Things To Say To Your Ex To Make Her Feel Bad (29 Guilt-Tripping Things)

Last updated on April 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Have you had your heart torn into shreds by your ex-partner?

Are you looking for revenge - or at least to let him/her know how much he hurt you?

The guide below is packed with dozens of ideas for things to say to make them feel guilty. 

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29 Things to Say to Your Ex to Make Her Feel Bad

Do you have some unresolved emotions from your last breakup? Is there something you want to say to your ex to make them understand the hurt they've caused you? 

You may not necessarily be looking to make them feel terrible about leaving you. But if you're looking for things you can say to make your previous partner acknowledge how hurt you feel about the separation, then you're in the right place. 

This article covers ways to express yourself to an ex over a hurtful breakup. Without further ado, let's dive in. 

1. "You wasted my time." 

If you want to get your former partner to have an awful feeling or make her understand your hurt, you can express how being in a relationship with her was a waste of time. If you can attest that nothing profitable came out of the association with her, she will feel bad about everything. If you could've been better off alone or with someone else, then give more details about the time wasted, which you could've used for something better.

2."It was foolish of me to give you my heart."

it was foolish of me to give you my heart

If your ex-girlfriend broke your heart or caused you pain, you can be honest with her by confessing your regret for being vulnerable and giving her your heart. You don't have to fake emotions or pretend. If you're gurt for sharing your heart to her and truly loving her, this statement would make her have an awful feeling for breaking up with you instead of loving you.

3. "It just wasn't you." 

Sometimes, it's a good idea to admit that a relationship didn't work out because an ex wasn't the one for you. This knowledge helps you conclude that no matter how hard you could've tried to save the relationship, it wouldn't still have worked out the way you wanted it. Telling your ex that they weren't the one is simple yet deliberate. It passes across a message that everything, including the breakup, happened for a reason. It will also make your ex feel hurt for breaking up with you.

4. "You gave me reasons to give up on you."

If your previous relationship ended severely, confessing that they gave you reasons to give up on them is a straightforward way to allow them to have an awful feeling. You don't necessarily need to express what areas made you give up because they're likely to know already. The most important thing is that you communicated how you feel, and they'll have an awful feeling for causing you pain. They might have called it quits, but giving up on them sounds much more in-depth.

5. "I have someone hotter now."

You can rub your new relationship in your ex-girlfriend's face to allow her to see you're doing better after she left. If your previous relationship was more damaging than good, you could show your previous partner how well you've moved on. It's the best way to handle someone that hurt you in the past. Your current achievements will make her have an awful feeling for treating you wrongly and will shed light on how she would have handled things better.

6. "I'm still done with you."

Most times, when an ex sees how well you're doing without them, they might want to get back into your life. Nonetheless, making the statement above sheds light that things can't and won't go back to how they used to be. If they hurt you in the past, they will have an awful feeling and regret their actions. This act will let them know that it's impossible to act wrongly and still have your way. 

7. "My best friend was right, after all."

Best friends always have an instinct when a partner is wrong for you. Your best friend might have warned you about your ex, and perhaps, you didn't heed their advice. Nevertheless, using this as a comeback for your previous partner will allow her to see how you always suspected they were bad for you after all. She will recall her actions and possibly, have an awful feeling for hurting you. It's a simple statement you can tell your previous partner, but it holds so much depth. 

8. "I wish we broke up sooner."

i wish we broke up sooner

If your ex hurt you more than you expected, wishing you had broken up sooner is a plausible thought. You can express this feeling so she can see how much damage she caused. Your statement will let them know that you're no longer hurting, and you merely wish you could've gotten rid of the association sooner. Such a report will make your ex feel guilty for their actions and highlight all the wrong steps they took, especially hurting you. 

9. "My biggest mistake was falling for you."

It's not wrong to admit your mistakes, mostly if that error was something that made you weak to your knees. If your ex caused you so much heartbreak, acknowledging that it was a mistake to fall for them will shed light on the actions they took to hurt you and would allow her to feel guilty. You don't necessarily need to express the hurt that you felt. Merely saying this statement will recall whatever she did wrong, which will make her feel guilty. 

