Benefits of Dating A Female Bodybuilder - Best Lover?

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Have a good body it will make you perfect, like a hockey player, please see it on benefits of dating a hockey player. However, sometimes you feel that make some workout is boring. So, how do not you to try dating with a female bodybuilder?

You know there are much of benefits of dating a female builder. Let's check these reasons first.


1. Healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyle

It is her lifestyle, how to make the muscle like that. She must do really hard work with a strict discipline. Everybody can do this even you.

2. She does not waste the time

A female builder really knows how to spend her time. She does not use it for shopping and eating in the whole day. She has a schedule list, every day.

3. Discipline

Strict schedule, make her be the person that very discipline. She knows what is next to do. She goes to the gym, breakfast then goes to work.

4. Lifestyle

Make a big muscle is not her hobby it justs her lifestyle. Who people do not want to be healthy in their life? You can try this healthy lifestyle too. 

5. She is not afraid to commit

A female builder really has a strong committed in her life, for her health. How about another challenge like to love someone? She will accept and will not to step back from you.

6. The health dishes

She really a good cooker, she can make full of healthy dishes for you. The tastes are very good makes it from fresh ingredients that she plants on the backyard.

7. Gets more respect

Okay, a female builder really has a good body with little or even giant muscles in her arms. While people see this she gets more respect and people will think twice before confronting her.

8. Improves your life well

improves your life well

With her, that very discipline, focus on her goals, committed and dedicated for her life it can improve your life well. There are many positive and benefits of dating a female builder.

The signs that she is not a natural female bodybuilder

For you who do not know how is a female bodybuilder looks like? These are a few of sign that you should know. let's check on here.

1. She looks like a man

Do you ever recognize that she looks like a man? Her voice, the body with some giant muscles there and there. That all can build by the drugs, so that's why she has much of steroids in her body.

2. Nasty sound effect

While you meet on a girl, like on things you should know before dating a Latina. You recognize that her voice is very sweet and beautiful. Otherwise, a female bodybuilder does not have that sweet voice. She has a rusty and masculine voice like a man. 

3. Developed over her chest

Some men like to develop over the chest, it becomes to look masculine and cool. However, if you see a female that has developed over her chest, it's not a natural female bodybuilder.  

4. Hairy as man

Much of anabolic steroids make a female bodybuilder has extra growth hair like a man. They can grow in every part on her bodies, such as the face, legs, arm, and even her armpit. 

5. She has silicone implants

Sometimes a female bodybuilder does this to satisfy the expectations of the people even the judges. You can look at the model of a female bodybuilder. Some of them do these to looks perfect. 

How to dating with a female builder

Well, if you are curious about a female body builder and want to date with her. You should see these tips. Let's check it out

1. Meet at the gym

We know that a female bodybuilder loves a healthy lifestyle, one step to close with her. You should go to the gym, and meet her at that gym. 

2. Pull up your muscles

Just only meet or talk with her does not make her impress. So, why you do not try to pull up your muscles every day? Maybe with you turn to her lifestyle, you can get her.

3. Work out together

work out together

This is very effective to know her well, how she is even why she wants to become a female bodybuilder. You can work out together frequently times, you and she can become closer as soon as possible. 

4. Cooks healthy food

Why do not invite her for breakfast? Try a healthy recipe from the internet, and invite her to cook together. It is so fun and absolutely makes her happy.

5. Her characteristic

She is an Aquarius woman,  see her characteristic on characteristics of Aquarius women in love. May with you know how about her character you can get her closer with your way.

6. Choose the right words

A female bodybuilder has a body looks like a man even her voice too. However, even though she looks like that you should choose the right words while you talk with her, she has a soft heart too. 

7. Over her for a date

It is a big thing that you should do this if you want to date with her but you feel nervous, just see on here some tips to calm nerves before a Date.

8. Take the right place for dating

What is the right place for dating her? Choose a place that she loves or if she loves adventure you can invite her to hike or camping for a few days. However, if you want other ideas just look at what to do with a girl when you have no money.

9. Talk with her

While there is a right time, just go and talk with her if you want to invite her to a place that she loves. Make sure you pick up her on time.

10. Say, Love

So, just do and say what is in your heart to her. If you cannot say with words, do something that it expresses your feeling, a love. 

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