Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Better When She Is Sick (31 Sweet Ways)

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you looking for some ideas to make your girlfriend feel better when she is sick?

Something to show you really think a lot of her? 

After all, it’s when times are tough that we can really show we care for someone…

Well, you’re in the right place, because I have included an epic list of ideas for you below. 

Before we start though, I want to warn you that this list is only for couples where mutual attraction has established. 

As crazy as it sounds, these nice gestures can actually serve to turn her off during the initial courtship phase. 

It can be too intense when you’re not even established as boyfriend and girlfriend. 

It could be viewed as ‘coming on too strong’, which is never a good idea, especially when she is feeling weak and vulnerable. 

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This technique has been named ‘Stealth Seduction’ and it is a must-read for any single guy looking to win the affections of a woman.

With that said, if you’re in a loving couple, the ideas below will help you take care of your partner and show her you care about her.


31 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Better When She Is Sick

When someone you love is feeling ill, one of the negative emotions you will feel is helplessness. If the sickness is mild, you can offer as much support as possible so they feel better soon. However, when the illness is more serious and deadly, your helplessness turns to frustration. 

When that person is your girlfriend, and you cannot do anything about her pain, your frustration heightens. You can even feel contempt for yourself, even though there’s nothing you can do about the situation.

If there is a prize for the world’s best boyfriend, most loyal and caring men would be fighting to get it, especially when it comes to their sick girl. However, you don’t need to be the poster boy for the best-behaved boyfriend to care for your sick girlfriend. If you love her enough, you would naturally want to be by her side all through the sickness and her recovery.

Beyond taking your sick girlfriend to the hospital, there are countless amounts of things to do for her. A healthy girlfriend is a happy one and so, there are many benefits to nursing her back to life. In this article, you will get 31 tips to make your girlfriend feel better, during and after her bout of illness.

1. Be sincerely compassionate

The first thing your girlfriend wants when she tells you she’s sick is not to rush her to the hospital. She is aware that only good medicine or other medical procedures can truly make her well. 

However, the wellness of a sick person starts from the mind. Your compassion as her lover and best friend will do a lot to encourage her to go to the hospital with less fear. Your genuine care will make her feel better even though she still requires medical treatment.

As a man, your first reaction to news of her being sick would be to get her to a doctor. A woman, on the other hand, wants to be firstly assured that she will be fine. That you would be there doting on her every step of the way as she would if you were the sick one. 

2. Go with her to the doctor

One way to make your girl feel better when she’s sick is to go to the hospital together. If possible, drive her there yourself. If not, try to meet her at the hospital before she sees the doctor.

Your moral support will ease the mental stress she’s going through at the thought of what her prognosis will be. Even if the sickness turns out to be just the flu, going with her will mean a lot. She’ll get better faster than if she had no one to rely on.

3. Replan your schedule to spend time with her

Depending on what her illness is or how sick she is, you might need to shuffle your plans to fit her into your schedule much more. If your regular dynamic was spending two out of five days with her, you might want to increase that to four out of five days.

You might not spend too much time with her, but seeing you almost every day for a few hours will lift her spirit. She will want to get better soon, so you can return to your routine. 

4. Ensure her apartment is clean

Allowing your sick girlfriend to stay in a dirty house is a terrible idea that won’t help her get well soon. In her weak state, she is helpless and unable to lift heavy things such as a vacuum cleaner. If she is too weak, she might not even be able to do the dishes, which is a simple enough task.

Ensuring that her house is clean will make her rest significantly better and she’ll recover faster in such an environment. She will also appreciate it, especially if she is a strong independent woman who normally takes care of herself. 

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5. Get her chicken soup

Chicken soup is a staple comfort dish for the sick because it’s tasty, warm, and liquid. If your girlfriend is very sick and cannot manage solid foods yet, lots of chicken soup and any other soup she favors will be very helpful. 

It will be a terrible idea if you try to force her to try solid foods when she’s not ready. She’ll probably throw them up as soon as they hit her belly. Try feeding her soup, hot tea, and other light healthy meals until her stomach can handle something more.

