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What Does It Mean When an Ex Drunk Texts You?

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When your ex drunk your message. It could be because he has not moved on from you. You do not have to wonder if you break up in a new state. People who have broken up for a long time could have regretted his decision and want to return as he was with his partner again.


Do not be surprised because it’s not a bad thing. It’s just about your commitment. If you want to come back again then find a way and make sure both of you really want to go back again as before.

What Does It Mean When an Ex Drunk Texts You

But if you do not want to go back like before then you can just ignore it.

  1. Your Ex Want To Go Back Again as Before

Can be interpreted if your ex want you back again with you. How not if you are always bothered with a short message that means he wants you to reply. It could be because he does not want to lose you and wants you to be near him as a lover. But what’s happened, you’ve broken up now. Also read: How to Respond to a Drunk Text from An Ex

  1. Want To Repay Your Deeds

Here could be if you break the relationship with him and he does not accept to the decision it’s natural, maybe he wants to repay what you’ve done and want to turn hurt you with attention after the break and then throw you like when you decide.

Do not think about it. if you do not want it to happen then you can avoid it and ignore all the false good messages. Also read: Ways to Deal with Your Ex Moving on with Someone Else

  1. Wanting To Forget You Satisfactorily Send You a Message Until He Gets Bored

This attitude can happen to some people. You do not have to fear things you did not expect to happen. Do not be afraid if your ex so stressed up to want to end life.

Simply break up nicely and ask each other to know each other’s circumstances at least until all has been safe to really you leave, especially your ex. Also read: What to Do When A Guy Texts You After A Long Time

  1. Want To Keep Good Relationship With Your Family

What does it mean when an ex drunk texts you? Surely among you who have been dating up to introduce themselves to each other to the couple’s family?  but it turns out you have to split up. That does not mean your family’s relationship is broken as well.

Keep good relations with family with each other. Because whatever happens in this world is not a coincidence. Including why you can connect with your ex and break up afterwards. Also read: Why Would Your Ex Unfollow You on Instagram?

What To Do When Your Ex Drunk Text You

Tips to know the reason why he drunk text messages from you.

  1. Because He Wants You To Know His Feelings

Maybe when you break up with it is a unilateral decision so your ex still likes to wait for a text message from you. Do not ignore it if there is something that is not resolved like a broken one-sided relationship like that. You should be able to get it all right so that everything gets good again in the future.

Do with heart and do not hurt any of you. Look for a third person as an arbitrator and keep learning from what happened to your relationship and your ex until finally broke up. Also read: What Does it Mean When You See Signs of Your Ex Everywhere?

  1. He Wants To Say Something

The reason why ex likes to wait for a text message from you is because he wants to say or deliver something but waiting for you who started it for prestige reasons. You may understand the situation or let it. it all depends on your heart. No need to incriminate what you can and can not do. Do it all with heart.

  1. Want To Know Your Response

Your response is the first thing you wait for. He’s always been the one who started a short conversation and you never even started it for him.

But like this shows whether you can to ignore him or it turns out you still have feelings with him. Just make sure that the intention is just to know your response and not to know the results. Give a good response and send him a short message first if you really did.

  1. He’s Still Waiting For You

What does it mean when an ex drunk texts you? From waiting for a short message can also mean that he is actually still waiting for you for some reason. You do not have to respond hard. just ask what’s going on and talk about general issues. You do not have to think too hard about what he will do, you just need to monitor it and give a fine response. 

Ex Signs That She Wants to Come Back

Signs he wants you to give him a short text message.

  1. She Always Tells Her Directly To Chat

Not a few of the ex who tell you want to go directly let alone just to get a short text message from you. You must take seriously but not hurt her. Do good things because everything that happens in the future you do not know. Maybe your ex will be the front man to help you.

  1. Say It Through His Friend

Usually like this means you are not a sensitive person, it could be because you do not understand what he said or indeed you really want to avoid it. But the way to pass on to his friends and then his friends telling you everything is one sign that he wants you to send a short text message is something to consider as well.

  1. Likes To Read Your Status In Digital Messages

One sign that he wants you to send a short text message to him is to keep seeing your liveliness in a digital message. So at least he knows when you’ll be on and when you’ll be off. Also read: Things to Say to Your Ex to Make Her Feel Bad about Breaking Up with You.

  1. Likes To Comment On Your Status

With the habit to always give comment on your status, do not need every status you make but almost every time you make status at certain time then he will give comment that all that aim so that you see it again and pay more attention to it.

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