What To Text A Guy After A One Night Stand (11 Things To Text Him)

Last updated on May 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering what to text a guy after a one-night stand?

That’s no surprise, as there tends to be a lot of unanswered questions following such an encounter? 

Did he only want it to be a one-night thing, or does he want more? How does he feel about seeing you again? Did he mean it when he said you were the best sex he ever had?

These are things that a girl needs to know… 😉

So, what is the best way to initiate the conversation? Well, I’ve listed some ideas below…

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But, for now, feel free to scroll down and peruse my list of 11 suggestions for good messages to send in this situation.


11 Things To Text A Guy After A One Night Stand

How to text a guy after a one night stand

1. “I enjoyed it last time. Can we do that again sometime?”

If you’re not afraid to hook up with this guy again, then asking for a rematch isn’t a bad idea. It shows how confident you are to go for what you want, and also open the floor for another round of good sex. 

You can also be specific with this message by including the things you enjoyed. This action will make the man feel good about himself, and potentially want to meet you again. On that note, it’s a win-win for everyone.

2. “Heyyy!”

Things are naturally awkward after a hookup, and you may not know the exact thing to say to break the ice. If you’re in that dilemma, this message is perfect for you. It’s casual but also shows a level of familiarity between you and the recipient. 

If the man wants to build a casual friendship with you, he won’t hesitate to reply to your message. There’s a high chance both of you might talk about what happened before that, or perhaps, go out to get to know each other.

3. “I must say; you’re really good in bed.”

Praising how great the man is in bed, might put you on his right side. Moreover, it’s an excellent way to break the silence after hooking up with him. With this message, you can rest assured he’ll respond to this positively, or might even praise your skill as well. 

It strokes his ego in the right way and gives him a chance to want to get to know you more. More so, both of you can bond over the experiences you had the previous night.

4. “Care for another round?”

This type of text message gives a man something to look forward to. More so, guys are always up for a challenge when it comes to sex. Asking for another round in this fun and flirty way will surely catch his attention and keep him wanting more

In the meantime, the conversation can delve deep into what to expect. This act would, in turn, build the relationship both of you would have. It will help in exploring ideas to make the next time even more memorable.

5. “I can’t stop thinking about last night.”

i can't stop thinking about last night

Being honest about the experiences you had is an excellent way to get a man’s attention after a one-night stand. Guys love to know that they had an impact on a lady. You can make this message more personal by including what he did during sex that you can’t stop thinking about. 

If he’s into you, he won’t hesitate to share his experiences and how much he enjoyed his time with you. All it takes is a little bit of honesty to start the conversation.

6. “Can we meet again?”

This type of message is a classic one, especially after a one-night stand. It suggests that things shouldn’t end with just one night, which is your primary reason for contacting him. In plain words, you have a desire for the association to continue. 

It may not only be about sex, but also your interest in him as a person. He will see through it and would be encouraged to start a friendship with you, if necessary. Being straightforward in your message will indeed go a long way.

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7. “That was something legendary.”

This message is straight to the point. It emphasizes what both of you have in common, which is the hookup. No one requires you to give in-depth details on why you’re contacting him

However, emphasize the experiences you had together because this act will surely catch his attention and increase his level of interest. More so, it praises his skills, which is one thing every man likes. Think of an incredible thing that happened that night, and recall it in your message to him. He won’t hesitate to contact you back.

8. “I’ll be at this amazing club tomorrow. Care to join me?”

Sending a straightforward request to hang out goes a long way in most cases. If you don’t want everything to be about hooking up, a prudent step is to invite him out for something exciting. If he’s interested in you, or perhaps, enjoyed his time with you, he won’t hesitate to accept the offer. 

Keep your message fun and casual. This step will make the request more enticing and hard to resist, without the man feeling any pressure to accept.

9. “I can tell you know your way around a woman’s body.”

This type of message acknowledges that he did a good job, which will make the man feel good about himself. This action also increases your chances of hooking up with him again, because he’ll want to reaffirm your statements. 

This statement also embodies confidence and shows you’re not afraid to admit the experience was incredible, and any man would like that.

10. “So about last night…”

If you can’t find the right words to send to a man you hooked up with, you can initiate the conversation with this type of message. It opens the floor to talk about what happened and how both of you feel. 

It also gives room to talk about expectations – whether or not there’ll be another hookup, or perhaps a friendship. It’s a safe way to start a conversation because you’re not letting your hopes too high, or setting yourself up for disappointment.

11. Send a GIF or emoji

send a gif or emoji

If you’ve tried all you can to come up with the perfect message to send after a hookup, but couldn’t find the right one, then sending a gif or emoji is a prudent option. 

There are many naughty emojis that can suggest another round of sex. You can likewise use a more graphic alternative, which is a gif, to entice the man for another meetup. Both of them would effectively pass across any message you’re trying to send.


How long should I wait to text him after a hookup?

Some guidelines suggest texting within the time frame of one to three days, but it is best to message a man at the most natural time. Depending on your relationship with him, or the experiences you’ve encountered, message him when you feel like it’s a good time to.

How do I know if he likes me after a one-night stand?

His enthusiasm to contact you after you texted him will reveal whether he likes you or not. If he messages first, then it’s a positive sign. If he wants to go out with you, or possibly meet again, it’s also a good sign.

What do you text a guy after a hookup?

If you want to establish a relationship with a man after a hookup, then you should message him about how great the previous meetup went. This act will encourage him to want to meet up with you again. You can also send a straightforward message asking if both of you can meet up some other time.

Do guys like it when you text them first?

Although most guys may not admit it, they love it when girls message them first. It gives them the motivation to pursue them and reveals the confident side of the lady that they can’t resist.

Should you wait for him to text you?

If you’re confident enough to message a guy first, then don’t hesitate to. If you know you’ll feel under pressure waiting to receive a message from him, then you should message first. Otherwise, you can consider waiting a while.

All In All

Did you find this article insightful? Remember to personalize any of the above examples by adding details like the man’s name, or a breathtaking experience that took place. If you enjoyed this article, kindly leave a comment or share it with others.

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