10. "I think I was drunk while we were together."

If your entire relationship was a rollercoaster ride you wish you never went on, then it's not an awful idea to admit that. You can express your regret for specific situations by saying you were intoxicated throughout the process. This act will pass a strong message to your ex, making her see that you're now aware of the mistakes you made. More so, that it can never repeat itself.

11. "We'd never get back together." 

If your ex-girlfriend is getting ahead of herself and crossing some boundaries, you can quickly put her in her place by making her realize that both of you would never get back together. It will also make her acknowledge that she has lost an excellent catch forever; even if she was the one that broke your heart, the reality of never being able to have you will make her feel guilty. If she acted wrongly towards you, your statement would make her regret her actions. 

12. "That's why we broke up."

If your ex-girlfriend is acting in a similar way that resulted in the separation, you can recall her memory that her actions resulted in the breakup. Knowing she was the reason something good ended will make her feel guilt-ridden. Your previous partner would not be able to disregard the fact that things could've indeed ended better. This process will cause her to regret some actions she took towards you, or perhaps, for hurting you.

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13. "Can you really apologize for all that you did to me?"

There's no better way to express the hurt that you feel towards your previous partner than acknowledging that an apology cannot erase everything that happened. If they want to downplay the magnitude of the pain they're causing you by urging you to forget about it; you can allow them to feel blameworthy by pointing out that mere words cannot fix certain things. They'll have to live with the fact that they hurt you.

14. "Our farewell was a good call."

our farewell was a good call

If the separation did more good than the relationship ever did, then a simple statement stating this fact will make your previous partner have an awful feeling. If they contributed to making the association unbearable, then your words will allow them to feel culpable for their actions. Knowing that you're glad both of you parted will make her feel unimportant, further pushing them to regret how she treated you. She'll want to take back some of her words or actions towards you. 

15. "I'm glad I didn't cry over you."

Breakups aren't always pleasant, but sometimes, they can be a breath of fresh air. Acknowledging how satisfied you feel for not crying over a failed relationship shows that you're happy it happened, which no previous partner will like to hear. It also shows that you're handling their decision to break up pretty well and moving on swiftly. This act will cause your ex to feel terrible for hurting you. Your delight will make them regret misbehaving towards you. 

16. "Did you expect to be happy after hurting me?"

If your previous partner isn't at their best after the breakup, then this statement suits the occasion. If they acted terribly towards you or caused you pain, recalling their memory of what they did, is the best way to allow them to feel remorse. They'll remember their actions towards you and regret them. They'll also wish they could change things and allow them better, which is a plus for you.

17. "I never thought I'd be this happy without you."

If your previous relationship confined you to an unhappy space, being free would come with much delight. Expressing your relief for the situation is an excellent way to get your ex back and let them know how much they hurt you. They wouldn't be able to deny the fact you weren't happy with them, meaning your joy would allow them guilt-ridden. They'll undoubtedly be sad about how things ended.

18. "Thanks for letting me go."

There's no better way to let your ex know that they lost something good than outright thanking them for letting you go. Even though they made a clear decision to break up with you, your statement would make her recall the events that took place and wonder why you're pleased about the decision to break up. Knowing that you got away from an unpleasant situation will make her feel remorseful about mistreating you. She'll wish they could change the narrative.

19. "We were never right for each other."

Instead of merely admitting your previous partner's actions hurt you, you can acknowledge the fact that both of you were wrong for one another. This statement will leave your previous partner conscience-smitten, especially if she knows she lost a good catch. 

More so, if she hurt you, she'll undoubtedly express regret for the situation and ruminate on the right experiences. Your words will allow them to wonder for a little bit if you were right for them and wish to come back to regain what she lost.

20. "I hope I never have to see you again."

It's not abnormal to not want to see your previous partner again. If you can't handle the hurt and wish to move on with your life, hoping not to see them will be your best call. You can also express this to her so she can see how much she hurt you. She'll have a blameworthy feeling due to her actions and won't be able to disregard how awful they treated you. 

21. "Do we know each other?"

