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50 Things to Say to Your Ex to Make Her Feel Bad about Breaking Up with You

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Never beg someone to be with you. Never beg for attention, commitment, affection, time, effort. Never beg someone to come back or stay. You should never have to ask to feel wanted. Begging is demanding and degrading. If someone doesn’t willingly give you these things, with their arms wide open, they aren’t worth it. No one, under any circumstances, is ever worth begging for.


Your past made you who you are today. But don’t let that be an excuse not to move on and grow towards happiness. Life goes on even if it feels like it never will. Thats how you do after breaking up with someone, move on. And the best move on is when you said “i dont care”, enough for all  hated thats you feel, even you have been disappointed, lied, cheated, and other hurting stuff. She was came to teach you something.

And thats today maybe we are everything for someone. But tomorrow, maybe you will be no one again. Human heart is unstable. Because of that, try not to be much. So the wound will not be deeper and hard to forget. When you two are break up it just big step up to new beginning. If you feel so much better and ready to go over her/him, its time to winning the break-up.

Here’s the things to say to your ex to make her feel bad about breaking up with you:

To winning the break-up you must known that you ex’s are gonna pissed off when he/she know that yo have been happier with someone else or if you wanna do it simple, here some few things that you can say to your ex to make her/him realize that breaking-up with you was a huge mistake.

  • “Second chances have never been a problem with me. I tend to give about 7 or 8 before i realize i’m an idiot, cause you don’t worth it, even just 1 more chances.”
  • “Now whats the question is, if the special always lose to the one who always there, is the one who always there is also lose to the one who always trying? Or you just messing around with me? Its dont really matter now, you know why? Because i’m done to get you.”
  • “I was in love with you, but you made me so sad. Now i feel happy because i’m free from sadness that you were created.”
  • “So i am have to be hurt, if i want to love you? Love is make two people realize what is happiness really mean, but this isn’t love, it just dumbest thing that i always keep.”
  • “There’s a time when you realize that i was in love you with patient. Maybe somehow you will knowing that.”
  • “Its useless to chasing you, useless to waiting if i not needed. Its all will useless if you not need me. Its better knowing myself.”
  • “Wise man says that “Sometimes, the best solution of all trouble you have been thru, is just have to be deal with yourself. Then your problem is solved.” Then i was dealing with my problem. Breaking up with you is the best solution i ever do.”

  • “It is so you; You keep giving up on people so quickly, you’re gonna miss out on something great. Soon you will realize that is the stupid things you’ve been done.”
  • “You didn’t love me, you only loved parts of me and the longer you stayed gone. I learned to love all of the parts of me that you neglected, because that is love really mean. But with you i didn’t feel loved.”
  • “I found a new person. She/he is worth the wait. She/he is worth the time. She/he is the reason why. And thats not you.”
  • “And you broke my heart at the same place where you told me, it will be the safest. With you. Its so heartbreaking, and i know you’ve been lying all the time. Thats led me to conclusion what kind person you really are.”
  • “Some person says; If giving leaves you feeling empty you’re giving too much to the wrong person. Thats me, and the wrong person is you.”
  • “How foolish of me it was to give my heart to someone so careless, so reckless, so disingenous. And now i’m here on the kitchen floor weeping. This is the pain of breaking. But when i realize how foolish i’ve been, i slightly easy to move on, now this is me.”

  • “In the past we make our future life now i realize that “give your future to those who appreciate your present” is right thing.”
  • “And i am all just fighting to survive a world where i miss you doesn’t mean i’m coming back, and i love you doesn’t mean i’ll stay.”
  • “You know; You won’t have to convince your soulmate to stay.”
  • “People change, that’s a fact of life. Sometimes we have to accept that the person, we once loved no longer exist. Though their heart beats on and their lungs draw breath.”
  • “You can’t expect the fire that burned you to heal you. Don’t go back to people who hurt you expecting to find healing.”

Friends, here some advice, winning the break-up is totally normal or acting cool with break-up is totally fine. But to act like an adult and move-on is awesome, so dont act childish and stand up and deal with it. Its must you do if your break up is not real break up, just the thing when two people realize to come back to be a friend again.

Its maybe heart breaking but here’s the deal you got your friend back, and maybe if she/her is your soulmate, you didn’t have to do nothing, lets the fate led you two. And thats friend the things you can says to your ex to make her/him realize that breaking-up with you was a huge mistake. May we meet again. That’s all the things to say to your ex to make her feel bad about breaking up with you.

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