Why Does My Boyfriend Want Me to Sleep with Another Man?

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There are a lot of things, new things actually that we need to learn in life. And since we are learning, it means that we don't know the answer yet when our mind think of something. Moreover, when it comes to the question of why does my boyfriend want me to sleep with another man.


1. Having a fantasy

having a fantasy

The first and the most common reason is because he has the man fantasy. No, this is not the fantasy about whether both of you is confusing on when to sleep with him for the first time.

But, this is more into the man sexual fantasy. There is a certain psychological condition where someone wants to see his partner to sleep with another guy to get that personal pleasure.

2. Bisexual

The second reason is because your boyfriend might cover his preference and recently by asking you to sleep with another man, he reveals it that he is bisexual.

Bisexual itself means that someone is attracted to people without seeing their gender, so those who are bisexual can sexually attracted to both male and female. And if you found out that your boyfriend showing the signs of being bisexual, maybe he was on best dating app for gay relationship, and found out that both male and female attract him.

3. Mental health problem

Lastly, the possibility on why does my boyfriend want me to sleep with another man is because he has a mental health problem. The mental health problem can be vary.

And this condition may get worse because of the influence and pressure that they feel from their surrounding, the environment, and people close to them.

This is why mental health really need to have a serious concern. And you will need to understand the benefits of being alone for your physical and mental health. To prevent bad things happen to you or other people who are not knowing the importance of a good mental health condition.

What Should I Do?

If those bad things are really happening, you still can some things to fix the current condition better.

1. Talk to him in person

talk to him in person

Remember that every time you feel bad or not comfortable about something, you will always can to talk about it. By not talking about the things that make you feel bad or uncomfortable, you will not change the current condition to be better.

However, this will also help you to learn on how to solve misunderstanding between boyfriend girlfriend. You need to talk to him to confirm all of your assumption that you had about him. He will also be able to talk to you and let you know about what he feels about you.

Both of you can share what each one of you feel about each other. And by those information that you get from him, you can start to make your own decision. 

2. Make decision

The second step that you need to do is to make the decision for your relationship, especially for yourself. To make the decision, both of you need to put yourself in each other's shoe, so you know what your partner feel about you.

After both of you can put yourself in each other's shoe, then both of you can start to have an open minded discussion. And you will also need to know on how to get a Taurus man make a decision.

You need to think about the worst condition that might happen if you choose to continue the relationship. Think and think whether you will be able to accept the reality of his imperfection be there with you, the imperfection that you need to face every single day during the relationship.

If you feel like you can't do it, and he feels like he wants something else that is different from your opinion about the relationship then, you need to let him go. It will be better to end the relationship rather than still stuck inside of it and both of you are suffering.

Talking about the serious topic such as why does my boyfriend want me to sleep with another man, you will need to be able to think logically. It will be hard, I know but then for your own happiness and his happiness, you need to take a brave move. There are only two choices, whether you break up or you keep the relationship with this problem. Remember the importance of the reasons you should know and love yourself before you love someone else, because it does really matter.

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