It's possible to regret being in a relationship with someone to the extent that you act like it never happened. It can be a way to get your ex back or get over the pain from the breakup. If your previous partner hurt you but is playing the innocent card, making the statement above will show them that you've moved on from the past. You're no longer relying on them for your happiness, and you can surely live without them. This action will inevitably leave your previous partner conscience-smitten.

22. "I can finally become a better version of myself."

i can finally become a better version of myself

Choosing to become better after a separation is a prudent call, especially if the relationship brought out your negative side. You can admit to your ex-girlfriend that the love both of you shared became toxic, and it's beneficial to be out of the situation. This type of statement will cause her to realize how unsuitable everything was. More so, if she was culpable for any wrong actions, she will feel remorseful.

23. "Breaking up with you was the space I needed."

Telling your previous partner that breaking up was a breath of fresh air is another region of things to say to your ex to give them an awful feeling. She'll imagine everything being incompetent in the relationship and ruminate on what made situations so terrible. If she finds anything that makes her blameworthy, she'll feel regret about everything. Your previous partner would finally see where you're hurting and seek amendments.

24. "I wish I could go back in time to stop myself from meeting you."

The thing about love is that it can turn sour if the subject of your affection treats you terribly. If you wish to go back in time to stop yourself from meeting your previous partner, it means that the relationship must have been no-good. You can express this to your ex to help them understand how exactly you're feeling. Such statements will hit deep and allow them to experience regret. 

25. "I thought everything would be perfect with you."

In life, we all have our hope and dreams for the future. This one thing is also particularly present in relationships. If everything didn't end the way you planned it, it's okay to admit that. If you put in the effort to see the relationship work, making this kind of statement will recall that effort to your previous partner. They'll have an awful feeling about the separation and wish everything ended differently.

26. "You won't find anyone like me."

Mentioning how irreplaceable you are, is another region of things to say to your ex-girlfriend to make her feel terrible about leaving you. Making such a statement will cause her to recall all the unique qualities you possess, mostly if there was once love between the two of you. Those words will ignite a remorseful feeling, that indeed, she can't find someone else like you.

27. "I have no regrets about your decision to break up."

Showing that you love your new post-breakup life and you're living it to the fullest will make her sober about the separation. No ex likes to hear that their last partner has moved on so quickly from them. Therefore, making such a statement will give her an awful feeling about the breakup, especially if she instigated it. She'll regret letting you go, and more so, ending everything the way she did. 

28. "You always seem to have your way, don't you?"

you always seem to have your way, don't you

Things to say to your ex, especially if you had a tough ending with them, is reminding her of specific actions they used to take. For example, if she always had their way negatively, the above statement will strike a chord of remembrance and allow her to regret her awful actions towards you. 

29. "I'm glad I finally got away from you."

If she is trying to come back to you, one thing you can tell them to discourage them is how happy you are that the relationship fell apart. This statement will make her see how much you love your time without her, and she'll be regretful for letting you go. 


What can you say to make your ex feel bad?

If you say to your ex how much they hurt you, they'll have an awful feeling about the separation. Something like, "It turns out we're not right for each other," or "thanks for letting me go" can ignite a remorseful feeling. 

Does my ex feel guilty for hurting me?

Your previous partner might feel at fault for hurting you because it wasn't their intention to do so when they entered a relationship with you. They might also have a painful feeling about how everything ended, especially if they didn't handle the breakup well.

How do you know if your ex still cares about you?

One primary thing that can reveal your ex's love for you is their words of affection towards you. If your previous partner tells you how much they miss you and that they want their ex back, then it's a sign they still care about you

What should you not say to your ex?

You should not tell your previous partner that you still love them or want them, especially if getting your ex back would do more damage than good. Minimizing your contact with them is something you should do at all costs. 

Do guys hurt after a breakup?

Breakups usually come with a feeling of grief since the parties involved had expectations about the relationship working. It's normal to be sad when it ends, and just like women, guys also experience hurt after a breakup. Studies show that guys may not experience sudden feelings of sadness but are most likely to encounter long-term grief. 

To Conclude

Did you find this article insightful? Remember that the best revenge you can give to your previous partner is not to say things to hurt them. Instead, focus on what's ahead, and live happier than ever before. Kindly leave a comment if you liked this article and share it with others.

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