How to Tell a Guy You're Hooking Up with You Are on Your Period

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 With a hookup buddy, you truly can do everything without thinking about unnecessary things and troublesome. You please to call him anytime to stay the night so you won't feel lonely.

However, when comes your time, which is your period, not only affect your mood but it also ruins your hooking up plans. So bad luck!

Here are how to tell a guy you're hooking up with you are on your period

You can't drive into it if you're on your period because it isn't good and messy. Therefore, you should prepare something to avoid the chaos of it.

Don't worry, all you need to do is learn about how to tell a guy you're hooking up with you are on your period. Try to learn this too How to Tell a Guy You Want to Hook Up in a Text.

1. Explain Properly

Don't bother looking for an unacceptable reason. Go ahead explain to them properly when you're not set for a hookup.

2. Invite to Do Any Other Fun Activity

Here are how to tell a guy you're hooking up with you are on your period. Besides, do your usual thing in bed, there are actually many things you can do outside.

Give him some recommendation, for example, go to the movies or hang out in the arcade.

3. Give a Red Sign

Before starting the hookup relationship, you should create rules so it would be handy in the future. So you need to learn this How to Tell If a Guy Wants a Relationship or Just Hook Up.

Make something like what are you going to do when it so-called-red-sign then you don't have to worry about finding words to be excused.

4. "Another Time, Please?"

Here are how to tell a guy you're hooking up with you are on your period. If he invites you to a party or out for night it is definitely going to end up in bed.

Simply tell him that you can't make it this time. Another time, okay?

5. You Want It But Can't for Now

It is not you don't want to hook up but you just can't at the moment. Ask for when it's done would do, perhaps? It would!

6. Give a Compensation

Here are how to tell a guy you're hooking up with you are on your period. You might feel bad not giving what he wants.

To compensate it, try to make him a box of lunch or basically things that he would like. Check this too How to Tell If a Guy Wants to Kiss You at the Movies.

7. Spend the Night Chilling

It doesn't matter if you still want to spend the night with him. Just chill, no hookup!

8. It's a Movie Time!

Here are how to tell a guy you're hooking up with you are on your period. It is the best time to deepen your bond even you're only engaging in a hookup relationship.

Do you feel like he kind of takes you for granted?
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Suggest him to do a movie time tonight!

9. Talking All Night Long

You should try to spend your night in a long conversation till morning instead of hitting the bed.

10. Offer Something Else

Here are how to tell a guy you're hooking up with you are on your period. Maybe you may want to offer him another pleasure time with your hand? *wink*

Signs Your Hookup Buddy Understands You're on Your Period

Here are signs your hookup buddy understands that you're on your period. Check this too How to Hook Up with Someone You Don’t Know.

1. Tell You Not to Worry

If he understands your situation, he'll tell you not to completely worry about it.

2. He Knows It's Coming

Everyone knows about the period of time on girls. So, he knows it's coming.

3. Invite You to Somewhere Else

Looks like your recommendation hits him up. Instead of going sleepover tonight, he wants to spend time with you somewhere else.

4. Not Going to Force You

Some guys might not take your reason but if he understands, he is not going to force you to do it.

5. Try Other Ways

He understands that it's such a mess down there. Therefore, he gladly accepts to try the other ways.

More Tips When You're on Your Period

Here are more tips when you're on your period. You should try to check this too What Should A Boyfriend Do When His Girlfriend Is on Her Period.

1. Chill and Chill

You know that you're such a sensitive person when you're on your period. Stay calm and chill!

2. Eat Ice Creams

What a nice time to eat lots of ice creams!

3. Be Cleaner

It is healthy to keep yourself clean and cleaner when you're on your period.

4. Do Some Exercise

It only takes 10 minutes or so to make your body healthier.

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