Subtle Signs An Introverted Girl Likes You But Shy

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Introvert girl is really one of a kind. She is sometime hard to get close with since all you see in her is shyness, quietness, and tendency to withdraw herself from the crowd. But just like any other people, she can fall in love too. And you will be lucky to be falling in love with an introverted girl. As introverted as she is, it's probably hard for you to find out whether she likes you or not.

She won't be easily giving out signs, neither tell about her feeling to her friends. She would be likely keep it for herself alone, which makes you are here now trying to find out her true feeling for you. No need to be worry because all you need is to be more precise so that you can finally see the hidden signs an introverted girl likes you all the time.


1. You Bumped Into Her Everywhere

Like all the time. She suddenly showing up everywhere you go. Well, she doesn't have plans to say hello or approaching you. Just knowing you're around is enough for her.

2. Her Behavior Changes After Seeing You

her behavior changes after seeing you

The strange mood when everything becomes quiet once you enter the room. It's okay, it's only the aura she sends directly to you.

3. She Invites You To Her Personal Thoughts

Maybe you are already friends with her and one day she opens up about herself like never before. It's Signs A Smart Shy Girl Likes You in Secret because she is an introvert.

4. She Reveals One Secret To You

Sometime it's not much to say about an introverted girl. But when she decides to share one of her secrets to you, such as how she likes rock and metal music despite of her personality. It mean you are more special than everyone else.

5. She Willingly Helps You

An introvert girl is someone who always true to her feelings. So when you ask her a favor, she will gladly accept it and do her best to help you. It's also Most Common Signs a Woman Is Attracted to You.

6. She Let Go Of Her Comfort Zone

she let go of her comfort zone

So she talks to you, something she never did before. You did see the nervousness and how each of her words were stuttered. You know it's Signs a Shy Girl Wants You to Ask Her Out.

7. She Invites You To Her World

She has this one space where she never let anyone to come in. Lucky you that you are the one to got invited. Don't be surprised when someday she tells you about how she fell in love with Harry Potter. It's Signs a Nerdy Girl Likes You.

8. She Remembers Your Important Dates

She may be not someone from your inner circle and you have never meet her personally. But she is the one who never miss to say happy birthday in the middle of the night. 

9. She Makes The First Move

Don't take this lightly since she may prepare this for months. Finally she gather her courage to say hello to you first after only swarming around you.

10. She Gives You Advice

An introvert tends to stay away from other people's business. She only cares about someone she loves, so that she gives you advice instead of keeping her silent.

11. She Try To Keep In Touch

If you know an introvert, she is not the type to call or text someone she likes. The fact that she even keep up with you is enough to tell that you're special for her.

How To Win An Introvert Heart

how to win an introvert heart

You need to know how to win the heart of an introvert. Take your steps carefully since a little wrong move can make her walk away.

  1. Give space between after she finish talking and before you speak. Carefully choose your words you she won't feel offended.
  2. Listen to her carefully and make summary of her earlier talk in your own words. It makes her feel appreciated and prove that you listened to her well.
  3. Be comfortable with her silence. Not that she's not interested in you or being rude to you. She simply enjoys it. Try to enjoy the silence together with her.
  4. Before talking about anything, make sure you have thinking hard inside your head. Introverts like those who work their brain before their mouth. 
  5. Try to communicate via text. It's the most effective way for an introvert since she can take her time before answering to you.
  6. Don't cut off their speak in the middle. It discourages them and she won't be likely to talk again. She need to gather all her courage to speak up her ideas.
  7. Start a conversation while doing something else. Such as in the middle of lunch, on a car, or while you were walking together. It's less intimidating for an introvert.
  8. Acknowledge her feeling first before you do something that might disappoint her. Such as when she has to cut off her talk because the lunch break is already over.
  9. Write notes, letters, or emails because an introvert speaks better through written language. Try to keep up with this one while encouraging her little by little.
  10. Ask them in detail about anything since an introvert will never give you a long answer. So you have to be specific in what you want to know from her. Don't worry because she will give you and honest answer.

So those are the hidden signs an introverted girl likes you. Since her personality is pretty unique, it's a bit tricky to find out her feeling too. But one good advantage to be in a relationship with an introvert is, she is not easily falling in love. But once she likes someone, she will be a faithful lover. Now that you notice the Signs of Shy Girl Crush on You and she turns out to be introverted, why not trying to get close to her?

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