How To Get An Aquarius Woman To Stop Ignoring You

Last updated on July 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

The Aquarius woman is an easygoing person. Not a lot troubles her but if you’re wondering why she keeps on ignoring you, then you need to check on yourself.

Try these things to make her notice you:


1. Show Interest In Art

show interest in art

Showing interest in art is how to get an Aquarius woman to stop ignoring you. She loves things that are related to art. It could be paintings or music. Talk about an artist or a musician that you love.

Once she finds common ground with you, she’ll let you have her full attention. Get to know the Zodiacs that Matches Aquarius because you might be one of them.

2. Make Yourself Sociable

An Aquarius woman is a natural social butterfly. There’s nothing better than spending her time talking to people.

She believes that it enriches her life experience. Open yourself up to her and be a sociable person. You’ll make it easier for her to approach you.

3. Share Your Dreams With Her

Dream is a big topic for the typical Aquarius woman. Most of the time, she has her head in the clouds. There are dreams and goals that she would love to achieve.

As a fellow dreamer, it would be nice for her to have you understand her world. A dating expert advises that you share your dreams with her so that she can let you into her life.

4. Respect Her Privacy

This particular tip is a good way on how to get an Aquarius woman to stop ignoring you for sure. Simply respect her privacy. It’s something that she cares very much.

Don’t pry into her private business too much. Know the line that you should never cross. She’d appreciate you for it. Here are also Characteristics of Aquarius Women in Love that she might show.

5. Be Serious In Your Work Or Business

You might not know this but an Aquarius woman takes her work seriously. She’ll start to ignore anybody who doesn’t have good work ethics.

So to get her attention and make her stop ignoring you, be serious in your business as well. If you've been slacking then that's Why An Aquarius Woman Pulls Away.

6. Hold A Party

hold a party

We now know that an Aquarius woman is a social person. That also means she’s always up for parties!

Get her to notice you by holding a party. Invite people, play fun music and have a good time. Your positive vibe will attract her to start talking to you.

7. Be Nice To Her Friends

Friends are absolutely important to an Aquarius woman. They’re her second family. Always remember to be nice to her friends. One mistake can make her turn away from you forever.

Based on what many dating coaches have advised, getting a crush’s friends to like you increase the chances of dating. It’s an unspoken acceptance to your crush’s intimate life.

8. Show Humility

What’s that one thing that an Aquarius woman dislikes? It’s bragging. Avoid it because humility is how to get an Aquarius woman to stop ignoring you.

She likes it when someone is humble and down to earth. She'll start calling or texting you more often and that's How to Know If An Aquarius Cares About You.

9. Be Polite

Another thing that makes an Aquarius woman to ignore someone is rudeness. It’s a big no for her.

So when you’re with her, remember to be polite to everyone you meet. Show her that you’re a respectful person and like to treat people decently.

10. Keep Your Promises

Keeping your promises will also stop an Aquarius woman from ignoring you. When you talk the talk, it shows that you’re a serious person. She takes your honesty as a true symbol of your character.

11. Don’t Push Her Around

Here’s a simple way on how to get an Aquarius woman to stop ignoring you, treat her like a queen. Don’t push her around as if she’s a property that you own.

You also shouldn’t tell her how to live her life. It’s such a big turn off for an Aquarius woman. It's also Why Aquarius End Up Alone and Hurt.

12. Take Her To Beautiful Places

take her to beautiful places

Make her fall for you instantly by taking your Aquarius woman to beautiful places.

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Preferably somewhere quiet and serene. Give her a chance to soak in her time with you, away from all her troubles. From then on, she will never ignore you again.

Try these ways to make an Aquarius stop ignoring you. Remember to always treat her with a lot of respect.

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