What To Do With A Girl When It's Cold Outside (The Best Date Ideas)

Last updated on June 9, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Have you ever seen scene from a movie where couples enjoy playing snowball wars and embracing the cold outside? They make it really fun that you want to try yourself. But movies are movies.

Winter can get too cold that you prefer to pull out the blanket and stay warm. Even so, you can’t miss out the time to be spent together with your loved ones just because the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Winter date ideas don’t always have to involve snow and other outside activities. If you are wondering what to do with a girl when it’s cold outside, there are plenty of ideas that can keep you warm. Here are some fun things to do together.

1. Sipping A Cup Of Hot Chocolate

You can do anywhere you prefer to. While it’s good to go to your favorite café and enjoy the winter view, you can make your own hot chocolate at home.

Having talks over the hot chocolate is always a good idea for winter. Chocolate makes your mood lifted up, hot water warms you from the inside.

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2. Dip In A Local Hot Spring

dip in a local hot spring

Not everywhere is cold in the winter. Soak yourself together in the cold weather by dipping in the nearest hot spring or hot tub. The place usually packed when it’s winter so you can really enjoy a public date with your lovely girl. You won’t feel like it’s winter anymore.

3. Warm Up In The Kitchen

When the weather is too cold to hold, staying inside is not a bad idea. Keep yourself warm by cooking delicious meals that suit winter. Soup or stew is the best food to enjoy during winter, along with bread toast, wine, and good company. 

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4. Get Cozy Near The Fire

Traditional fireplace is not starting to be replaced with heater. In most romantic movies, enjoying the fireplace together never fail to charm a girl. If you don’t have one at home, drop by your favorite bar that has one. You can get really cozy and warm.

5. Plan A Warm Getaway

Some people don’t enjoy winter they prefer to fly off the country and go somewhere warm instead. You can do the same if you don’t like the winter as well.

Plan a trip with your best girl to somewhere warm and enjoy. This is the best idea for you who have been busy all the time you barely have time to travel. 

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6. Movie Night Together

Here is another what to do with a girl when it’s cold outside and you’re too lazy to move from your bed. Turn on the TV and make yourself warm and cozy in front of it.

Movie night is suitable for every situation: cold weather, short of time, even short of money. You can enjoy the intimate moment of each other’s company.

7. Drive Around

Driving around in winter is the best date for you who don’t want to stay at home but too lazy to embrace the cold. Get in the car, turn on the heater and enjoy the city lights together. But remember to be careful since the street get slippery a lot in winter. 

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8. Breakfast In Bed

breakfast in bed

You can date at any time you want. In fact, it doesn’t have to be at evening or night. You can do it from early in the morning. Winter shows no mercy sometimes it’s already freezing cold right from the morning.

You don’t have to get up for breakfast and hit the kitchen. Place order by phone to your favorite diner and get the food delivered.

9. Dance The Night Away

Hush the cold away by moving your body a bit. Turn on your favorite music, the ones that make you want to dance (Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk is not bad!) and shake it off. Little moves and groove wouldn’t hurt. You can laugh, hugs, and kisses through the night. 

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10. Soaking In The Bath Together

Cold weather makes everyone lazy for some unexplained reasons. Staying at home is the best choice so you don’t have to deal with it. But staying inside and not doing anything can be deadly boring.

If you have tub at home big enough for two, put in the bath bombs and essential oils to soak together. Accompanied by dim lit candles and soothing music, you can throw the stress away.

11. Camping In The Living Room

Still don’t know what to do with a girl when it’s cold outside? Well, this one is brilliant. Set up a tent in your living room and sleep in there. Don’t have a tent? Make it out of blankets and pillows. Going camping is a classic date everyone would enjoy, but in winter it’s hard to sleep soundly outside. 

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12. Forget Everything And Have Fun

forget everything and have fun

A fun date doesn’t always have to be something you planned nicely and thoroughly in advance. At many times, going without any plan surprise you in a good way.

Don’t mind about the cold weather, the laundry, and the chores. Just have fun with each other without plan, and if you want to do something in the middle, then go for it.

13. Have A Romantic Weekend

On the contrary of above, you can book a lake house cabin for the weekend to stay in together. Left your gadgets at home so you can enjoy the full company with each other. It’s going to be an unforgettable winter.

Those ideas above will make you no longer ask what to do with a girl when it’s cold outside. Don’t let the weather stop you because you still can enjoy yourself in the cold winter.

For you who love winter, embracing the cold together is actually fun: there are many things you can only do in winter. But if you prefer to stay warm, having fun inside the house wouldn’t make it less romantic. Just do whatever makes you comfortable.

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