Best Ways How To Get Your Ex Back When You Still Live Together

by Michelle Devani

There can be countless articles persuade you not to get back with your ex, but reality is different. Millions of couple choose to reconcile with their own reasoning.

It can either be because they can’t find someone better, they can’t move on, or they still live together. Yes, the last reason sound it doesn’t make sense, but it actually does.

Couples decide to move in together, again, with their own reasoning. Now let’s get to the most practical one. You have paid rent for a few years but your relationship last shorter than that. Finding a new place isn’t like flipping your hand, especially when you’re still financially unstable.

The best choice is to continue living together, but how will it impact your relationship with them? Are you sure you can move on? Or in the end you realize you can’t live without them? So how to get your ex back when you still live together?

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Make sure you read this article all the way down until it’s finished and you will find the answer.

1. Respect Personal Space

Okay so still live together but you’re no longer lovers. Then don’t act like one. People say old habits die hard, but you’ve got to do it. Stop invading their personal spaces, starting from smallest thing like buy your food yourself to crucial ones like not asking about their private lives.

You may want to get back together but acting like you’re still together probably not the best choice. They could end up feel annoyed, slimming down your chance of reconciliation.

2. Disappear From Their Sight

Just because you’re under the same roof, doesn’t mean you can’t avoid them. Like the common breakup phase, both of you need to out of each other’s sight. Take off earlier before they do and be the first one to come home later in the day.

That way, you live together but you living your own life separately. You don’t have to see their face that often. And see how it will affect both of you.

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3. Make A Drastic Change

make a drastic change

People who have just breakup make over themselves to surprise their ex. Living together shouldn’t stop you from doing so. Remember the previous point where you try not see their face even though you share a home?

Don’t avoid them forever if you want to get back together again. After weekdays of a tight (but fake) schedule, you inevitably see each other on weekend. Make the most of the moment to let them see the new you!

Putting some make up on would be too much since you’re at home anyways. But you can show your freshly cut hair, or slimmer body of your successful diet. The change should be quickly noticeable though.

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4. Be More Independent

Living together as a couple make you become more and more dependent to each other. She used to prepare food, he used to fix broken things in the house, but now it’s not the same. you have to cook your own food separately, fixing the broken by yourself, and more.

Now that you realize you can’t count on each other anymore you become more independent, showing the unknown side of you. This one charm will make you irresistible and if you ask them to get back again, they probably say yes!

5. Don’t Overthink About It

Before you decide that you want to get back together again, you must have think about it thoroughly. You have make sure of your feeling, make sure, they’re not dating anyone, and you are about to take the first step.

But don’t overthink of how would you do it. This is not a math formula so nothing is sure. Do what you feel right, be open and honest about what you want. As you have been living together means your relationship have reached certain points.

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Nothing is wrong with discussing your feeling and your wish regarding the relationship. Don’t rush anything, don’t overthink, don’t overdo. Keep everything in a good pace. That is how to get your ex back when you still live together.

6. Start Lightly

The fact that your ex still lives together with you and they haven’t date anyone just yet means they’re still trying to get over. Which is the right spot for you to jump in! First thing first, open up the communication again.

You must have spent a few weeks not talking or seeing each other, but as you want them back you have to start from the most crucial point.

Make things natural such as light conversation over dinner or breakfast, talking about trivial things and let it flow. Let them find the comfort when they’re with you like the old times.

7. Stop Being Nostalgic

stop being nostalgic

No matter how much you want them back, you must restrain yourself from doing obvious things. You broke up so it’s normal to have some things in your relationship change. Don’t start act like you’re still an item.

For example, you start wash their clothes together when doing the laundry or making their bed. While cooking for the once in a while is still acceptable, the first two things is totally big don’ts!

It only make the situation more awkward, especially when they’re not ready to get back together with you again.

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8. Don’t Try To Make Them Jealous

Bringing up somebody’s name to the conversation is very, very childish. Remember that you ex also knows it’s hard for you to move on because – please! – you live together. Pretending that you already have an eye for someone new only make things worse.

Rather than jealous, they will pity you. And it’s a red sign if you still want them. Be mature, forget the old tricks.

So those are all the tips how to get your ex back when you still live together. If in the end you still unable to reconcile, do believe that someone better will come along.

Michelle Devani
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