Forgotten Traditional Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Last updated on April 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Speaking about Valentine, it’s identical with red hearts and pink balloons. Everyone in the world celebrate Valentine as the day of love. Exchange gifts, giving flowers and chocolate to the loved ones are part of Valentine’s Day tradition. But do you know that all those costly activities are an entirely new traditions for Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is not about spending money. People nowadays has lost the essential purpose of Valentine, which is to spread love and make everyone feel loved.

There are many forgotten traditional ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day now that technology and consumerism infiltrate the modern society. Sadly, people nowadays think that Valentine should be celebrated lavishly.

The original (and traditional) Valentine’s Day celebrations were full or sincerity and deliver the message perfectly. All of these traditions were not only full of sincerity, but also cost-effective. It’s perfectly suitable for you who are looking for a low budget Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones.

  1. Handwritten Letter

People have been spoiled with technology that they don’t bother write a handwritten letter anymore. Greeting cards and text messages becomes more preferable. But there’s nothing personal in it. Also read things to say to your crush on his birthday.

Everyone can sends anyone the exact same thing. There’s no doubt that pre-written cards and digital greetings are more convenient, but a letter you wrote with your own hands is truly one of a kind in the middle of high technology use.

  1. Puzzle Purse

This is the advancement on handwritten letters. It’s a very old gifts you can pour your heart into. It usually come in bundle with love letter, but it’s quite fun. Making your own purse puzzle is not hard at all, and on top of that you can design it on your very own personal taste. How to make it? You can search for an online tutorial and follow the steps.

  1. Handmade Cards

Another handcrafted stuff suitable for the one you love. Before cute cards are being sold anywhere, women used to make cards for their sweethearts. The effort put on making the cards only shows how much sincerity contained in it. Also read Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Love You Even More

Traditional handmade Valentine’s Day card were full of laces, ribbons, and etching of butterflies, flowers, or birds. It’s okay even when you’re not skilled enough. The thought and efforts are all that matters.

  1. Pressed Flowers as Gift

According to Danish traditions, people exchange pressed white flowers called snowdrops on Valentine’s Day. It never been quite popular in other countries, but it apparently still going in Denmark for some people. The pressed flowers shows the love that last long, as pressed flowers did last longer than the fresher ones.

  1. Funny Cards Exchange

Another traditional ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day that is still worth to try is exchanging funny cards as a gift. The funny cards was made to make their partner laugh, as well as showing their humorous nature. Also read How to Propose Him on Valentine's Day

Also, some people doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Laugh is exactly what everyone needs to feel loved.

  1. Valentine’s Day Dance

People nowadays prefer to take their partner on a lavish dinner in fancy restaurants. Turns out it’s just only recently, since traditionally people attend dinner party held in private houses.

It’s a tradition Americans did in the past. The dinner usually full of people who know each other and they end the feast with dancing. What a fun way to celebrate Valentine.

  1. Writing Poetry for the Loved One

Anything manual associated with old fashioned way. Several rows of poetry won’t hurt. You don’t have to be a great poet with great words. You can either make it funny or sarcastic. Your loved one won’t judge you for this. Instead, you can laugh at this together! Also read Ways to Announce Pregnancy Around Valentine's Day

  1. Pretty Chocolate Boxes

Ornamental, reusable chocolate box is a tradition that has completely disappear in today’s Valentine’s Day celebration. In the past, it’s not the chocolate they are waiting for, but the pretty boxes!

The box can be used later for another purpose. You can make it as a gift inspiration for you loved one.

  1. Morning Hugs and Kisses

You celebrate Valentine’s Day because you want to share your love with someone special, not because you want to show it off somewhere. For that reason, celebrating V-Day with maximum exposure of affection is necessary.

Wake your loved one up with hugs and kisses. You may be able to do it everyday, but it will feel special since it’s Valentine’s Day. Also read How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Want to Kiss Him Over Text

Why We Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day Traditionally

People says that old times are better. They’re not wrong. When you read about how people celebrate Valentine’s Day in traditional way, you realize that simple things are better and more meaningful. You don’t have to spend much money. You must spend your energy instead.

All the efforts you put upon making the gift contain sincerity and love, and it’s what Valentine’s Day is all about. The essence of V-Day is for everyone to share love and to be loved. When you follow the modern Valentine’s Day celebration, you can only celebrate it with one person. But when you follow the ways above, you can share the love with everyone.

So those are traditional ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You might be stranger to those things above, but it’s true since people had celebrate the day since a long time ago. Times changed and traditions gone. Valentine’s Day celebration today has been very monotonous and unfriendly for your wallet. In the end, you think more about how much should you spend rather than how to display your affection fully.

Don’t let your Valentine lost its meaning.

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