How to Propose Him on Valentine's Day

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As the day of love draw nearer, you must have been preparing a series of events to celebrate the day. It’s not like you love him only on Valentine’s Day, but it feels special somehow. If you have been dating for a while and you want to make a milestone in your relationship, what about proposing him?

Proposing to the one you love is a very special way to celebrate the special day. Someone always need something sweeter than just chocolate on Valentine’s day, and proposal could be an unexpected surprise.

If you have been looking for some ideas to propose your boyfriend, here come to the rescue. This is how to propose him on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Go on a Short Getaway

Has life been hectic lately? Barely have time to catch up with one another? It’s a sign that you need to get away from and spend your time blissfully together. That’s why it’s called getaway. You don’t have to go too far. Take out one or two days dedicated only for him to say those sacred words. Also read What to Do When You Know Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose

  1. Recreate Scene from a Movie for Him

There are many ways to make a romantic proposal. In case you run out of ideas, create an inspired movie proposal just for him. You must remember a scene from Love Actually where a guy is standing in front of Keira Knightley’s doorstep holding cue cards to tell her how he feels. Wouldn’t it be so romantic to propose that way?

  1. The T-Shirt Gift

Saying your love through written words never get old. Make your own personal T-Shirt, print the words contain your proposal and give it as a gift for him on Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to put it on a box, it’s better if you fold it into small size for him to unfold it layer by layer. Not only cute, it’s also unpredictable. Also read What to Get Your Crush for Valentine's Day in Middle School

  1. Say It Through a Printed Banner

Want to make it clear the moment he steps in? Put up a personalized banner printed with the “Will You Marry Me” words to propose. Prepare a romantic event at your home or other special place. Suspend the banner on the wall, don’t forget to add balloons and candle to make the moment more intense.

  1. Leave Trail of Notes

Another tips how to propose him on Valentine’s Day. This old schooled thing remains sweet and romantic. Leave trail of notes all over the place contain romantic words for him to follow until he finds you. Bet he will all smiles the moment he reaches you. Isn’t it too romantic? Also read How to Propose Your Crush on Valentine's Day

  1. A Treasure Hunt for the Adventurous Guy

A perfect proposal is the one that suits his personality the most. A treasure hunt proposal will be good for him. You can make a treasure map with places to visit and things to be found until he finally find the ring to propose.

  1. Gadget Formatted Proposal

Do you fall in love with a gadget freak? You can plan a gadget themed proposal only for him. You can either buy him new tablets or using the old one. You can adapt the cue cards from Love Actually above. Also read Reasons You Should Date A Nerd

  1. Love Starts from the Tummy

Everything is better if it’s talked over a full stomach. A Valentine’s Day date would be so much better with a personal touch of your cooking. Make him his favorite foods, let the talk going smoothly and finally break the news.

  1. Plan a Big Surprise

Tell him beforehand not to prepare anything to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. Do all the hard work yourself and prepare for the big day. Instead, let him know that you want to keep things simple. It’s better for him to left without much expectations so that the surprise will be perfect. Also read Powerful Ways to Make Your Relationship Incredible

  1. Keep Things (Really) Simple

You can either deceive him by saying that you want to celebrate it simply but prepare a grand surprise behind or saying him the truth by not preparing anything. Having a deep, intense talk is such a classic thing but it’s irresistibly romantic. What’s better than staring into each other’s eyes and be honest with your feeling. At the end of the talk, say “Will you marry me?” or in other words you prefer.

  1. Make Every Day Counts

You can start your series of proposal celebration two weeks before the D-day. At the start of February, you can send him gifts full of hearts, literally. From a heart-printed sock, pajamas, heart shaped cookies and chocolate, and all the things hearty. When the big day comes, prepare a special dinner to pop the question as the final gift for him. Also read Sweet Ways to Say Be My Valentine

  1. All Hearts and Roses

Roses filled room is not only kind of surprise loved by girls. You can show him the hints through red roses everywhere. Put it in every corner of his house, left rose in his bag, his pocket, and his car. Make sure he can find it all the time everyday. The final present is a bucket of roses with a proposal card.

Those are all the creative ideas on how to propose him on Valentine’s Day for your inspiration. As you live in the 20th century, girls can make the first move even to propose first. Who knows that this can be a turning point in your relationship, since he also hesitate to propose as he is afraid you will turn him down. Be as creative as possible for you once in a lifetime proposal.

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