Your Things

So you’ve asked your ex girlfriend nicely to give back your stuff. Unfortunately, she refuses to do so. Now you may not think much about it but your things actually means a lot to your ex girlfriend. It’s her way to remember you in her life. It’s the opposite for how do you know your ex girlfriend doesn’t want you back? Your ex will give your stuff back without having to be asked.

9. Interacts with You on Social Media

Does your ex girlfriend still follows you on every socials you have? She might be stalking or just wants to stay as friends with you. But if you notice that she likes a lot of your posts and leave comments, then that’s how you know she still has feelings for you.

10. Still Talks with Your Family

Another way to know your ex girlfriend still has feelings for you is when she still talks with your family. Just because the two of you are no longer together, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she has to cut off your family as well. However, this could be her way to get news or recent information about you. Especially your love life.

11. Flirts with You

There’s a huge chance that your ex girlfriend will try to flirt with you. A study has mentioned that flirting is a person’s way to signal their availability. By doing these signs of a girl flirting, your ex girlfriend wants you to know that she still has interests for you.

12. Asks about You to Your Friends

Are your friends telling you that your ex says hi or wants to know how you’re doing? If they are, then your ex girlfriend is using your friends to reach out to you. The feelings that she has are strong enough to make an effort like this. 

What to Do when You Know Your Ex Girlfriend Still Has Feelings for You

When you know that your ex still loves you, here are a couple of things that you should do:

1. Take a Look Back at the Relationship

Was the relationship good or bad? Do you think that you ever want to give it another chance? Think through this carefully.

2. Figure Out How You Feel about Her

Once you’ve done all the ways to tell if your ex still has feelings for you, it’s time to know how you feel. Are you still in love with her or not?

3. Confront Her

Sit down with her and have a chat. Be open and honest with each other so the two of you can figure out what to do next.

4. Make a Decision

This is when you’ve made your mind up. Let her know whether you only see her as a friend or want to date her again.

In case you still have no idea if your ex girlfriend still has feelings for you, then asking her directly would be the best route to go. The sooner you do it, the sooner you know.

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