What To Do With A Girl When You Have No Money (Cheap Date Ideas)

Last updated on June 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

There is no written law about this, but guys take the bills on a date. Well, women nowadays don’t mind splitting the bill – they don’t mind paying everything, in fact. But it hurts a man’s pride when women do so.

But what if you guys don’t have any bucks? Is there still a chance to make her happy and having fun together? What to with a girl when you have no money?

No need to worry, gentlemen. Where there is a will, there is a way. While fancy dinner sounds romantic, a cheap date won’t make it less if you are know-how. Not that you’re petty and don’t want to pay more for her.

Life changes. As you grow up, you make more money but heavier responsibility comes along. You need to pay for mortgages, debt, insurance, etc.

You can still have fun with your girl by doing these fun but extremely cheap date ideas below.


1. Hiking At The Nearest Mountain

Going back to nature is best when you run out of date ideas. Hiking is fun. It’s an activity where you focus on each other, enjoying the company, and mesmerizing the wonderful nature while doing so.

The good news is, there is barely a signal in the mountain so you can enjoy the real internet-free dates.

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2. Go To The Beach

go to the beach

Not a mountain kid? It’s alright. You can go down to the shore and enjoying the exposure of the sun on your skin. Whether you have money or not, going to the beach is the best date idea in summer.

On top of that, it’s free! You can relax as long as you want. In case you’re hungry, pack some food and drink in advance. It will be an unforgettable beachside picnic.

3. Neighborhood Exploration

Have you been too busy the whole time you have no idea in what environment you live? No, it’s time to show you care about your surroundings.

Take the subway on a route that you never have before and see what’s in there. Exploring the neighborhood is like discovering the other side of your best friend you never know before. 

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4. Drive Around The Town

This may happen to you numerous times, where your wallet is empty but the tank is full. Then why don’t you just get behind the wheel and take your beloved girl to enjoy the scenery on the street?

You can enjoy each other’s company, singing songs in the car, and exchange many interesting stories along the way.

5. Go To A Free Concert

Here is another what to do with a girl when you have no money. Look for any free event around. You can find a concert in the city where you can enter for free.

Especially when it’s summer, free concerts and music festivals are being held everywhere. You can dance and laugh without spending any bucks. 

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6. Touring The Farmer’s Market

Yes, it’s called touring because you just want to enjoy the scenery. Farmer’s market is the best place to enjoy the date in any season. Just visit on Sunday morning and you’ll get a lot of freebies. From local bakeries, products, and foods, pick all you want.

7. Picnic At The Park

picnic at the park

When the weather is nice, nothing is better than to sit on a mat and relax. Picnic is a classic way of dating, but it never gets old. It saves a lot more money than you can imagine.

Prepare the food, pack the things, and you’re set. It really helps when you’re short of bucks. 

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8. Take Benefit From Happy Hour

Happy hour is meant to make everyone happy. Bars and karaoke usually give a lot of discounts, so you can enjoy it without having to pay much. Search for the nearest bar that gives happy hour special price and take her there right away.

9. Go To The Bookstore

If both of you (or her, at the very least) are bookworms, visiting the bookstore is the best idea to spend time together. When you’re in a bookstore, you don’t realize how much time has passed.

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You can bury yourself between the books and embark on an adventure inside your head. 

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10. Bowling Or Ice Skating

Go back to the good old days with bowling and ice skating. When you were a high-schooler, those two are mandatory for dates.

You can have legal reasons to make body contact and showing off your skill at the same time. If you happen to be good at either or both, it’s time for you to lift your head.

11. A Movie Date

Another old-school date idea that can save you money: watching movies in the theatre. It won’t cost a lot (popcorn and cola are definitely cheaper than steak and wine), but you can have fun the whole time.

There are also many outdoor free movie shows in summer that you can enjoy. 

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12. Movie Marathon And Cuddle

movie marathon and cuddle

You’d rather on the introvert side and uncomfortable being in the crowd? It’s okay. Dating in the house in a new way for couples who have been busy and want to rest (or short with money). Netflix is always there to save you. Turn on the TV, pull out the blanket, enjoy the rest of the night together.

13. Going To A Festival

No matter where you live, there must be several festivals every year, for every season. Why don’t just go to one of them and find a new experience? It’s free, fun, and Instagram-worthy.

No worries about what to do with a girl when you have no money. There are many free and cheap date ideas all over the internet, and something new always comes up from time to time. Enjoying the date doesn’t mean you have to spend much. Happiness often lies in humble things, but people don’t realize it since they are usually spoilt with luxury.

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