6. Keep her hydrated

Staying hydrated is very important for your sick girlfriend because her body isn’t getting the full nutrients it should. The fluid will enable her body system to carry out its basic functions even without enough healthy meals.

Ensure she is drinking enough water no matter how much she protests. Keep a bottle of water by her bed. Some patients only desire water over real food. If your girl is like this, replace too much water intake with other fluids. 

For example, get her to drink hot tea, juice, and soup. This way, she will get sufficient nutrients and stay hydrated too. She will also feel better afterward.

7. Be actually present

Having to put your life on hold or switch things up because of your sick girl is a sacrifice on your part, even if you don’t want to admit it to yourself. You’ll be abandoning other important things to take care of the most important person in your life, and that’s okay.

However, if your girlfriend’s sickness is long-term or serious, you might withdraw from her emotionally. You’ll be there with her physically but you won’t be present. No matter how sick she is, your girl will know you’re far away. 

She will feel guilty and angry with herself; two emotions she shouldn’t stress about in her situation. Don’t get too occupied with the outside world that you lock out your girlfriend.

8. Have a thermometer at hand

have a thermometer at hand

Monitoring temperature is an important aspect of your job as soon as your girl is discharged from the hospital. If she’s having a fever, you’ll need to be close by or have someone watch her. She shouldn’t be alone when her fever escalates.

Get a thermometer to have accurate data that you can report to her doctor. If she is still admitted to the hospital, the doctor will take good care that her temperature is normal. When she is back at home, you and her loved ones have the task of doing that. She will feel better when her temperature is stable. 

9. Offer to foot part of her bills

Your girl will be needing medicine if she is very sick. If she is to have surgery, she will be barely hanging on emotionally and mentally. Offering to pay part of her bills, or settling everything will lift some of her burdens. One of the things people dread when they are sick is the financial implication of their treatment. 

They have to worry about paying the doctor, getting medicine, feeding well, and life after recovery. As such, doing something as seemingly simple as getting her cough drops will make her worry less.

10. Prepare healthy meals for her

To aid quick recovery, your girlfriend needs to eat healthy meals to regain full strength. When you or anyone else is there to prepare meals for her, she won’t need to stress herself while recovering.

At this point, she has progressed to taking solid meals such as porridge, pasta, and more. Although homemade foods will be best for a recovering sick person, you can order her favorite soup or dish from her favorite restaurants if you can’t prepare meals for her. Giving her what she craves, as long as it’s healthy, will hasten her recovery period. 

11. Cuddle with her if the sickness is not contagious

Cuddling is one of the ways you can make your girl feel better when she is sick. Get in bed with her sometimes and let her rest her head on your chest. If she is feeling even better kiss her tenderly while cuddling her.

Just ensure the sickness isn’t contagious, she certainly doesn’t want the person taking care of her to become an invalid too. Get the facts right from her doctor to know what’s okay. That way, you won’t put her in harm’s way either.

12. Provide her with a warm and clean blanket

If you will be away most of the time and unavailable to warm your girl in bed regularly, ensure she has enough blankets to keep her warm. Get someone to do her laundry or take them to the dry cleaner. It is important that her clothes, including her blankets, are clean.

If it’s winter, it is even more important that she has a clean blanket she can easily reach for when it gets very cold. Coldness doesn’t go well with a sick woman. Also, if you can’t be there to be her human blanket, get her a stuffed animal to remind her you want to be there.

13. Prepare a warm bath for her

Depending on her temperature or kind of sickness, it will be good to prepare a warm bath for her once in a while. If it’s cold outside, the weather will be harder on her healing body. You want her to be as comfortable as possible so her sickness isn’t aggravated. 

Since she is still sick, ensure you get the water temperature right. She doesn’t need to add blisters to the list of things she is sick of. Warm baths will help her bones and muscles relax, especially when you add bathing salts or oils to the water.

14. Keep her feet warm with dry socks

In addition to warm blankets, warm baths, and hot meals, ensure your girl has clean dry socks to keep her feet warm. You cannot be there always, and cold tends to seep into the skin faster through the foot. The fuzzier and bigger the socks, the better. 

