How To Make Your Boyfriend To Give You Money? (15 Sneaky Ways)

Last updated on May 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wishing your partner would spoil you more often?

Are you looking for ways to ask him to spend his money on you, without spoiling your pride or upsetting him? 

Or perhaps there are some things you can do that inspire him to lavish you with gifts and nice things? 

If so, this is absolutely the best guide you could be reading. It features 15 ideas to make your boyfriend spend more money on you.

You’ll notice these tips center around the idea of being a great girlfriend. Men are very generous when you make them happy. And that’s why I want to tell you the story of how I discovered the power of the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

The ‘Hero’s Instinct’ is a term for the part of the male mind most responsible for their attraction to women. 

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If you can learn how to release these hormones within him on command, he will quickly become ADDICTED to you. At this point, he becomes putty in your hands. 

That’s what I did! Ever since learning how to activate the ‘Hero’s Instinct’, my relationships with men have become far more loving and meaningful. 

So, if you’re sick and tired of your man not treating you like a princess, I’d urge you to read my blog post about how I learned to master the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

With that said, let’s now explore some more specific strategies on how to make your man spend his money on you.


How To Make Your Boyfriend Give You Money

There are several sensitive topics in a relationship, and money is one of the most sensitive of them all. Every girlfriend wants her boyfriend to spend money on her even if she is independent

One would think most guys would have got the memo that even modern girls want their men to buy things or spend on them even though they have their own money. 

Many people put a man’s ability to spend money on his woman on the same level as the quality of his love for her. While that thought is faulty, giving is still a major part of love that each partner should exhibit.

Also, although many men love to pay for food on dates or other expenses, it is still a bit of a struggle for most girls to get their boyfriends to give them money without looking like a gold digger. How then can you make a generous man out of your normally stingy boyfriend without seeming like a demanding girlfriend? 

Should you trick your way into getting money from your boyfriend, or are there better ways to get him to spend more money on you without being a turn-off? This article will help you with how to get your boyfriend to give you money and still maintain your elegance

1. Have money of your own

In a world where feminism and equality are common gospels, it is expected that any valuable woman would have money to call her own. Most men now look out for the kind of girlfriend who can carry her responsibilities without anyone’s help, least of all a man’s. 

If you are independent and have enough money for your daily needs, you won’t need to demand money from your boyfriend before he gives it to you.

However, if, like many girls you always ask your boyfriend for money, he considers you high maintenance. Only a few men can be in a faithful relationship with a high-maintenance girl. Even if your man doesn’t care about giving you money every time, others would see you as a gold digger.

2. Make your money request occasional

Guys feel less needed when their woman can provide for herself everything she needs. One of the ways men evaluate themselves is through how much of a provider they are. As such, a man feels less worthy when what he can provide seems insignificant to what his girlfriend already has. 

Whether you fall in this category or you need as much help as you can get, the key to getting money from your man is to request it only occasionally. When you ask your boyfriend for money all the time, he will consider you a burden.

3. Be a giver too

One of the ways to collect money from your boyfriend without asking for it is to surprise him with gifts too. Your gifts could be cash or nice items you know he'd love. Sometimes, promise to get his favorite things, and fulfill your promise at the right time. 

When you are generous towards him by spending money and gifting him stuff, he will find it so easy to return the favor. Even if he was once stingy towards you, he will become more generous. He will start spending money on you when you least expect it. 

4. Show him some physical love

If you live together with your boyfriend you’ll have a better advantage of using this method of getting money from him. Wake him up in the most amazing way with a combination of good sex and breakfast. A man starting his way energetic and happy is more likely to quickly grant your request for money than a grumpy one.

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He is your boyfriend, he cares for you and knows you can normally take care of your issues. However, you can easily ask your boyfriend for money and get it when he is in a good mood. This kind of effort might not put you in a good light if you’re not in a serious relationship. As such, ensure your boyfriend is faithful and respects you.

5. Use your feminine wiles

In this case, your feminine wiles don’t have to be sexual. Women have so many untapped powers they can wield against their men. To begin with, you need to know which of these tricks will work on your man. Understanding which of your emotions can make your man vulnerable enough to give you the money you need is important. 

If you use the wrong technique on your boyfriend, he will know and you’ll be frustrated because you won’t get the money. For example, if crying does nothing to sway your man, especially when the situation isn’t serious, you won’t get him to give you any money. 

If batting your lashes will get him to yield to your request easily, that’s what you should do. As long as you know what he responds to, you’ll regularly have him doing what you need. 

6. Drop subtle clues he can’t overlook

drop subtle clues he cant overlook

Another feminine trick that any woman can use to get money from her man is to drop subtle yet obvious clues. Do you need a new bag, but can’t afford it on your current budget? Start carrying out your wrecked bag on every date or hangout both of you attend together. 

