What to Do When You Know Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Very Soon

Last updated on May 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Meeting someone new, getting to know each other better, falling for one another, then the peak of all, getting married. That’s the conventional love cycle that everyone schemed in mind. Once you have a boyfriend who’s showing all the signs that he is dead serious about you, especially when both of your ages are mature enough to get married, getting proposed is perhaps something that you’ve been waiting for. Even if it’s that exciting, you need to know what to do when you know your boyfriend is going to propose, right?

Signs He’s About to Propose

Your proposal might be a prepares surprise, planned proposal. He might secretly plan it out with his colleagues or your best friend and family. You shouldn’t know that, if you want to be surprised. However, you don’t need to know the plan, but you need to know whether it’s about to happen or not. Check these obvious signs that your boyfriend is going to propose soon, usually he’ll leave hints everywhere when he’s about to propose.

  • Your close friend or family are acting unusual

Remember that look on our best friend’s eyes when she’s hiding your cake somewhere on your birthday? Did you recognize that they’re smiling in a way that tickles you when they’re preparing a surprise for you? The same look and smile will be painted through their face, whenever they see you. You’re not having birthday, nothing exciting is happening, yet they’re acting giddy. That’s the signs, girls.

  • He saves money

When he suddenly saves money, being careful with the money he spends, then perhaps he’s doing that for something big ahead, like your wedding party. Of course money is important as well when he’s about to propose, so he’ll show you this side of him, unconsciously. One of his how to propose someone is saving money.

  • Future-talks

It’s sweet to talk about future, about how would you both be when you’re growing all old. Talking about how many children would both of you want to have. But once he started to bring that up often, with more details rather than just jokes, then you gotta be prepared, girls.

  • He seems excited and nervous

He's acting all excited, and show you a hint of nervousness. Nothing too special happen during your date, yet you can feel that he's acting differently. He seems happier and excited out of nothing obvious. Watch out, he might be thinking of your reaction when he's executing his proposal plan. 

What to Do

Knowing all those signs might excite you, a lot. However, you should not only get excited, but also prepared. What to do when you know your boyfriend is going to propose? You know best, but here are few guide that might help you a lot when you yourself is overwhelmed with the ideas of getting proposed :

1. Ask your heart

How deep is our love for each other? Do I really love him unconditionally? Can I accept all of his flaws and weaknesses? Am I ready to live with him for the rest of my life? Or are you just playing around and trying to figure out how to tell someone you don't want to be in a serious relationship?

Ask yourself tons of questions that will help you to know whether you’re truly ready for a relationship or are you still not ready for that. It’s important to accept someone’s proposal not out of excitement, but out of commitment and true will. Your heart will give you the answer.

2. Think of way to react

Do I want to scream out yes I do? Or perhaps I prefer any other responds? It’d be fun to think and imagine about these things, right? Anyway it’ll also help you to have the right respond later on. It’ll also be great to just show him the most spontaneous  respond that you have. Well, actually no matter how you say your yes would be lovely and all sweet to him.

3. Keep it to yourself

Even if you know your boyfriend is going to propose, don’t rush. Take your time to think deeply. Avoid telling everyone about that, for it would be worse if it turns out to be just assumptions. It might also disappoint him for bragging about this even before it happens. You’d better keep it to yourself and then other comes next. 

4. Don’t rush

Don’t fasten up the process. You should enjoy every steps, from getting the proposal, preparing the whole wedding, and stuffs. It doesn’t have to be in a hurry. It will only happen once in your life, though. Savor every moment that you’ll definitely miss one day. If he takes quite long to propose, you should also be patient and wait for the right moment. Best timing creates best memories.

5. Have quality time

While waiting patiently for him to propose, to execute his plans, you shouldn’t worry much. Enjoy your time with yourself, family, friends, and of course, him. Spend your time doing things that you love the most. Go out with your best friends. Spend time having dinner, quality talk with your family. If you know his family, you even use this time to try ways to get close to your boyfriends mother and win her heart. And, enjoy your date with him. That’d make the best preparation for proposal, apparently.

Getting a proposal is exciting, fluttering, and all. It’s the happiest time when you know that something great is about to happen. Knowing that the one that you love is going to spend the rest of his life with you is definitely flattering. However, never miss out to know what to do when you know your boyfriend is going to propose, girls.

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