Steps On How To Deal With Your Girlfriend Being A Bartender

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Love is acceptance. You love someone for who they are and not because they are trying to be someone else. And before you decide to be with someone, surely you have done your own research to see whether she is the one that could complete your imperfection and make the relationship perfect.

Because a relationship is not built by two perfect people, but it is built by two imperfect people that complete each other and make it perfect. You need to find that, the imperfection of someone that you can accept. Because it is not perfection that decides how long we can stay in a relationship with someone.

But, it is more into how we can handle the imperfection to be with that person. Some things have bad stereotypes that make people see other people as imperfect. It could be the appearance, the manner, the job, etc.

Maybe at first, we think that we can handle the stereotypes, but if we were not sure about it, as time goes by, we can just start to think negatively about our partner. And here is how to deal with your girlfriend being a bartender, one of the jobs that have a bad stereotype.


1. Make Sure That She Does Her Job Professionally

make sure that she does her job professionally

How to deal with your girlfriend being a bartender? You need to make sure that she does her job professionally. She needs to know that when it comes to a professional job, she does not need to serve the customer personally.

She needs to know the boundaries between a worker and a client within a working environment. To make sure that your girlfriend working professionally you can also know how to tell if a woman is attracted to you at work, and see whether she is attracted to another guy. And when you feel sure about your girlfriend and her job, you can come to the bar where she works sometimes.

If you know how the ways to make your job more satisfying and enjoyable, why don't you try to help your girlfriend to feel the same thing? Come to her bar, and keep her company while she is working. You don't need to be too close to her and become a stalker. Just make sure you are in a good position and distance where you can keep an eye on her.

2. Do Not Have A Sudden Date Schedule

When you are in a relationship, you are excited to see your loved ones. You even can plan a romantic dinner surprise for her, just to make her happy and fall in love over and over again with you. Yes, it is romantic, but when it comes to dating a bartender, you can't do a sudden date plan.

The date needs to be planned for at least a week before the day. This is because you need to understand her tight working schedule. Aside from that, you will also need to understand the things to know before dating a highly sensitive person. Because if she is a sensitive person, she can get mad easily and blaming you for not understanding her job as a bartender. 

3. Shower Her With Attention

shower her with attention

There are some reasons why you should never date a bartender if you cannot understand and love them enough. Their job has a lot of challenges that will also challenge you as a boyfriend. For your girlfriend, the challenge will be the flirt from the customer.

And for you, the challenge will be how you can still trust your girlfriend and win her heart in any kind of condition. As a bartender, somehow she will be the center of attention. And as long as she works there means she likes to be the center of attention where people will get amazed by her attraction as a bartender.

And to make sure that she will stay with you, you need to shower her with care, understanding, and the amount of attention that she deserves which surely more than what the bar's customer can give to her. Different people will have a different definition of attention.

You can know what kind of proper attention that you need to give to her based on her zodiac sign, for example, is by knowing how to get Libra woman's attention right away.

Steps on how to deal with your girlfriend being a bartender do not need to be worried that much when both of you are committed and trust each other. What you need to know more is finding the right communication way as a step on how to solve misunderstandings between boyfriend girlfriend to minimize the problem within a relationship.

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