You can add gloves to the list of warm clothing items she needs. You might not think much of these little things you’re doing for her. However, rest assured, she will remember them long after she is no longer sick. Even when you do something wrong later, she will refer to the period she was sick and you did all you could to make her feel better.

15. Text her often when you have to be away

As a boyfriend who cares so much about his girlfriend, you’ll not want to be away from her when she is sick. However, life has to go on despite that fact. Also, someone needs to keep the money coming in. As such, when you have to go away during her sick days, keep in touch.

Send her sweet texts to assure her of your love. Send her funny texts to put a smile on her face. Don’t just bug her with questions about how sick she feels. Help her have the feeling of normality through your sweet texts too. She wants to know you still find her attractive, even though she is sick. Be sure to tell her how beautiful she is.

16. Call her only when necessary

call her only when necessary

Sick people are supposed to reserve their energy for a full recovery. Your girl being sick means she needs to rest in bed as much as possible. Her rest time isn’t when you should be keeping her on a long call. Even if you’re in a long-distance relationship, and calling is the main form of communication, limit the time you spend talking because she is sick.

Set your calling time to when you’re sure she’s fully rested for the day. Also, keep each call short, even if she argues that she wants to talk more. She will appreciate your protectiveness when she gets better. 

17. Give her a deep tissue massage

Lying in bed most of the day while she’s sick can make your girl’s muscles stiff. Offer to give her a deep tissue massage to help her feel better. If you’re no expert I’m giving massages, research, and do the best you can do. Your sweetheart deserves the best, so get a good aromatherapy soothing oil. 

Then, massage her deeply all over with the oil, making her feel relaxed and completely languid. She will sleep far better and longer. 

18. Leave her a handwritten note if she’s asleep

A little bit of romance will do your girl some good while she is sick. Send her fresh flowers. Your sweetheart deserves to see fresh flowers and a handwritten note by her bedside table the moment she wakes up. Sweeten the deal by sending her some chocolate if she has a sweet tooth and if it won’t counteract her medicine.

If she makes a bad patient, the fresh flowers might encourage her to take her medicine without any fuss. Write something sweet or funny in your handwritten note, and you might be surprised at how easily she will take her medicine. 

19. Set a calming atmosphere for her

Your girl needs to feel relaxed as much as possible, so her system will heal faster. If she is in a tense or chaotic environment, her recovery can take longer than necessary. Setting the right atmosphere for her healing is important and doesn’t have to require massive changes. 

If her house isn’t conducive enough for full recovery, take her to yours and create a calmer environment. The right lighting can do a lot to improve her sick pallor. Burning an aromatherapy candle can help with this. There are countless amounts of aromatherapy scents and herbs to pick from. Ensure you pick the appropriate aromatherapy candle that will soothe her nerves.

20. Keep essential things within her reach

To avoid making her stress herself needlessly, it is better to keep certain things within your girlfriend’s reach. For example, a bottle of water, her medicine, and food should be by her bed. She shouldn’t have to go all the way to the kitchen to get these things, especially if she’s still very sick.

If you cannot be with her for some time, always check in with her multiple times in the day to ensure she has all she needs without trouble.

21. Be patient with her

Sick people are hard to deal with, but impatience won’t get rid of the sickness. If your girl is a difficult patient, you might get frustrated at some point. If she isn’t eating her soup, or using her medication, you might get short with her. However, try to keep your cool because she doesn’t desire to be sick either.

Be firm yet gentle with her and she will comply. Shouting or walking out in anger will only make her feel worse. Rest assured, if you can stay patient with her, you’ll be getting lots of special favors from her when she recovers.

22. Try not to be openly disgusted during this period

Caring for a sick person can be daunting, especially if they are constantly vomiting or can’t do anything on their own. If your girl is seriously sick and barely hanging on, you want to do all you can to make her comfortable. 

Even if that means you have to clean her up, bathe, and dress her, you should do it because you love her. You might get disgusted at some point, try not to let her see that you are. Draw strength from the fact that you’re being selfless so she can feel better. If her case is incurable and she’s dying, you might be the one thing making her last days bearable.

