47 Advantageous Benefits of Dating a Germany Girl

Last updated on May 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It's always challenging to date someone from other country. As they have a different background, culture, and customs, you will gain something new. Just like how different Chinese Dating Etiquette from Dating Culture in England, there's some particular rules in Dating Culture in Germany.

Germany girls are also challenging to date since they have particular culture which some has been well known all over the world. You can have many benefits of dating a Germany girl. Not only that they are hot blondies with full of charms, you should know all of benefits of dating a Germany girl.

1. Talk Everything Over a Beer

Germany means beer, beer means Germany. All problems will be solved over a beer. Love sparks over a beer. Just take a sip of beer and everything will be solved. Germany girls are all crazy over beers and it's not hard to please them.

2. You Can Get Close Easily to Her Dad

If meeting your girlfriend is usually hard, it doesn't apply to German dads. In fact, they are not scary at all. On the first meeting you can quickly be drinking buddies. He won;t be hesitate to offer you a glass of beer.

3. You Can Taste the Best Food Ever

Have you ever heard of Currywurst? At least once in your life you should taste German doner kebab and their well known burger joint. Germany has one of the best street food in the world. You can find thousand of outlets all over the city. She might treats you too.

4. You Will Learn Her Language

German is as sexy as French. As it become one of the power country in the world, you will gain advantage by learning a little German. Even tough you only know the slangs like Kohle, Karre, and Klo (cash, car, and toilet).

5. You Can Exercise Together

Germans are spot freaks. She may looks blonde, sexy, and girly outside but never doubt her athletic ability. She can perform various type of sport, including the manliest one: football. It's her fun Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Fall in Love with You Again.

6. You Won't be Tardy Anymore

Grow up in a busy country, she values time more than anything. Don't ever try to be late for your date with her or you'll be receiving the blow. She is on time and you should be too.

7. It's Not Hard to Get Her Attention

Most German are open minded and they are always ready for new things. While girls from other country seemed hard to open up their heart, German girl is not the same. She will be as curious as you to date someone from other country.

8. Her Friends are Pretty Too

It's a good signs if your German crush brings you over to meet her friends. You can take it as the Signs an Introverted Girl Likes You and she happens to be a German. Not only it's a green light but you will be pleased to meet her equally pretty friends.

9. She is a Loyal Lover

German never plays with feeling and they take love seriously. You can expect your relationship to last long when you date a Germany. Also, she's never in a rush to get married so you don't have to think the ways How to Propose Someone you love so fast.

10. She is a Warm Person

She may look elegant like a lady and won't talk much. She even play hard to get way too good. But once you break the ice, all you find is warmth inside. German girl is such a loving person that never failed to make you fall in love with you more.


Things That Will Happen If You Date a Germany Girl

Dating a Germany girl will surely brings you to a whole new world that you never know exist. Here are the things that will happen to you once you date a Germany:

  1. You will get fat easily.
  2. Cheese, sausages, and bread is a side dish. The main course hasn't been served yet.
  3. You will never stops eating.
  4. You don't afraid to get fat.
  5. You will never late anymore
  6. You are punctual in everything.
  7. Beyond German, you will learn her dialect as well.
  8. She can provide you with cars, house, and anything else.
  9. You will be surprised by their independence.
  10. She is good on bed. 
  11. She beats you on drinking.
  12. You think you need to learn drinking from her.
  13. She drives faster than you.
  14. Her well-mannered nature will impressed you.
  15. You never stop marveling at her beauty.
  16. You have to send her flowers everyday.
  17. You should take all the bills at the first date.
  18. She won't mind to treat you.
  19. You start thinking to marry her.
  20. There will be no drama allowed.

Some of Germany Dating Customs

Germany girls also have their own customs when it comes to dating. It heavily affected by the German culture and you need to know what those are:

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  1. She don't like to beat around the bush.
  2. Say everything directly.
  3. Pay the bills on the first date, split them on the second.
  4. Don't ever think she's below you.
  5. German highly value the equality between man and woman.
  6. Honesty above everything.
  7. Never say a lie even for small things.
  8. She won't say you're gorgeous when you look shabby.
  9. Prepare some "serious" topics about the recent economic issue.
  10. As smart as she is, she doesn't into trivial conversation.
  11. She never take all things into heart.
  12. She is not easily offended.
  13. Throw some jokes with them.
  14. Age doesn't matter when it comes to love.
  15. She has her own life to live.
  16. You will never be the center of her world.
  17. Hide your emotion if you're about to offend your partner.

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