How To Make Your Boyfriend To Give You Money

by Michelle Devani

Are you wishing your partner would spoil you more often?

Are you looking for ways to ask him to spend his money on you, without spoiling your pride or upsetting him? 

Or perhaps there are some things you can do that inspire him to lavish you with gifts and nice things? 

If so, this is absolutely the best guide you could be reading. It features 12 ideas to make your boyfriend spend more money on you.

You’ll notice these tips centre around the idea of being a great girlfriend. Men are very generous when you make them happy. And that’s why I want to tell you the story of how I discovered the power of the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

The ‘Hero’s Instinct’ is a term for the part of the male mind most responsible for their attraction to women. 

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If you can learn how to release these hormones within him on command, he will quickly become ADDICTED to you. At this point, he becomes putty in your hands. 

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So, if you’re sick and tired of your man not treating you like a princess, I’d urge you to read my blog post about how I learned to master the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

With that said, let’s now explore some more specific strategies on how to make your man spend his money on you.

11+ Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Give You Money

Money has always been a sensitive issue in a relationship. Women like it when their boyfriend pays for dinner, movie ticket, and other dating expenses. There are certain cultures such as Chinese dating etiquette which encourage a tradition where men pay for everything.

But in the modern world, it is no longer applied. Equality and balance become more important things in a relationship. We no longer live in an era where men can use money to get whoever the woman they want, nor women is in a weaker position where they rely on men for their lives.

Splitting the bills and share other expenses equally is now a common thing between dating couples. One party no longer bear the burden of paying everything alone. However, women can't deny that sometimes they want to be spoiled by their man using his money. But now we have arrived in the day where asking money from your boyfriend could harm your pride.

You need to think of the smart ways how to make your boyfriend to give you money. Men are very generous when you make them happy. Spending some dollars is not much for him.

You may try some of these tricks below.

1. Be Independent

Show him that you can manage yourself on your own. No need to marvel at his cars, house, and other stuff. Just be cool and he will know that you are an independent woman. Strangely this make a man wants to treat you with luxury.

2. Be Generous

Treat him with some good things often. Take him to lunch and pays all the bills. Or invite him to your place for a movie date and buy him a movie ticket to watch together. These small acts leave a big impact on men.

3. Show Him Some Hint

This happen a lot when you go shopping together with him. Point at some shoes or bag and tell him, "I'll be very happy if someone give me those as birthday gift." And don't turn down his offer to buy it for you.

4. Be The Woman He Dream Of

When you are dating, he must have some complains about you. There are things he wish you to change for your own good. What's wrong with being his dream girl for a while so that he can see the signs she is a girlfriend material in you? Whether it's about changing your looks or personality, it's okay as long as it's good for you.

5. Be Faithful

In a relationship, you must be faithful at all cost, not just because you want your boyfriend's money. Truthfully, who wants to spend on someone who cheats on him? Prove that you love him sincerely as it gives him more confidence to spend his money on you.

6. Give Him A Wonderful Morning

Men would love to wake up to a wonderful and energizing morning. The odds is in your favor if you live together with him, so you can heat the morning up in bed. Don't see this as you selling yourself for your boyfriend. It's a big no! You may want to read the reasons why you should always make love with your partner in the morning.

7. Make Him Wants You More

The way how to make your boyfriend to give you money is by making him want you more. You can relate this with various of things such as sex, attention, love, and many other things. You just have to make him happy and he will gladly do everything for you.

8. Don't Be A Demanding Girlfriend

Stop being annoying girlfriend who bothers him all day with your thousand texts and calls. He could lose his desire to ask you out for lunch as you are very demanding to him. Read more about the good tips to keep your man happy in a relationship. You will find how ideal girlfriend should be.

9. Don't Spend Too Much Of His Money

Let's say that your boyfriend is a very generous person who doesn't mind his money to be spent by you. But you should have some conscience as well not to spend too much of his money. In the end he will get sick and thinking that you only after his money.

10. Split The Bills Together

Don't rely on him to pay for the bills alone. Split the bills every time you go on a date or eating out. As a man, his pride won't let him to allow you paying the bills together. He will treat you to a more expensive restaurant later.

11. Work Hard To Earn Money

Don't just sitting around wanting your boyfriend to give you money without you working hard on your own to earn some. You have to work hard too and if its needed, show him that you don't really need his money. Not only he would spend all of his fortune on you but he grows respect for you as well. Men always prefer a hard working woman than the one who sitting around like a princess.

12. Spend For Him Too

You are indeed wrong wanting your boyfriend to give your money while you are pretty stingy to him. Spend on him so that he would spend on you too. It's okay for you to treat him on spontaneous things to fo with your boyfriend in the summer, and he will treat you back with something better next time.

Doing the ways how to make your boyfriend to give you money doesn't make you cheap or lowly. It's only right if you do it rarely. But others may see you negatively if you continually spending your boyfriend's money. Remember to return his generosity even when it's not equal to what he's given to you.

Michelle Devani
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