23. Constantly assure her of your love

Regardless of how much weight your girlfriend loses while she is sick, you know the woman you love is still in her. She is still the same woman who has proven herself to you over and again through her actions. 

As such, one of the ways to make her feel better and cherished is to express your love through words and deeds. Meaning, she’ll be feeling completely loved despite her illness. 

24. Stay in shape too

stay in shape too

If you also get sick or lose weight, you won’t be helping either of you. Take good care of yourself while taking care of your girlfriend. Get in your morning runs even if you have to shorten the miles you usually run. Eat properly and get enough sleep too.

There are many benefits in staying in shape despite an increase in the tasks you have to handle because your girlfriend is sick. However, there’s no sense in abandoning your care for the same reason. 

25. Banter with her

When you’re not sending her funny texts, you should try bantering and cracking jokes with your girlfriend. Take her mind off her prognosis or sick state by telling her dry jokes. Laugh at each other and reminisce on good times

Staying happy even while she is sick will hasten her recovery, ensuring she’s feeling completely stable mentally.

26. Handle certain things that can get her out of bed untimely

If you have a workaholic girlfriend, this might be the time to be the chivalrous boyfriend and take on some of her workloads. If you don’t, the nice stuffed animal you bought won’t pacify her in the slightest. 

The only way to keep her in bed would be to put on your best boyfriend of the year game face and pull out all the stops for your girl. She will appreciate it even if she grumbles that she doesn’t. 

27. Tell her when you’re tired too

Honesty will get you in your girlfriend’s good graces even when she is down with a sickness. If you need to get some sleep, tell her so someone else can take over bed duty. Burning yourself out at her bedside will not help her.

To avoid acting out of irrational feelings, let her know you need to go take care of yourself. That’s the only way you can be useful to her anyway. 

28. Watch movies with her

Watching movies together is a good way to help your girl get back to the normal scene. It will help her feel less foggy from all the medicine she’s been taking.

Create your own cinematic experience in her sitting room. Get the ice cream, chicken nugget, and popcorn buckets ready. Then, go on a movie spree. Allowing her to pick the movies will score you some points. 

29. Help her get fresh air and sunlight

Once she isn’t feeling ill as she was before, it’s time for her to take walks. Even while she is bedridden, ensure you’re drawing her curtains open. She might protest, but it will make her feel better. 

Going on walks with you will put her in direct contact with fresh air and sunlight. She needs these natural resources to fully recover. 

30. Don’t treat her like a child

When she says she’s doing better, best believe her. It’s normal for you to fear she will get sick again since you’ve devoted so much time and energy to see her healed. However, smothering her will not help either.

To put your mind at rest, make her call her doctor who can then give an okay for her resume work and other activities. It might seem like you aren’t doing anything, but allowing her to get back to work will help.

31. Stay amazing even when she is fully recovered

Now that she is perfectly okay, she will love to continue seeing the amazing boyfriend you were during her sickness. While she shouldn’t expect you to serve her hand and foot, he wants you to continue the care and love you showed her.

If you love her, you’ll feel closer to her than you were before she got sick. As such, it shouldn’t be hard for you to take home the best boyfriend award over and again.


What to tell your girlfriend when she is sick?

Don’t treat or talk to her like an invalid even if you mean well. Let her know she needs to take her medicine without getting angry at her reluctance.

How can I make my girlfriend feel better?

Rub her foot, hands, and back which are major pain points. Buy her favorite soup and be there for her generally.

How do I comfort my girlfriend when she is upset?

Stop telling her to calm down and don’t believe her when she says it’s okay. Just stay quiet till she’s done venting.

What do you say to a girl to make her love you more?

It’s more about what you do than what you say. However, standing up for your girl when someone tries to talk bad about her can win you some points with her.

How do you make a girl feel like she’s losing you?

When she is acting all wrong, ignore her and act like you’re not bothered. Girls hate being ignored by their boyfriends, so that should make her adjust her attitude. 

In Conclusion 

Taking care of someone sick is not the easiest thing to do because they become babies that need constant attention. When that person is your woman, you’ll feel even more responsible. These tips should help you make your girl, and indirectly you, feel better all through the recovery process. 

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