This Is What to Say to A Girl When She Says She is Not Beautiful

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Girls who are not happy with their social situation, more often than not, have insecurities. One area they are usually unsure about is their looks. One thing for sure is that it is hardly just socially awkward types who have self-doubts. Almost all people have had insecurities about their looks at some point in their lives.

Dealing with insecurities about looks is not something a girl can do in a span of few hours. It is not that she just has to read a few quotes saying, "Hey, you do not look so bad! It is okay!" and then she will instantly feel better.

Increased comfort and confidence with one’s looks does not come over night, in fact, it does over time as they gradually brush off the old beliefs and replace them with new better ones. Just like with most improvements in day to day life, the progress will have its ups and downs.

What to Say

In this article, we will learn more about what to say to a girl when she says she is not beautiful. Take a note that in this kind of situation, the girl is not fishing for compliments but indeed, there are moments when she genuinely feels way less beautiful than she actually is.

You may also want to check what to say when she says she is not good eneough and what to say when your girlfriend thinks that you do not care about her baseless insecurities.

To alleviate these negative feelings, you need to choose the right words to say and convince her that she is beautiful. Listed below are clever and sweet things to say whenever you want to change your girl’s mind into believing that she is actually beautiful. Check it out.

  • You are gorgeous in every way possible. I love the twinkle in your eyes when you talk me out about your undying passion. I really like the graceful way you move. And last but not least, I love the pure, unadulterated kindness you radiate from your heart.
  • Once upon a time, I was told that I would fall head over heels with an exquisite woman, but I could never imagine that she will be fantastically gorgeous with the most interesting personality I have ever met.
  • I remember that time when our eyes met for the first time; I felt an instant connection with you. From that day onwards, I was not able to forget it even for a second. You have taken my breath away steadily with your beauty and now my heart longs for you every single day.
  • Your sense of humor is simply astonishing. No wonder I always feel rejuvenated every time we meet, engaging in a one-on-one conversation and keep it going. People said outer beauty is fleeting slowly but surely, well, they are right. It is your inner beauty that makes you shine all the time.
  • Trust me when I said, before you came into my life, it was an utter mess. And I would like to thank you for sorting it out. Right now, my life is a whole lot more focused and simply better. All these could not have been possible, was not it because of you and your beautiful personality.
  • You are beautiful in your own way. You are the person who awakes all night to wish for my birthday. You are the person who prays for me during my struggle in life. You are the person, on whose lap; I used to lay my head when I am worried or stressed out. You are the most beautiful woman I ever met next to my mother.
  • Consider after 5 or 10 years, you may be a successful entrepreneur or a respectable writer, may be an unbeatable sports person or a beautiful mother with two smart kids. Girls look fading with time, but standards grabs the attraction all the time. You stand out from them in your own way, own ambitions. You are always unique.
  • Do not think about those the way you look too often. Beauty is easily available everywhere but you are unique and hard to attain. I might be the luckiest one having such unique product and I do not see anything wrong with your looks.
  • I remember the day when I saw you for the first time; I noticed your bright appearance almost immediately, but then I got the chance to know your beautiful soul, and I understood that you are the one for me. There is nobody more beautiful than you.
  • Each side of your appearance as well as trait of your character is all beautiful. I just want to let you know that you are the most balanced and beautiful girl I have ever known in my life.

So, those are what to say to a girl when she says she is not beautiful. You can say it directly or do it over text to cheer her up. Hopefully, this article will be useful.

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