Affectionate Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Better When She Is Sick

by Michelle Devani

Are you looking for some ideas to make your girlfriend feel better when she is sick?

Something to show you really think a lot of her? 

After all, it’s when times are tough that we can really show we care for someone…

Well, you’re in the right place, because I have included an epic list of ideas for you below. 

Before we start though, I want to warn you that this list is only for couples where mutual attraction has established. 

As crazy as it sounds, these nice gestures can actually serve to turn her off during the initial courtship phase. 

It can be too intense, when you’re not even established as boyfriend and girlfriend. 

It could be viewed as ‘coming on too strong’, which is never a good idea, especially when she is feeling weak and vulnerable. 

This expert guide explains why it’s such a horrible idea to come on too strong during the initial phases of flirting. More importantly, it teaches you how to flirt in a more subtle way that women can’t help but find compelling. 

This technique has been named ‘Stealth Seduction’ and it is a must-read for any single guy looking to win the affections of a woman.

With that said, if you’re in a loving couple, the ideas below will help you take care of your partner and show her you care about her.

Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Better When She's Sick

People get sick all the times. When we are sick we get all groggy, tired, and we have a bad mood or the rest of the day. As a lover, we need to lift our partners up. What should you do then?

Partners stay with each other through ups and downs, especially when their girlfriend is feeling sick. Because of this you need to do these sweet and caring ways to make your girlfriend feel better when she is sick;

1. Buy Her A Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is a comfort food for everyone and it also has many health benefits. This will instantly make her feel a little better.

2. Take A Day Off To Take Care Of Her

Having a day off shows your commitment to the relationship and is actually the Signs That Your Boyfriend Loves You More Than Anyone Else

3. Take Her Temperature Regularly

Make sure that you take temperature regularly and pay attention to it. If things doesn’t seem right, you’ll know what to do.

4. Be Available For Her

Being available for her means that you can instantly be reachable in case she needs any assistance. this is the best ways to make your girlfriend feel better when she is sick

5. Buy Her Medicine

Buy the medicine that she needs and make sure that she have those medicine on time to make her feel better.

6. Take Her To The Doctor

When the sickness escalate, you need to quickly get her to the doctor to have a proper diagnosis and treatment.

7. Cook Her Warm And Healthy Meals

cook her warm and healthy meals

There is nothing better than a home cooked warm and healthy meals for a person who is sick. Your cooking skill is actually a Husband Material Signs.

8. Make Sure She Is Hydrated

Enough water intake is key to a healthy life especially if you want to regain that health when you are sick.

9. Snuggle In Together

Staying in bed together not only makes her love you more but is a way to keep track of her sickness.

10. Watch A Movie Together

Movies in bed is actually a good idea because it can certainly lift someone’s mood when they are sick.

11. Always Make Sure She Have A Blanket

Blankets are the ultimate comforter. Make sure that she have enough blanket on her at all times.

12. Warm Her Up With Fuzzy Socks

All girls love fuzzy socks, especially the ones that their boyfriend gave them when they are sick. This is the How To Know He Loves You Even When He Doesn't Say It.

13. Don’t Be Grossed Out

Being grossed out for her sickness is really rude because it is something that she can’t control and it is the Signs of Conditional Love

14. Make Things Reachable For Her

Whether it’s her phone, water bottle, medicine or more, make sure that things are reachable so she don’t have to waste energy on trying to get it.

15. Call To Check In Once In A While

If you can’t be with her, make sure that you call her to check in on her condition to make sure nothing is wrong. 

16. Hug Her Close

A simple hug makes her warmer and increase the love that she have for you.

17. Take Care Of Your Health Too

When you take care of her, you need to keep your health too so you can be available for her. You can do this by exercising, eating vitamins, and more.

18. Be Gentle To Her

Talking in a gentle voice and using a gentle manner when handling her makes her feel better.

19. Be Patient To Her

There will be a lot of stressful stuff in handling her. Remember to be patient when these things happen.

20. Always Be Kind To Her

Kindness  makes her feel overall healthier.

Tips To Make Your Girlfriend Regain Her Health

When we are sick we really need someone to take care of us because all of our energy are drained out. This is how to be a helpful boyfriend so that she can regain her health quickly ;

1. Make Sure Her Place Is Clean

Cleanliness is something that could ease the mind and it makes sure that she stays healthy for a long time.

2. Get Her Some Sunlight

Sunlight cures a lot of sickness and it is also proven to increase someone’s good mood.

3. Do What She Asks You To Do

do what she asks you to do

Any request from her is important to keep her healthy and happy. 

4. Bring Her Favorite Stuff To Her

A lot of person gets bored when they stay in bed all day. Bring her favorite stuff to make her amused.

5. Make Sure She Gets Enough Sleep

Sleep is the body’s way to keep itself balanced. Especially for a sick person, this thing is needed.

6. Reassure Her Of Her Self Worth With Sweet Words

People can feel not her self and insecure when they are sick. Use the Things to Say to Your Girlfriend About Beauty Inside

Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Healthy Again

With enough love and effort, it doesn’t take long to actually become healthier. With all the efforts you have done, you will see the signs that your girlfriend is healthy again ;

1. She Stops Showing The Symptoms

Your girl will stop showing the heavy symptomps of sickness when she is on her road to recovery. But you still need to take care of her.

2. Being Active Again

Doing activities that take her energy is no problem now.

3. Showing More Affection Towards You

Now she knows that she is healthy because of you, she starts to show more signs that you are her favorite person in the world.


Sickness happens to everyone and it is where we are most vulnerable. To make it better, as a boyfriend, you need to do the ways to make your girlfriend feel better when she is sick. Doing that not only helps her become healthy again, but it also makes you seem more attractive in her eyes. It is a win-win situation!

Michelle Devani
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