Once he notices it, he will either point out that you need a new one, give you money to buy another one, or buy it himself. Sometimes, leaving multiple hints without openly requesting money will quickly get you what you need because guys pride themselves on how well they can take care of their women.

7. Remain faithful to your relationship

Faithfulness in a relationship shouldn’t come with any special reward because it is a trait both parties should have. However, your level of faithfulness to your boyfriend will make him want to treat you like a queen. He wouldn’t want you to lack anything you desire. As such, he will give you money whether you request it or not.

When a man knows you love only him, he won’t wait for your hair to look awful before he sends you money for a salon day. When you ask him for money urgently, he won’t think twice before he gives it to you, especially if you stuck with him during hard times. 

8. Be almost indispensable

Nobody is indeed completely indispensable, but you can make yourself almost irreplaceable. When you have invested a lot into your relationship over the years, it will be hard for your boyfriend to say no to you. It’s not just about money this time around. It is about all the amazing things you’ve done that he cannot pay back.

It is about the positive emotions you evoke in him and the memories he will remember all the days of his life. If your mere presence makes him giddy with joy, that man cannot deny you anything, especially not his money. As such, just keep doing the things you do that make him happy with you. 

9. Avoid overusing one technique

One thing you shouldn’t do is overuse any of your techniques. For instance, if pouting has gotten you money from your boyfriend a couple of times, know that it might not work the next time you ask him for money. If sex in the morning has been your go-to pre-request method of collecting money, it might bounce back another time. 

Therefore, the best way to always get cash from your boyfriend is to use diverse methods so he doesn’t easily get what you’re doing.

10. Ask your boyfriend to loan you the money

Some women consider it a success when they don’t need to rely on anyone for money. Asking their boyfriend for money gives them panic attacks because they feel like they are taking advantage of him. If you are one of such women, the best way to get money from your boyfriend is to ask for a loan.

The knowledge that you will be paying back the money will make you feel less of a burden, and make him want to give you money without you asking. Although asking your boyfriend for a loan sounds more like a business transaction it is the best thing for you to do to avoid issues

At some point though, you will need to accept money from him in terms of gifts if you won’t collect cash.

11. Be gracious with his credit card

One of the tricks to having endless access to your boyfriend’s money is to be moderate with your spending habits, especially when he gives you his credit card. Even if he tells you to be free and purchase whatever you want, maintain your dignity, and spend within limits. 

Don’t spend more than you guess he is willing to give you at the time. However, ensure you get the most important things because you don’t want to make requesting money from him a constant thing.

12. Offer to split the bills sometimes

offer to split the bills sometimes

When you go out together, either offer to pay for both of your meals or split the bill. Depending on your belief or standard, this might not happen every time. If you live together, ensure to make an extra offer once in a while, even if he insists he can pay for the major things in the house.

When you use your money to take care of him, he definitely won’t see you as an opportunist. Instead, he will see your effort to take the financial burden off him.

13. Request the money nicely

Sometimes, the direct approach works faster than other stealthy techniques. Good men love when their women can walk up to them and ask for money. It shows the woman trusts her man to give her the money if he has it. 

As long as you don’t act entitled to his money, you can ask your boyfriend for money and he'll eagerly help you out.

14. Don’t act desperate for money

Some men have been burned too many times by selfish gold-diggers, which is why they become tightfisted with their money. If you’re in a relationship with such a man, you need to be careful with the way you ask him for money. 

Acting desperate for money that’s not yours can send the wrong signal to him, and he will withdraw from you. 

15. Always show gratitude for his financial assistance

Some women act entitled to their boyfriend’s money, and so they don’t appreciate his financial support. Don’t be one of such women because money doesn’t come easy for anyone. When you’re genuinely grateful for any amount of money he gives you, he finds it easy to give you more another time.


How do you ask your boyfriend for money?

You can ask your boyfriend for money directly if he is the type of person who appreciates a direct approach. If he is frugal you can use other subtle methods. 

How do you get a man to do what you want?

When you understand what your man likes, it will be very easy to get him to do your desires without stress.

How do you get a guy to give you money without asking?

One way to ask your boyfriend for money is by leaving hints of what you need whenever he’s around. If he’s sensitive to your needs, he will pick up on the clues and give you the money.

How do I get my boyfriend to pay more attention to me?

You can let him know you need more attention from him than he is currently giving you, or withdraw your attention for a while too. He will get the message.

What should you not tell your boyfriend?

You don’t need to tell your boyfriend things that don’t have a direct impact on either of you. For example, he doesn’t need to know how much you dislike his aunt who is always wearing the wrong colors. She’s still his family.

In Conclusion 

Giving is a love language and a major part that most relationships fail to explore. Money is just one of the ways to give but it solves a lot of things, so it is very important. If your boyfriend finds it hard to give you money without you asking, the tips in this post will help you turn him into a giver.

Did you find this post helpful? Please drop a comment below, and share the post with someone else.

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