This is What to Do If Your Boyfriend Keeps Asking for Money

Last updated on July 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

When you love someone, you are willing to give everything for him, including money. Blinded by love, you don’t even realize that you’re being used. Not only one or twice, he habitually asking money from you. Which is why you desperate to know what to do if your boyfriend keeps asking for money. You may also read Types of Boyfriends You'll Have in Your 20s

Surely, a relationship in which financial dependency is so strong is not healthy. This is a problem you have to fix immediately. The fact that he keeps asking for money is much to your disadvantage. So this is our tips on what to do if your boyfriend keeps asking for money.

  1. Question If He Really Needs It

If you want to help your boyfriend who is probably short of money, then it’s okay. But it’s also okay to question whether he really needs it when he keeps asking for money. You may be suspicious if he seems like needing money the whole time and asking it for you. You may also read Signs of a Man Using a Woman for Money

  1. Ask for His Reasons

Before you decide to give him the money or not, ask what is his reason. What kind of situation he’s currently in that he ask money from money. Judging from his reasons, it will be easier for you to give away the money or not. If he stuttered and unable to give you something rational, probably it’s better not to give him the money.

  1. Don’t Give In So Easily

One of the reason why your boyfriend keeps asking money from you is because you give it too easy. Either you never ask why or you don’t even bother to ask.

You make him comfortable that and now that it happens multiple times you shouldn’t give in so easily. Remember that you work hard to earn the money and he doesn’t have the right to ask for free. You may also read How to Make Your Boyfriend to Give You Money

  1. Remind Him How Many Times He Has Asked

So this is what to do if your boyfriend keeps asking for money: you have to remind him. Asking for money from you many times is not something you should let go. There must be something wrong with him and you need to know why. Let him know that you are aware of this behavior and ask for explanation.

  1. Make a Deal with Him

The first time he asked for money, he probably needed it. The second time it happened, you decided to let it go. The third time and after feels like a bad habit of him, which is why you should stop it.

When he ask money from you again, make a deal with him. Tell him you want him to give the money back, because you didn’t get it for free either. If he doesn’t want to do it, then don’t give the money. You may also read Signs of a Bad Boyfriend Material

  1. Consider Your Situation

Before you give or lend money to others, you should consider your situation in general. Are you in need of money? Are you financially stable? Can you afford the money he asked? Especially when you’re living paycheck to paycheck, you should seriously decline his request.

  1. Pass on the Topic

If you don’t know how to say no to him, you can take a preventive action: cut him off every time it seems like he wants to talk about money. Change the topic immediately so he wouldn’t have time to ask about it. Even though he’s mad on the inside, he definitely won’t bring it up for a while. You may also read Signs of An Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend

Signs He is Using You

While you are thinking about what to do if your boyfriend keeps asking for money, you should also consider whether he is using you for his advantage of not. These are the signs you are being used by your boyfriend.

  • He is Selfish. The fact that he keeps asking money from you is enough to show that he is such a selfish person. He never consider your situation, only thinking about getting what he wants.
  • He is Not Emotionally Present. Well, this is sad. You’re dating him but you never feel emotional affection from him. It’s because he never really cares, that’s why you never feel the love from him.
  • He Keeps You a Secret. This is the ultimate sign your boyfriend is using you. He never bring you over to meet his friends and family, never post your photos in social media, and never told about you to them.

So those are all we’ve got about what to do if your boyfriend keeps asking for money. Unless you know that he is in desperate need, don’t give him the money. But even though he is in a difficult situation, don’t make this a habit since you didn’t get the money for free.

What do you think about it? Have another good idea? Don’t hesitate to share in the comment section below.

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